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On this channel you will find a wide variety of different electronic and sometimes non-electronic music. I strive to find the best and most enjoyable music for you guys. I hope you have a good time here :)

Please submit your music here.


Kerli - Better
Kerli - BetterAcum 5 Zile
MXMS - After Night
MXMS - After NightAcum 10 Zile
Izzard - Keeping
Izzard - KeepingAcum 17 Zile
Draper - Her
Draper - HerAcum 18 Zile
tarrø - yøuth.
tarrø - yøuth.Acum 21 o Zi
Best of 2018 Mix
Best of 2018 MixAcum 29 Zile
Echos - 1216
Echos - 1216Acum lună
8 Graves - OK
8 Graves - OKAcum lună
Slushii - Stay
Slushii - StayAcum lună
EMM - Freedom
EMM - FreedomAcum lună
Echos - Vacant
Echos - VacantAcum lună
Kerli - Savages
Kerli - SavagesAcum lună
Fakear - Mana
Fakear - ManaAcum lună
Echos - Revival
Echos - RevivalAcum 2 luni
FRND - Medicine
FRND - MedicineAcum 2 luni


  • WOW!! 🙌 Im so glad I came upon your videos 😍. You never dissapoint. Check out mine. Id love to know your thoughts

  • quality

  • Looks great

  • ever think about making video game rap remixes

  • Whow~ Your channel icon is beautiful~! :D I can't wait to get your color book!

  • MrSuicideSheep, I love you.

  • I love this channel because it's a great way to find music and new backgrounds.

  • Can I use your music in my videos?

  • Are you a single person?

  • +MrSuicideSheep check out STACEY - Calling Me (YDID Mix)

  • Will you ever upload another mix?

  • Hey guys! Please go here to share your love for this wonderful man!:

  • Hey Sheepy, you should feature this song OJ Law - Introverts and please get some more Oliver Nelsons on your channel that'd be great :)

  • Like Your Channel

  • Olivier Orand (aka Hol Baumann) - Thursday Night Loved this song guys.. Sheepy see if you can put this up :)

  • Please keep updating the playlists too! It's easier than having to find and play song whenever I want to hear a particular genre....

  • Algum BR?

  • new background? kinda liked the taking you higher pt.4 one more to be fair

    • me too, i liked that one more. But hey, this picture is still unfinished with coloring left, so maybe it will look good after its completed? natthu <3

  • Hello, can I use your music for my videos? Thank you for the answer.

  • Ooh, you changed your photo/logo thingy. I love it! ♥

  • pls cha nge back to the old logo

  • Love the new background and logo, I would love to see the background with a really dark night sky color scheme! Would make it pop on the front page of the channel!

  • Love the new channel logo. Keep up the great work.

  • Hello Mr. Sheep. Thank you for the fine music. Will you be doing any more live streams? I especially enjoyed the future trap/chill mix

  • Dijon has been doing some good music. "Stranger" definitely has a "sheepish" vibe.

  • richie campbell "do you no wrong". its portuguese and the vibe is amazing

  • Trying To Get My Music Heard. Please Subscribe

  • wtf HAPPENED TO LAST Illenium SONG?

  • Hello MrsuicideSheep! Can you let me create a music channel from your audio source?

  • Yo what happend to illenium remix Marshmellow Silence

  • Soon on Dorian Gray Recordings...

  • goodvibe

  • why do i get a feeling that everytime i read a video from the past then go up it feels like "i whear sad but now i found somone" like the stuff before was sad but now its geting happyer :o #Dyslexia

  • hi Mr Suicide Sheep, i know it's a bit of an ask, but i'm pretty sure i heard a song on you chanel, and i know it was ages ago, but there's another song i found, wich sound supper similar to it just a bit slower, and i was wondering if you could help me find the artist on your chanel that created the piece to be able to contact them about copyright issues. here's the link to the youtube video . it's called Phodphenes, by idealism, and i'm pretty sure it's another artists work. also if anyone else see's this, and knows who's it is, could you please metion it aswell, thank-you.

  • hello, i want to ask you something that maybe is a little bit strange, how can i find the picture that you used in the song monody??

  • What software do you use to make your videos?

    • he just puts Songs together...probably the most difficult part is searching for the right song, for what we know he could even use the simplest program windowd movie maker...

  • What happened to Vanic x Machineheart - Circles? :( my playlist is now missing another sibling.

  • Thank you for your music. i... i just wanted to tell you that...

  • Hi guy, I love your channel, I m singer/musicien from France clip here my new I hope he will please you have fun :-)

  • i was not that much a fun of electronic music but you ma friend make one hell of fun....& i have a question to you,,,,how do u make all those beats? i mean what software do you use?

  • Hey Mr suicidesheep, I was wondering when you're going to do another livestream again?

  • your music is amazing and your music tends to make any place I'm in seem like a little bit of heaven, and I'd like thank you for that

  • Cloud Rider wäre doch auch was für deine Liste...

  • Where can we submit our own music and remixes to try and get on the channel!? :) love what you guys are doing and I believe my music would fit well here!

  • Just listened to some of you beats bro... What you're doing is dope af. Keep it going!

  • Can i use your OMFG Hello Music for my Video? Hope you allow me so i can Download it. Thanks

  • No More Trap 😭😰

  • Can we download and use this music (at least some) in youtube videos? Obviously crediting.

  • +MrSuicideSheep Long time subscriber here! I love your channel it gives me all the musical vibes I could ever want. I have to say though that my friend's remix of Symphony a very popular song by Zara Larsson and Clean Bandit would be a perfect fit on your channel. My friend worked extremely hard to make this beautiful track and the music he created definitely deserves some love! If you could feature his remix that would be absolutely spectacular :) Have a great day keep up the good work! XD

  • What happened to the live stream???

  • i have 3 words for you: lofi hip hop

  • MrSuicideSheep I would like to download all your songs, have you got them somewhere? Can you make it available for me? grateful

  • Hi guys does anyone remember the list of songs in one of the mixes MrSuicideSheep created around 2015 which had the song Kuma - Sumimasen in it? I'm trying to find a song that was in that mix I think it started with a K something like kadasia? The mix has been deleted though so just wondered if anyone remembers it I've been trying to search for this song for weeks now

  • Checked out all the songs the past 5 months and there all amazing.

  • I made a track you guys might like:

  • Hey, if i would like to send you a song how you process

  • where to download your whole playlists?

  • I think that this crowd would like my new single! :) Check it out if you want to, much love :)

  • Hello! What about Mr.Suicide sheep? I love the content that comes up and I'm always listening to it, they help me in my life and it inspires me in my dream of becoming a professional DJ, I wanted them to take time to tell them to listen to one of my last songs and if they like that they could upload them to their channel here I leave the link: Thank you for your time greetings from Argentina!

  • hey , mr suicide sheep , thx for all the song that you post at this channel , i really appreciate for it , keep it !!!

  • Congrats on over 7M subs.

  • can i use the him feels like home song for my video?

  • Hey, I had a question, How did you put your facebook and your social media on the side of your channel art? Im starting my own channel.

  • +MrSuicideSheep a link from your live stream please? thanks :)

  • Wanna make a collaborative video with me, my channel is NickSonicZaki

  • Where is my live music?!?!

  • Is the music available here are non copyright music?

  • your style is very great

  • hey are these songs non copyright ? like all the songs

  • The music you upload is so beautiful! I like it so much!

  • what happened to the live stream?

  • +MrSuicideSheep hey thanks for the awesome music man

  • Hi ! You're incredible I like all your Music

  • Hey there, I'm searching for a song i heard two or three years ago. It was a classical sound i bring in touch with a hut in the mountains. It was a guitar melody. I know I'm not good in describing things but I'm trying very hard and it would mean the world to me if someone could tell me what the name is! Thank you very much in advance <3

  • Please post the song Lost Frequencies & Netsky - Here With You ;)

  • Hi Mr Sheepy, do you think you'll ever do an experimental week again?

  • yuno, six years later and you are still the only channel that has the same taste in music as i do. all the others become interchangeable. thanks for that

  • are you going to bring back the music streams?

  • HEy does anyone know the name of the removed track? It had a lot of views and a girl in water in a room as picture.

    • Sounds like "Flight Facilities - Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)" to me. Removed in germany.^^

  • If you not gonna do a livestream, could you recommend a channel with a livestream?

  • plz @mrsuicidesheep i rly need to contact me so if you got any new songs here is my new group in facebook its speciallize in songs and thing

  • It's been too long since you did a new mix ;)

  • +MrSuicideSheep Have you checked out another new song from FRND as well? It's called Soap.

  • Dude where's the livestream?

  • Hey! I just got some of your fan art! A few songs you should check out: Only Us - Paperwhite Distant - Clement Bazin ft. Lia

  • Well I see you're doing well since you first started, MrSuicideSheep. 7M subs and Millions of views on some songs alone. You deserve it. Your artists deserve it.

  • maybe a live with indie electronica ?

  • what happened to the 24/7 stream?!?!?!?!

  • Damn, no more livestream? That's sad, terribly sad.....

  • any update on live stream ?

  • livestream is gone ? :(

    • I guess :/

  • did the livestream end????


  • Never close this chillout hip hop and lofi radio please ! It has great songs and I love them.. I would always listen to these late at night.

  • So close to 7 mil subs!

  • Could someone help me out? Im looking for one of his uploads that's a pretty minimalist song. A woman sings and occasionally you hear a group of guys say "HUH!"

  • +MrSuicideSheep Please do AKMU's new song. I know it's not an English song but well, music has no language and I highly guarantee it is a good song. Akdong Musician - Dinosaur.

  • hi bro can u put my music on ur channel, thats will be great for me.

  • +MrSuicideSheep HI! I'd Like to Use your Music for my videos! Would that be Ok?

  • Hi ! How have you done to have so many people who follow you ? Sorry for my English I'm French -_-'