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  • Jesser gave AG the Tacko dunk idea?!?

  • we gonna ignore the fact that Flight isn’t wearing his Du rag in this vid but the one he filmed with jesser on his channel he did?👀

  • Never knew trae young was that white in the thumbnail

  • What’s the shoes that Jesser was wearing called

  • Lol sorry but notice when Lamelo dunked on Jesser someone viciously pushed him. Does anyone know why everyone does this when someone hits a game winner or dunks on someone?

  • Jeeser+genius he created one of the best dunks ever, aaron gordon over tacko fall

  • Nobody: Zach: This Nigga Is 7 Feet

  • 8:35 surprised that kenny didn’t call a foul 😂

  • messed made Aaron lose

  • JSR did not try rly

  • WTH is that thumbnail lol

  • lol that was the worst acting I have ever seen

  • next time dont switch camera angles every 2 seconds so we can see whats happening

  • This nigga kris said nipple juice 😂

  • Did anyone else admire he pulled mo bamba

  • why did you put football in the title do you live in the uk oh no wait you live in CALIFORNIA ITS CALLED SOCCER FOR LORD HELL

  • Its sad hearing froggy fresh music in the clips 😔

  • First

  • Jesser made him dunk over tacko

  • 2020?

  • You could roast me to I’m a sneaker head

  • Who still watching in 2020? Montages of Zach getting posterized

  • Posted on my bday

  • Bring back this jiedel..

  • James harsh

  • Jesse literally inspired Aaron Gordon to dunk over taco.

  • Jesser can you please make your words child friendly coz you got million of kids subscribers. It's not good to say you slept with the coach''s daughter.

  • Westbrook is my favorite player. Comment who yours is

  • who’s watching this in 2020 knowing that zack is still hiding

  • Iman’s face at 6:32 😂😂

  • Mope went crazy 😜

  • Mopi favorite food- Microwaved Dino Nuggets

  • For no reason every time I watch jesser VIDS the first thing I think of Is "BACKBOARD CHEESE GOD DAMN IT "

  • RIP to the mamba

  • I love you Zatch, milk, lok and jester

  • Embiid did him wrong 😂😂😂

  • Anyone else just watching some old Jesser vids for nostalgia


  • damn lucky you got russell westbrook

  • I love ur haircut more than kris love’s pillows 😂

  • Little Caesars is the best pizza

  • He 🤛 bump lebrown lol

  • How y’all sleep’ on the crusty crab

  • Mopi did not get two chances

  • The bull yeeted him LOL

  • Curry range

  • Is TD still in 2HYPE?

  • I wanna be a nba player when I grow up I need more knowledge for what to do


  • Y’all... it’s not Dwayne Wade’s fault Aaron Gordon lost... it was Jesser’s fault for inspiring the dunk that cost him the win

  • Size 10

  • Pat bev is the cashnasty of the nba

  • Your awesome

  • Your moms

  • This vid was fire but u didn’t green a lot lol...

  • Kobe

  • Got some fire now

  • Yooo that door knock felt sooo real I jumped out of my chair

  • YWet Kobe!!!!!!

  • Dinosaur? No I'm ice twae

  • I can’t leave a hate comment your funny best basket ball player favorite youtuber

  • C

  • Nobody can beat jesse

  • If cach was there.... Cash: I'm 100% sure i'm gonna win... Also cash: WHY ARE THERE BIG WAVES??!

  • I want you to go against Tristan jass

  • RIP Bless you kobe

  • RIP kobe