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  • oop

  • THE MERREL TWINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i legit almost cryed during this song

  • Disbelief is the sign of the Capricorn, I should know. I was born on January fifth

  • 1:23 it’s literally dark outside 😂

  • I actually want to know how to survive tho😂😭

  • "30 hours a day on tik tok" Me:there 24 hours in a day😳

  • I got an ad for the cats movie

  • Shane. 2:26 no way. Hahaha can’t stop playing

  • This fake

  • this video is the same age as me. 5 months younger

  • I just realized Damien is in an episode of glee-

  • 4:33

  • hey Anthony Ian are you both brothers or just friends cuz in every video you are always together in every video you must be brothers everyone lie like if Anthony and E&R Brothers leave a comment if Anthony and Ian are friends

  • Wow. I shipped Anthony and Olivia before this video, but now, what should they’re ship name be?

  • Oh, Nathan that's just an iPhone 7 in a clear plastic case.

  • Funny because I’ve been home 8 days with a bacterial infection, y’all are lying

  • I didn't subscribe and my name is Catalina jones want gonna do

  • I guess Slow White is the tortoise in disguise...

  • *(Mumbling)*"Just get a body pillow like everyone else.." -Damien Haas 2019

  • I constantly check the fridge even when I'm not sick. No food is ever in there.

  • WHY WAS THAT VIDEO SO WEIRD???????????😕😕😕😕😕

  • December 7th, 2007. 12 days before I was born! Ahhh the good old days of Smosh

  • I get an allergic reaction to flu shots.

  • “Jokes on you I love eggs *licks garage door *

  • My full name is (Loading...)

  • Imagine actually using beer in beer pong 🤢

  • People who remember Smosh will remember this sentence from a certain video MORTAL KOMBAT!!! "Epic theme plays"

  • Woah it has such a good camera

  • I'm watching this on Friday the 13th 2019

  • i agree

  • You are putting your hand behind ian s back

  • *OOoH tHAtS GOOoD*

  • Its 2020 and christmas now. Courtney can get her appointment

  • O look wut a surprise everybodys sick

  • That bio 😂😂😂😂

  • 3:38 shayne’s hat tho

  • It is my birthday


  • Okay but I feel like Gemini and Sagittarius are the best🤣

  • courtneys hair tho

  • I was sick as shit when this came out, I’m better now tho. Also the phone changes in the texts.

  • So for my school it’s the opposite, we had a bell in lower school, but we don’t in middle school or upper school.

  • nuutti sariola

  • My school played this vid lol!!!!

  • Good times

  • That was gay it was funny

  • Bruh its getting kinda lame u always do every blank ever i wish u do like uhh... Antony and ian did i and probably most people would watch it

  • Shane is so good on Goldberg's. JTp!!!!!.

  • What level is it?

  • whos the new girl??

  • 1:21

  • I remember thinking this was real and really wanting a wii u

  • when dancing in your room and having genuine fun was cool. 🖤

  • I love how Ethan looked like the best demon I’ve ever seen

  • Huh reminds me of South Park episode

  • Ok ok, I get that this is supposed to be poking fun at how stupid zodiac signs are, but the aquarius one hit me hard

  • 0:24 is my favorite.

  • Shayne: Pain. Courtney: Desption. Keith: *G e o r g e W B u s h*

  • Thats is true That Friends are still good

  • Ewwwwww the part he ate poop 1:15

  • Who else thought the thermometer was a pregnancy test

  • this is good comedy

  • There is no santa ...

  • Hmmm I see

  • Shayne does an amazing twighlit zone Narrator voice.


  • Good lord I was 7 when this came out and now I'm approaching 21

  • Yo in the netherlands coffeeshop is totally something else... If you know you know

  • Gason

  • 🌚🌚🌚

  • I’m ur dad

  • Back when smosh was at its peak

  • I’m offended.

  • 5:03

  • Look at Shane 4:13

  • IM a Leo

  • Me: *cough* Dad: "GO tO a dOctOR!" Me: *nearly chokes from a coughing attack* Mom: "Huh...Take a painkiller. You'll be okay to go to school" See the difference? Who can relate? 😅

  • Super funny.

  • J

  • I have the urge to purge me wtf carol

  • Every "Star War" Ever

  • Toy story 4 came out XD

  • just imagine how many sodas they have to get eachother

  • I buyed the game😇

  • 11$ for a party hat JEEZ SMOSH!!!

  • I knew the Biaaaatch was coming up

  • Buffalo Bulls 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • 125🖕🏼🖕🏼

  • The Black Widow movie is coming soon!

  • Ian: I Never lip sang Also Ian: Lips power ranger theme in first video

  • I love Courtney

  • every cop ever

  • It's me MARRRRIO

  • proud to here since 1000 subscribers

  • The Friends one was too real

  • The man bun looks great! Noah looks like he works out... Did anyone else see the wooden figure move behind Olivia??

  • Anyone still here