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I went to prom
I went to promAcum 4 luni



  • Wer hat diese Übersetzung gemacht? Niemand sagt ,Im Zentrum deiner haare‘

  • Okay, so. I'm here looking up DIY wedding dresses for inspo, cause I'm making mine, and here I stumble on one of your videos. It's the most beautiful dress ever, also, what band did you hire to play that amazing Kazoo tune? That was fabulous as well.

  • after rewatching this video..I just realised that during the narration, John Cena was slowly becoming the painting....

  • 0:07 I need a 10h Loop with this song pleaaaaaaaaaaase

  • She reminds me of Sheldon Cooper

  • That is NOT a garlic pizza... dude, where was the cheese! Why were there like 16 cloves of garlic!? Its supposed to be minced not halved! Why so much oil!? And MUSHROOMS ON GARLIC PIZZA!?!

  • it was purple rain

  • The aliens are going to know Earth is here coz of Joana's voice sending out the strongest signals.

  • you tickle my pickle.

  • Came back for 08:34

  • Omg were you at the Pete Davidson and John Mulaney show at the Meridian on the 21st? I heard the name Joana and I swore it was you

  • When she put the first part of the blazer on, she looked like a Walmart employee. SLAY QUEEN

  • Plz like and subscribe

  • I thought I was the only one who did not enjoy the Don't call me angel by Ari because the tone of each singer doesn't fit with the beat or tone of the song. Each singer brings a tone to their music and by themselves, they are all good singers. So idk what they were thinking on making that collab

  • I applaud your commitment. And that singing bit.

  • Joana should work at NASA cause she likes physics. I mean C'MON she LIKES physics (I know rocket science is hard but we can talk about that later) We need brains like her. I'm not telling you how to run your life gurl. Keep up the good work

  • Your Art is so beautyfull aaahhh!!😍

  • A year later 3 mil

  • Oh my gods, how do you do that so early. I can't even function properly at the gym at 10am. Only evening workouts for me.

  • Sister sick

  • This was posted on my birthday, so thanks

  • Orange

  • Joana looks like Julian hough when she has makeup on

  • joaaney ceddiloa i love shrek

  • Your so perfect with blond!

  • 12:26 a minute is 60 seconds... u would have to write about 240 words. i feel like im wrong

  • after uni you will eat a lot of cookies COOKIE MONSTER TRY DIS THICC MONSTER (aka da lovely john cena)

  • You can see without your glasses?! I've been lied to!

  • I just want to say I have the same blanket in the background 🤣😂

  • Joana, PLEASE give us a whole playlist I love your songs

  • I was bugging my mom to buy me a dog for like ages but you know I never get a dog and All i got is a toy dog

  • Hay John Cena. I'd very much appreciate it if you let us know what you eat on a daily basis! I think what you eat is really cool and really healthy! I wanna be healthy :P I'd also like to know why you ration your cheese! From Winnipeg, MB :D

  • Joana Ceddia your about to hit 3 million subscribers and I'm here to send the message if your doing a cookie milestone it's going to be harsh.

  • Omg ughhhh gives me ANXIETY watching that because I remember my freshman swim meet and having to compete I HATED it I didn’t want to but i had no choice and I accidentally backstrokes to another girls lane!! Never joined the swim team again you are a very brave one indeed I salute you soldier

  • I thought the subsribblers get them for their great efforts. I guess not.

  • Seeing Joana look like the typical pretty made-up influrencer somehow hurts my soul a little bit.

  • الله يساعدك اني والنخله اللي براسك😂💔💔

  • I love her so much keep doing what your doing

  • Ya sen Türk müsünn


  • Eu não entendi nada mas eu sei que foi muito engraçado KKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  • I’m gonna grow out my hair, just to do this.

  • Is anyone else dying to know who that subscriber was?

  • It’s almost time to make 3 mil cookies Joana!



  • 6:50 "aboot to see"

  • Is it just me or does she spend more time on the description than the legit video

  • i thought this was sickness of throat and cold was only down in the Bronx but like wOAH iTS IN cAnada tOO?

  • 11:55 yes joanna you are a small youtuber with just 2.97 million subcribers

  • I am a freshman in high school. Yay?

  • The thumbnail gives me LIFE!!!!!

  • Why did the title made me nervous like my mom uploaded the video 😂

  • 12:24 O_o

  • Instead of it being spelt highkey it should be spelt high quey 😂

  • make more swim meet videos plz

  • 2:16 Me: whoopi goldberg Joana: jeffree star Me: ah yes I'm old, thank you for reminding me

  • I go to an ib school and its a rlly good one so I don't know what ur talking about

  • You look now like Lele... Here we go again... Young Lele Pons, I'm proud of you!


  • I use concealer as foundation

  • Then she evolved to avocado tortilla

  • I eat a potato like a lollipop I stab it and then I start eating it :) love, pindi 💕

  • The 1k people who disliked the video don’t know what OPINIONS are

  • I love Billie


  • s t a h p

  • hm

  • Imagine Joana being ur tutor

  • “with tHeSe ChoColaTe cHiPs in my hand i have the power of god and jesus on my side” *screams* also joana-“moral of the story someone stop jacob saggy titties”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • why do u look like ariana grandes cousin

  • I can't believe it's been over a year I almost cried-

  • oof

  • Ba sha am qahbaya chon pesti sary nahatota darawa 🤔🤔😳


  • I first watched your hair cutting vids then showed them to my sister! She freaked out and now we can't wait to see the rest of your videos!😂

  • Omg the movie Us is so scary I have watched it owo

  • 11:35 to 11:55 sounds like she’s describing the last Jedi

  • Free speech, heck yeah! Subbed. (how long you are able to keep that mic meme running, I wonder).

  • *Legend says she misses her uneven hairdo.* That's just a legend tho -3-


  • I never studied this excessively during highschool but then university happened (literal hell)

  • take a moment a check my art 💕 follow if you like it 🌸

  • I miss brown haired joana

  • I disliked liked you said to😊

  • 10:14 pppft fine

  • Anasayfamdan defol git artık

  • I'm obsessed with mr mendes toooooooo😅

  • The funny thing is that while I was watching this, my hairdresser texted me. The not funny thing was the absolute PANIC I felt when that electric razor showed up.

  • Lol she's so throwing shade

  • Hey are you ever going to make a cooking video that isn’t cookies? I need to tame my ravenous monster but don’t have the cooking skills to do it

  • No alcohol on prom night? I guess that's what makes me a loser.

  • mom im sorry :(

  • Anorexic? Have people not watched these videos? There's so much wonderful food devouring, how would they even get there? Also, who's stan on twitter? I'm a ~32 yEaR oLd LaDy~ and I don't get all the interents anymore. Also I don't do twitter. What I do do (haha) is binge and highly enjoy these videos. Don't Change. Unless you want to. Off to the next one!

  • Are you sure you and Caroline Konstnar aren't the same person?

  • That breakfast is so gross I'm sorry 😨

  • So um..I cut my hair like an idiot. Is it bad for it to be curved. I mean I like it but at around 2:38 ish she said it'll curve. IS THAT BAD I'M FREAKIN OUT

  • Comparison: RO-tvr: went to the beach, went to Hawaii, drinking tequila, having se- Joana( John ): CLOSET FOR MY NERF GUNS!!!

  • 3:04 nice.