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Debut studio album "Until Death Call My Name" available now!
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  • Who still bumping this 2019


  • My boy really thought a violin was played like a recorder 😂😂💀💀

  • Youngboy really smoking cigs come on u better than that😂😭

  • FreeDDawg 2.0?? 😂🔥

  • Hit 100mil views ❗️😆

  • 😘😘📚💰✍️

  • Youngboy smoking cigarettes cuz he can’t smoke weed😂😂

  • This lowkey ass


  • "U Can Rap That Gangsta Shit I Still Dont Feel U" He Talkin Bout NLE 🤣💯

  • A say yb this night I love 💯


  • Who remembers when the comment section was actually about the song?

  • AYEEEE! Dope!

  • If u a real fan like 💪🏾🤞🏾

  • Told her i love she responded Bitch i hate you😓 i felt that

  • check out my lost motives remix

  • Another banger this nigga a robot

  • Yall notice he got the Same crib as kodak

  • Traumatized > hypnotize

  • dis nigga have 2 ring on one finger

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥


  • I can't sniff Roxi's?

  • YoungBoy good but he not better then dayoungan🙅🏾‍♂️💯23 shit👹

  • 🔥🐐

  • So many cigs being smoked

  • best shit ever

  • Straight heat😎 sound like young thug tho🎯.

  • Ai youngboy just dropped and he already blessing us with new music

  • Love youngboy ion really fw the beat like that though

  • fav song still

  • Nba is one the best rappers of 2019🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Slick slack slime 🐍💉🔫

  • This my favorite shit on the CD!!!

  • wow straight fire

  • This song is bad

  • 🔥💯💯💯 vibes

  • I like this song


  • This shit is G. A. Y.

  • i love your song

  • He so different 💪🏽

  • 0:45

  • 0.23

  • Check out his songs on SoundCloud davidaskew932

  • Best fucking rapper about drop a like if it's no fucking joke tho NBA chains up 💯💱💲

  • He is dancing in a music video he is from Cincinnati Ohio he live in Lincoln Heights Jackson his name is David the name of the video my the video called Cash Get Money smoke he is dancing in that video also he got his own songs on Soundcloud check out his song on SoundCloud davidaskew932

  • Y’all

  • Mike Luch youtube 🔥🔥✍️🎤pop out remix. Ransom remix. Middle Child remix. Must hear! Straight born to spit lyrics!

  • Everybody check out his songs on SoundCloud davidaskew932

  • Young boy fan since he was 15

  • 😭😭yb dont know how to play

  • Them niggas ack like they low key scared of the young boy he really didn’t wanna retaliate smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Listen to this song “y50dc no love “

  • listen to that

  • Who shot his videos

  • When is this coming out on APPLE MUSIC MANE???

  • I say Mama I’m so SORRY🥺

  • I hate this guy but this song hits different

  • Get on my knees on side of the bed, Like father forgive me 🎤🎤🎤🎶🎶🎶💯💯💯❗❗❗

  • Wattup mf Louie 😭🦍💚

  • I only get how anyone can dislike this lol

  • This is the most underatted song on this album

  • Slime

  • Y is this not on Apple Music

  • Nba i love yo music all the way from South Carolina. Words of advice settle down and get that money. We dont wanna lose you homie. 🐍

  • Come jump in come jump in

  • Slime fuck you talking bout 🥵🥵🥶

  • Why is this not on Spotify?

  • only real fans of nba young boy will like this keep it 100 💯👌💯

  • Nigga I be fucking all the bitches in the pussyhole eating these bitches asshole

  • hey nba young boy u are so cute 😍🔥🔥

  • Shit hard

  • Free Kodak

  • Yb feeling like you right now

  • YoungBoy definitely a Legend. Dudes fan base ain’t no joke bro puts up number we need to start respecting him some more

  • I got 4.5 blocks I got. 9s in this bit.coldest part, NO CAP💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  • This rides at 1.25x

  • This song make u wanna kill someone and I’m only 12

  • My favorite rapper really fucking grinded

  • He is my boy I listen to him every day

  • Why is this not on Apple Music man

  • Anybody else pray for youngboy . Sometimes i swear he needs it. 💚

  • If you like this you will be rich and he 4it for life and you will love to be 112 years old

  • "Fuck the critics" -Nba Youngboy 💚👕

  • This is rap nowadays lol

  • Please click on this link and comment and share to everyone else you know

  • Da realest shit he wrote 💯 to me he really doing better and growing big fan now 😁😁

  • I Don't know why i love this song so much😝

  • 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • On November 14 is my birthday day can you try to make a song for me please

  • Put this bitch on Apple Music wtw.

  • Those shoes tho

  • Yb my fav

  • This is how many times he drinks sigrat 👇👇👇



  • Who bumping in November 2019