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Delia Matache, known by the stage name of Delia, is a famous Romanian dance singer and songwriter, TV celebrity, dancer, philanthropist, former model, fashion designer, and coach from television music competition X Factor.
Delia started her stage music activity in 1999 and since she released seven dance albums with of its derivates and R&B influences. Prior her solo-carrier (2003) while she was singing with Nick their genre was a great mix of house and eurodance.
She now continues on the pop music path.
Altfel (1999)
Fac ce vreau (2000)
Nu e vina mea (2001)
Nu vreau sa te pierd (2002)
Xplosion! (2003)
Parfum de fericire (2003)
Listen-Up (2007)
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Delia - Karaoke
Delia - KaraokeAcum 7 ani


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  • and now you are flying in the air???

  • hi delia, I know you don't know me at all. but, I am using this song as my blog for home. Because, facebook kept kicking me out, and instragram kept banning me, same with twitter. so I figured and did write everyone I knew in America to tell them my online spot. this is fine. I'm moving home. To fremont. Ohio. So..i wish I could go back to Romania, but it does not look like they will let me back in. But, I am going to spend $5,000 for a lawyer here in ohio. If she can't get me visitiation rights with my children, I'm going back to Europe probably Serbia. or Macedonia. Or Greece. But I will try to get back into Romania at some point. I loved Constanta on the bay. I'll see. It was a good spot. Doubtful. Well.

  • Te ador te ador

  • Sa déchire!!!

  • Piesa asta a scris-o într-un moment în care a realizat ca mâncarea e viața ei

  • Me gusta más la de la casa d e pepel este no me gusta tanto

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  • Delia uitate la Videoclipurile mele.. E doar 1 videoclip cu Cadoul pentru tine.. Respect

  • Original 1898

  • 00393887875473 un cadou pentru Delia..Florile Paradisului..Premieres Fleurs Du Paradis...Autor L. Simondetti..Aprobare Ugustino. Ucive. Covo

  • Awah machi damkaniw nekki dayyi

  • Beautiful song,greeting from Serbia Partizan⚫️⚪️🇷🇸

  • Dacă citiți acest comentariu ma voi bucura foarte mult! Asa cum sper sa va bucur și eu prin muzica pe care o postez! Ma ajuta foarte mult dacă va abonați și îmi lăsați feedback! Ne vedem pe canalul meu!

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  • Bravo Delia..

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  • Asa arata o artista adevarata,un concert adevarat,un talent unic si un om special. Delia the best.

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  • Delia ❤️

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  • Un videoclip cu o durată de trei minute nu poate ieși la întamplare plin cu simboluri scoase din învățătura masonică.

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  • Piesa asta este o adevarata poveste de viata,cu multi se regasesc in aceste versuri puternice si emotionale ,o baladă frumoasa de dragoste,și o voce inconfundabilă cea a Deliei, felicitări super piesa

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  • so la codie wanted to say hi. lacodie is davinci. this story is only 6,300 years old. delila and samson is 8,300 years old. davinci. cody and lakota were playing basketball. lakota kept making layups. lakota would go up for a layup and cody would act like he was going to block his shot and miss. then cody would get the ball. and dribble it out of bounds. soon the score was 6-0. then lakota subbed in lacodie. lacodie would get the ball and start dribbling it out of bounds. then cody would stare at him.

  • i love you delila

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  • hi delia. they want me to stay here for awhile. i have a court date for "trespassing" the hospital. which of course is not a big deal at all in consideration that they killed the leader of isis. and sure my time in turkey was that bad. i dont even have my clothes or anything i purchased from europe. which is fine. the old rule is you have to be from nigeria to immigrate to europe and it is still the case. alexander hamilton. wrote all the rules long ago for how america would interact and yes europe is an island. and they dont need a bunch of asians. they need dark africans to move north way north so they can be comfortable in their skin. and sure the darker the skin the better further from the equator they are. so i should move to africa and when things are settled for me here i will consider moving there. but i need to buy shoes even. i have nothing they gave me 9.5 shoes in hospital and i need tens. even those don't fit. + i did in fact break the law and have a court date. which hopefully they just let me go. so i can go back to ohio and reach out to my lawyer kelly saul. which is funny cause she really is saul. like you are delila. delia. whatever. you're really her just like i know other souls. i guess thats it. since i cant write on facebook or twitter much and always get banned and instragram hates me too. nicole kidman owns you tube. twitter is owned by donald trump.

  • هاد الكومنت العربي الي تدور عليه

  • No one knows that song until money heist introduced it again.

  • Delia te iubesc mult mă cheamă Daria