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Atlantic Rim
Atlantic RimAcum 4 Zile
Motel Fight
Motel FightAcum 5 Zile
Your Worst Enemy
Your Worst EnemyAcum 10 Zile
Horrible DJs
Horrible DJsAcum 11 Zile
Onision Is Bad
Onision Is BadAcum 16 Zile
Rare Insults
Rare InsultsAcum 17 Zile
Weeb Blacksmith
Weeb BlacksmithAcum 27 Zile
My Favorite Chef
My Favorite ChefAcum 27 Zile
Science Is Dead
Science Is DeadAcum 28 Zile
Tiny Husband
Tiny HusbandAcum lună
Billy Is Back
Billy Is BackAcum lună


  • "Oh ninja is in camo now" Good I don't have to see him then

  • RO-tv took my job AND fucked my girlfriend

  • charlie likes in flames, I love charlie even more

  • That was clearly rick sanchez

  • 17:05 did anyone else notice the awkward handshake?,

  • PewDiePie commented on the "very scary" video. I was very happy that you commented on this to.

  • This show scared me as a kid.

  • why didnt show DOOM ETERNAL

  • Thanks, I was worried I'd actually have to watch the full thing

  • اليي

  • Truthfully h3h3 probably doesn’t mind the video destroying him was taken down. He’s not the best at taking criticism 1:26

  • Literally just Charlie eating peppers

  • Why isnt this on trending

  • everything she cooks looks like either the soup voldemort comes out of in the goblet of fire or fetus voldemort, himself.

  • Reported this video for bullying RO-tv. Yeah get freaking owned buddy!

  • Ya what he said!!

  • I would pay high dollar for interview between Charlie and Susan

  • I think it's stupid Fire Emblem Three Houses wasnt even a nominee. It won the fan's choice by 45% and second place was Smash Bros (a goty candidiate) at 22%. But nah, put in Control an indie game that has no chance of winning due to nowhere near enough people playing it. Resident Evil 2 is an amazing game but a remake regardless of how great it is shouldnt be GOTY, and finally Death Stranding: the game no one liked but the masses are afraid to say so. But yeah, Fire Emblem, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Borderlands 3, and Devil May Cry V should've been contenders instead of those games. And if they wanted an indie game for the "look we're gamers too" points they should've just put Goose Game or Disco Esylium

  • Fuck he got hit that hard he thought his phone was

  • Rip to the fist bump handshake at 17:04

  • Charlie shitting on Sega; has he not played Yakuza?

  • Said perfectly

  • Apex winning is so obviously rigged, game is in a horrendous state

  • This bollocks makes me miss the excitment of new Smallville episodes even more.

  • Chairs are flammable

  • white talentless youtuber are destroying youtube

  • Did not expect Sekiro as Game of the Year. I got respect for that choice. Noice. 👍

  • charlie still pronounces die antwoord incorrectly after all these years

  • This guy is sweating pizza grease.

  • One for the soulsborne community baby

  • Sekiro:Shadows die Thrice

  • This guy used hamon

  • kaya still hot

  • I love that there’s always a lesson to these videos.

  • Okuyasu join the chat

  • Anyone read 1984? That shit is about to be nonfiction.

  • It was trash

  • So basically: Negative criticism that I am ok with: approved -Negative criticism- OFFENSIVE BULLYING that hurts my feelings: insta-ban

  • Ever creator needs to switch to a new platform like RO-tv is just turning everyone away from itself

  • Where’s the moisties at

  • Those biceps tho

  • My mans Charlie is getting fuckin SWOLE, those GUNS!

  • The X Box Tall

  • Please do web cams more often!! Love it and love you guys! ❤️

  • game of the year award goes to...sekaro

  • 3:12 Mah Boi, Hidetaka

  • urgh... ofc you would watch this real world shit man, You're always all over this cringey shit Honestly... You shoulda rolled up there and shot the place up. Mix it up a little

  • 11:35 I’m pretty sure it was so exciting for him that he continued to sleep

  • "Go fuck yourself" *Oh*

  • I ended up disappointed in myself because I expected a smash reveal

  • I Love how adorably awkward Elon was. Great shit.

  • Check out wingsofredemtion

  • 17:06

  • *video has been removed due to bulling and harassing *

  • Another cringefest

  • what if the game is full how is the bully hunter going to join?

  • There's no point in addressing susan directly, it's the higher ups at Google doing this

  • That was such and amazing episode!! I was laughing the whole time!!

  • I like how the 3 star admiral doesn't have any ribbons but is also a seal xD

  • Damn changed the roster from JACK to SACK

  • I’m so happy about hellblade 2

  • Did anyone else waste 3 hours as well?

  • Xbox looks like an air purifier you'd buy at the sharper image

  • Whippets is not computer duster. Whippets are actually filled w c02 which is basically medical grade

  • "Geoff Keighley just subscribed" 3:11

  • Wait is telltale back?

  • The weird thing is that this is almost a good idea. Selling people more concentrated cleaning products and asking them to dilute it themselves would reduce shipping cost and in turn reduce costs for the consumer. It would also use less packaging than selling big bottles of cleaning products that are mostly water. It's really just the machine that's dumb. Take away the machine and you've actually got a decent idea.

  • I love how Laura Baily bailed out on this to play DnD with her gang. Sure you could go to an award Ceremony but DnDs top priority

  • Tehken should have won.

  • Pretty disappointing I thought

  • “Nigga”

  • 14:50 YES!! The Wolf Among Us 2!

  • 0:05 I respect both the cum cleaner and fart fabricators

  • It's time for a new platform

  • can we get a 2020 Guy?

  • And, my question is, why the hell do we hold people like this for life in prison? I know some people think that being behind a small ass cage with bars for the rest of his life is punishment. But, I say that's bollocks. That thing literally mutilated another human being. It's absolutely a waste of taxpayers' money. Just put the little fuck in his submarine chained down and drop it in the Marianas Trench. Boom, he dies a terrible death and now the citizens of Denmark aren't paying to keep this sick shit alive.

  • Still going to Pittsburgh next August to see Green Day live

  • Yikes RO-tv got their heelings hurt

  • Some people see them as pets

  • Ibp right behind u😂ireland boys

  • Not trying to flex or anything, its pretty pathetic but I've seen each episode 3-10 times, i know a lot about you guys, but not many people have this much time on there hands

  • LAMO who put jump force on that list needs to be fired 🤣😭

  • 7:08 only if that was cortana

  • Take a shot for every time a kid says smash? In chat

  • ⚠️ Attention ⚠️ RO-tvs terms of service came out and many channels are getting affected all I'm asking is for you to comment on RO-tvs Instagram post or Twitter " CHANGE YOUR TERMS OF SERVICE " because its getting out of control its very harmful to creators channels please if you care about this channel and other channels you love have RO-tv change it.

  • 17:04 Just why. That handshake. WHY.

  • The only thing I know about the game awards is that nominee Laura Bailey ditched it to play D&D.

  • Keanu Reeves wannabe lookin ass

  • have you seen what's like out there Susan,do you leave the Studio Susan? Everybody screams and exploits the system,NOBODY'S CIVIL ANYMORE Do you think people like Lele Pons think what is like to be someone other than theyselfs?They don't,they think we're just children and that we won't warewolf and go wild! you're awful Susan...cattering to corporations,screwing my just wanted to make fun of me... how about another joke Susan?

  • 4:13

  • Yo Ben and Jerry's, Americone Dream sucks. I would definitely let you hit me with one of those vaginal stretchy slammers

  • What the fuck was that rabbit game callef

  • And here I thought Asians were supposed to be smart.

  • "Slur referring to a protected group" what the hell does that even mean? Why are some people "protected" nobody should be "protected" from any "slurs"

  • those guys did a pewdiepie handshake

  • Sediko

  • dude looks like an egghead lmao

  • 17:05 🤣🤣 grabbing his first

  • 8:15 They want youtube to be the next cable tv network because they want to keep society dumbed down with mindless entertainment. Instead of being a free-thinker and watching interesting uncensored videos online for free, I can just be a zombie and watch Jimmy Fallon or some other form of cheap entertainment.

  • Tgank God that weird bastard Kojima didnt win