$199 Chair Vs. $9,800 Chair

Publicat pe 21 apr. 2019
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Rick Henson
Gaurav Nanda
Jared Rusten
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  • The one thing I love that J. Rusten brings up is that the price of the chair has a lot to do with the large amounts of time it takes to make it. Of course $9800 is a lot, but it is the craftmanship you are paying for. It is an art, and like many other types of art, you pay for the amount of effort it takes to make it. Props to him. He is honest about the price and honest about his work.

  • Im amazed that people watch this...i will stick to your food episodes ;)

  • @buzzfeedvideo, Checking the price list the $199 chair really starts at $579

  • where to cop stevens T shirt

  • or do a whole series on weddings and wedding planning stuff

  • Hey Worth It could you do an episode on wedding invitations or wedding bouquets. Thanks guys. I love this show

  • I have an ejection seat chair (martin baker mk7) and they cost around 10K. It's not very comfortable but it's absolutely gorgeous and someone fought in the Vietnam war with it. worth every penny

  • *bRuH yOU jUSt sIt oN iT anD YoU bOuGhT a ChaIR tHaT iS 9,800 $*

  • Annie is soooooo freaking cute 😍😍💞💞💞

  • Chairs in this video are more comfortable than my bad

  • 9800 Dollars I can buy a nince car with that ammount of money and guess what I have more than a chair in it

  • i am pretty sure pewdiepies chair is MUCH better worth it only 399!/

  • But can you do this?...

  • Why is Andrew only in the food videos???

  • Anybody know the name of the background music? 13:34-14:48

  • Bend? Wow I know that one isn’t going to win. I feel like everything they are saying at bend is a lie bc you know the owner is watching lol

  • I didn’t watch the whole video, but I assume that the $9,800 chair had edible gold leaf and truffle on it?

  • Hmm Steven says Jared Rusten's chair is not the most worth it because he cannot afford it now... can he afford his most worth it choice in the beach house? And... that's a weird statement as well because all the most expensive options in Worth it Lifestyle would probably be Not Worth it then...

  • Chwater, chfire, chearth, chair

  • The lucy chair is more expensive than a Pewdiepie chair, and that has Italian leather

  • I buy $5 foldable chair... $199 for chair... Can't even afford the cheapest chair here...

  • Steven sits like A Gay™️

  • The wire chair guy needs to look around.

  • $199 vs $8900 vs ....... $399!

  • The Bend Goods chair is made for hipsters

  • When I saw the wooden chair in the thumbnail I thought of the movie ‘The Beauty Inside’


  • For someone who works in office chairs full time and come home to game in an office chair, that first guy really sold it for me.

  • modern rocking chair looks like IKEA's poang chair...which i have at home which i love which is probably around 50 times cheaper...lol

  • 399 pewds chair

  • steven is gay, cant sit in chairs lol

  • Guys it’s official,Worth it has ran out of ideas

  • Where's pewdiepie's $399 epic gamer chair

  • Why do you need $9,800 chair when you can have a better one with only $399?

  • yall be straight cappin on this show

  • the last dude is the real life ron swanson

  • But metal chairs hurt...

  • If I want a great chair, California Chair has it. If I want art, I'll buy a painting, not a horrifically over-priced rocking chair. Just because it took you a long time, doesn't mean it's worth what you think it is. In the scheme of art, it looks like trying to blend a nice back with a completely different chair. The grain of the wood doesn't flow into each piece, the types of wood should be listed, and the price doesn't reflect the quality. Normally I'm not so brutal, but I've had enough of this type of nonsense pricing. 2-3 months lead time tells me a company doesn't have enough faith in their own product to have stock on hand and or doesn't have faith in the market they are dipping their toe in. Refine it, lower the price dramatically, build a huge name, or get out of the business. Staying the current course WILL end in a folded company and tarnished name.

  • where is the 399 pewdiepie chair

  • Man, this is the longest ad I've ever watched, a whole 16 minutes!

  • They click so well together Wishing I had a friendship like that ┻━┻︵└(՞▽՞ └)


  • I enjoyed this episode more than I thought I would.

  • those wooden chairs are beautiful

  • I feel like they could uave made it better maybr gaming chairs massage chairs etc.

  • I'd just buy a PewDiePie chair if I had the money lol

  • They should do a Worth It episodes on dressers

  • *But can u do thiiiiiis* insert pewdiepie meme here.

  • Why did the gaurav guy say his name so weirdly

  • The last guy really trying to tell me a chair is a part of the family????

  • meanwhile I'm sitting on the floor

  • I like this video but the chairs are just all so different it would be cool to see all office chairs or all all rocking chairs!

  • no dx racer or sceret lab or any gaming chair ?!?!? DISLIKED jkjk

  • He said this feels like I'm wearing a chair

  • What an idea Its the best haha!

  • Fake try guys lmao cos they left buzzfeed

  • I could not imagine paying almost 20 grand for two chairs. I could furnish my whole house with that amount or even less.

  • Where is Adam?????????????

  • In other news, Stephen has a great deal on rent apparently!

  • Okay, but, $9,800 office chair

  • I

  • The wire chair guy is annoying in the way his sentences end at a much higher pitch/time, sometimes even the middle of a sentence

  • this is bullsh*t why would you buy a chair for 9,800 dollars 😑

  • Reminds me of Joey and Chandler's black sofa scene

  • The 9,800$ rocking chair I saw this in my school and they said it cost 1,000$

  • 15:51 I was just clicking on dislike for bend.

  • 14:01 but I just like a good office chair for everything, in this I need to adjust height !.

  • What just what

  • andrew's voice sounds like tom cruise

  • What about pewdiepies chair it’s only 399

  • Do toilets

  • Here iam sitting in a 50$ chair hmmmmmm......

  • Guys you should check out my company! We have a flagship store in NY. Carl Hansen & Son it is in the city!

  • this is the worst. the worst.

  • No one : Literally no one : Random dog in J rusten furniture studio 😂

  • Imagine being this rich

  • “It’s like I’m wearing a chair” I’m sorry but this was so funny to me

  • Like how y’all make something so boring interesting. Really chairs?? I think I know what chair I’m buying though


  • Ok new video idea a 1 dollar bill vs a 100 dollar bill