We Put Our Friend’s Face On 3,500 Pieces of Candy

Publicat pe 24 mar. 2019
"Yeah...I'm licking his eyes right now."
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My Ame


  • "The Creation of Adam II"

  • Why do you keep a secret about the face, but the thumbnail shows it clearly?

  • I've been to that castle :)

  • Adam sounds and looks so depressing

  • 7:21 when the tiniest bit of candy comes flying out the left of Stevens mouth🤣

  • Adam reminds me of those emotionless kuudere anime characters.


  • Love Adam 💙💙💙💙

  • You know all these Adam candys remind me of ADAM in Bioshock 1

  • Saeko Fuji has got to be one of the most beautiful Asian women I have ever seen! She seems incredibly down to Earth and genuine!

  • I love hard candy

  • 0:57 Kaka means poop in Latvian ...... noice

  • When my face gonna go on some candy?

  • Adam is the best person at buzzfeed

  • Sure they censor it at the starting of the video, but in the thumbnail of the video you see it uncensored p e r f e c t

  • Is it just me or does Steven a little bit like Zach King?

  • that "candy craftsman" really sounds like kermit tha frog

  • Adam looks like the main antagonist from Half-Life 2, Gordon Freeman.

  • We all know Adam

  • Even in Tamil we say "crow" as "kaka"

  • Low key high key cannibalism

  • Rie is everyone's bestfriend. 😂

  • Will you keep doing the 3 stops again too?

  • Argh, so much plastic in the packaging 😩

  • Dang definitely couldn’t have guessed what the mystery was from the title

  • What place did you go to get this done?

  • I would actually buy that candy😂👌

  • I almost lost a finger 4:26 Hell yeh I did

  • nobody: intro: LOUD MUSIC

  • Rie:there's a Japanese ghost named rokorokobi. Andrew:rokorokobi....adamadam beyanki.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂rie rocks!

  • they should make an eating you feed about this candy

  • cannibalism?

  • It looks like rock that we get in the uk they come in sticks tho

  • I like andrew shavef face

  • When they were putting together his face I was mesmerized lol that was so satisfying to watch!!!

  • I knew it is JAPAN.

  • They say it’s a mystery design and they blur out the face but it’s still on the thumbnail so we can all see what it is anyway😂😂

  • On 0:58-0:59 he said poop in Spanish caca

  • Adam looks very similar to WarOwl (CSGO RO-tvr)

  • I need Adam candy!

  • 0:55 in Japanese ka ka means wind; in German, kaka means poop

  • Lol

  • Just listen to the audio of them eating it without the video. You won’t regret it lmao.

  • I still don't know how that face got on that candy but I enjoyed watching lol.

  • I bet you Adam is a savage behind closed doors

  • Is Adam okay, he looks scared

  • Adam is just so precious

  • We prefer the original layout of the show. Thank you!

    • They only do this if they find something neat and cant fit it into an episode, or they want to give it more air time then a normal episode can handle.

  • Are they wearing the same clothes as the egg episode

  • Omg the intro was so loud😳😂

  • 3500 shades of Adam


  • I honestly thought they went to Lofty Pursuits in Tallahasee, FL before they announced they were in Japan. The owner has a RO-tv channel as well and it's very relaxing to watch.

  • Make the 3 stops again

  • hmm it is like the Try Guys series of Challenge

  • Adam eats adam😝😂

  • I cnt wait for them to try to make face candy

  • Wait. *Is that Rie?*

  • 0:19 burn

    • 🔥🔥🔥

  • It look like the...Rokurokubi

  • 2:08 the guy said sandaime, the only reason why I understood that word without looking at the subs was because Naruto 😂

  • Omg the candy maker looked like Rie!

  • Lol at 1:08 the one guy in the back probably has no clue what she is saying!

  • *We're not gonna give it away. Gave it away in the thumbnail 🤔😂

  • they keep blurring it and saying ur not gonna sponser... litteraly the candy and the person who’s made on the candy

  • Andrew reminded me of Phineas from Phineas and Ferb!(in the beginning, when he was wearing that orange and white t - shirt) Like if u agree!!

  • stop bullying today-save a adam

  • Adam sounded like he wanted to murder Rei

  • we have sum ‘’caca’ and ‘’oosh oosh’’

  • Adam seems like ferb from phineas and ferb

  • Adam is just so straight-faced and calmly spoken it always makes this funnier Also, Adam ate himself So meta

  • Why do all Adams have reddish brown hair with a beard and glasses

  • Individual packaging 😥

  • "Why u bully me?"-adam.....

  • Adam looks like a guy with no emotions

  • That Ghost they,r takling about is probably eyes

  • Wat- nn-nnnn

  • Honestly Adam is a whole mood and if he ever leaves- I don’t even wanna talk about it T^T Adam is our spirit animals

  • I thought it was gonna be like dolly mixture or licorice all sorts but it was a hard candy

  • She not a ghost she is a Urban legend she is a long neck girl her "mother" wears a mask

  • *She's your best friend but I am her best friend* -Andrew😂

  • That girl in 0:45 honestly startled me

  • Adam is a baby awww

  • Adam seems like he gets bullied in the office. Poor guy.

  • Did you guys go to (Japan)tasty office?

  • who else loves how serious Adam is this whole video 😂

  • this is the best thing ever XD

  • iTS AcTuAlly *_lit_* RIghT NOw

  • I love it in these videos how they always include Adam and he is a important person and some youtubers don't even include there camera man at all

  • I don’t no if u don’t no this but caca is pop in Spanish

  • *3500* *pieces* *of* *Adam* SOUNDS SOO EVIL 😂

  • 0:45 when that person walks in front of the camera

  • After years and years of watching anime I gained the ability to read the subtitles and watch the candy making process at the same time.

  • I want onee

  • Rie

  • Wait i think she works for tasty

  • taste like Adam

  • Did they specifically speak in a different language just to annoy people...

  • why do i keep getting these vee ads

  • Its justice league all over again