【ENG SUB】《班长“殿下” “Your Highness” Class Monitor》EP18--主演:牛骏峰、邢菲、刘宇航

Publicat pe 17 iun. 2019
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  • The time where Nian Nian almost got hit by the bike and Zi Chen saved him and they fall together is the time where WE NEEDED XIAO HUANG(? the journalist) BUT GUESS WHAT? HE'S NOT THERE (16:00)

  • *Don't touch a jealous Gu Zi Chen, even Ye Xing Yu can't do anything😂*

  • Today she get si tu mo look(put your head on my shoulders)

  • Who else hates Tang yu

  • 唐余講話好像過分了

  • Gu Zi Chen and Su Nian Nian is my idol type Gu Zi Chen= I loved his expression, attitude and his character. Always wants Gu Zi Chen on the screen Su Nian Nian = I was too inspired by her. Actually, she is my idol type

  • He Mei and the ex of Nian Nian should join together,,,,, and make free gu.... and nia.....

  • If anybody needs to spying on someone, call the best spy ever Gu......., i hope u understand Actually sometimes i can't remember chiness so......shh Top Secret

  • I like QYU university students . They are all kind hearted , helping , friendly , comedy .

  • Gu zi chen got a very nice smile

  • This movie is so extra...I'm starting to love it😌😌

  • My first name is same with su nian nian .

  • 15:09 the way he looks so happy mouthing a “goodbye” 😂

  • Its so funny

  • his mom is so disobedient

  • Su nian nian's classmate r the best!

  • I feel pity of xing yu

  • I can just give gu zi chen's mother thousands of abusing words for behaving harshly on nian nian.

  • Jealousy of gu se chen 😝

  • Did anyone notice the coffee prince ?is he Bai Jinting or he just looks like him...


  • Beat him up

  • His dance move kill me than she cut ties with Yan yu

  • Hahaha The Guys dont Like him trying to protect Nian Nian from her old chrush

  • Oh man Tang yu is a Bit arrogant only a bit

  • Hahaha goes undercover welcomeeee hahaaa

  • One of the 3 chismoso is also I love with nian2x haha always got Hugot lines lmao

  • 5:32 the 3 chismosos hahah.. specially the guy in green lol

  • 15:55 stalker much

  • 14:17 He was holding it in front of his face, now it's beside?!

  • How ...cute....when GU zi Chen follow her ..

  • Why is 99.9% of India up in the comments

  • Getting boring... better stop watching, 😩

  • 14:11 most cutest, prideful smile I’ve ever seen 😍😍

  • Calling the police😔.. Really Nian Nian you got me there🤣🤣

  • OMG HIS EXPRESSIONS he looked so cute

  • Gu zi Chen acts so cute when he tries to be close to su nian nian😍😍😂😂

  • Anyone else starts to dislike Gu is Chen’s mother 1 like: 1 person 👇

  • Por favor cap. En español gracias

  • Tang yu is a parasite in the game 👿👿👿

  • 青 「蔥」 岁月😂😂

  • Tang Yu, Xing Yu, Zi Chen. Poor Yuan, even his so called brothers won't back him up

  • The only problem here is the mother of Gu Zi Chen and He Mei hmmmmm

  • we dont really understand..... hoping for english sub pls

    • 腾讯视频 thank u 😘😘😍😍

    • For the subtitle, tap the video and then there is a 3 dots vertical just click and then find cc-CAPTION and change it to English, thanks!

  • the moment at 15:09 killed me hahahhaha

  • I really like the second male lead more he never got a chance to say how he feels

  • Okay first of all this is a drama y'all chill out. It's completely unnecessary to insult her appearance, like *come on* I don't about disliking her character, but insulting her appearance and calling her rude plastic names? It's just unnecessary, like seriously.🙄

  • I starting to hate Zi Chen Mom😒

  • My heart aches for the second lead 😭

  • Why Chi Zen mom always like him at home? He us at Uni he needs to study. But in reality my mom wont want to see me at home. 😂

  • Xing yu is such a nice person He loves his mom nd i love him

  • 这店长真渣

  • 这糖醋鱼好嚣张啊 男主加油💪

  • 就我不喜欢糖醋鱼吗?

  • 这部剧就是缺少了一位徐阿姨 和多了一位和美 要不然不知有多完美🙄

  • I love you Gu Zi chen

  • My god gu zi chen is killing me! The way he was happy n act when tang chu yu left... Rofl 😂😂🤣🤣

  • 14:54 Gu zi Chen is acting so proud. He's like "that's my girl" 😂😂

  • 31:16 好像某个他在看我似的

  • 15:12 gu zi chen's smile hahaha so funny... love this drama (2019?)💕