🔴Félix - Capitulo 24 - Miraculous: Tercera Temporada 🔴

Publicat pe 13 nov. 2019
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  • Wats apareció la mom the Adrian

  • 0:56 o.m.g. Gorilla's name is Simon😲

  • Yo no entiendo este idioma pero igual lo beo

  • Adrien don't know Marinette is ladybug and she didn't know Adrien is ladybug

  • I’m just confused how Gabriel and Emily can wear each other’s rings

  • Is anyone else really curious about what the story is about the rings?

  • DiD Gabriel SeRiOuSlY hAvE tO uSe Emily’s RiNg In ThE pLaCe Of HiS rInG?!😲🙄😞😒😠🤭😱😬😶😐

  • Gabriel is THE MOST awkward dad😂😂

  • Jajajajaaj

  • 19:59

  • what was adreins father surprised about?


  • If my DECEASED dearly beloved spouse’s sibling came into my house essentially saying I’m not apart of their family and wanting our wedding rings back. I’d have been like “Oh. We’re not family anymore? Gtfo my house.” I’d get it if they had been divorced or their marriage had been on the rocks leading up to her “death”. As far as we’re aware, they were both deeply in love. Damn that’s cold, Amelie. ALSO 20:50 Amelie: “I’m glad it’s back in the family where it truly belongs.” Adrien: Uh, f*ck you?

  • Imagine if marinette and felix were couple /what do you think would be adrian's reaction 😱😶🤨😏

  • Can I just say that I love Luka's shoes

  • Classic Alya CLaSSIC Also 1 like= save mari from embarrassing herself

  • đồ xấu xa

  • thằng chó Felix giả làm arien vậy đó

  • Who else is confused who is who while watching this video

  • Me when Felix had the ring: OOOH!!HE STEALIN

  • Por que no esta en español

  • When Gabriel put the there ring on I thought what if they come back and take the other one why not just keep it down their!!

  • pense que iba a ser mas interesante

  • 😡😡😡❔❔❔😪😔😞🤐💎🙇🙂😼🌁🌨🦄🌈🌞🌻🌺🎅🏢⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉⁉

  • Está en inglés 😤😭😭

  • Pensé que el video estaba en español :c

  • is it just me or can Natalie fight like a Ninja master

  • I love miraculous ladybug and catnoir

  • Why do they use the same villains every time?!?!? Come on, guys! It gets boring after awhile....

  • I just love to watch Miraculous but I stopped watching it cause I am afraid that I am out of seasons If you feel the same way hit a like 👇👇 👇👇

  • oh, I didn't know filming tv shows was the new child videos

  • This thing is stupid.... Just so you guys know, chat means Dick in greek language.... So his name is black Dick... So rasistic idiotic cartoon

  • wth

  • Felix....... Gawd say sike right now! They pulled this off like that!! A Miraculous VP😂 Also who else fell for this dude? And a nother also i thought he was actually gonna fall for mari😂❤❤

  • The tune on 15:44

  • My theory: What if Felix and Adrian are secretly twins? Imagine Emilie’s sister couldn’t have a child so Emilie decided to give Felix to her. I mean it could make sense?

  • Que tiene de especial ese anillo

  • that laugh tho.... its suspicius

  • Que padre episodio

  • Bro