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WARNING! Dangerous Crash Test, don´t Try this by yourself!! Experiment: 10 PLAY DOH vs CAR
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Intro by Sphinxcorp
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  • And can I tell you something please don't make me go crazy

  • Why are you guys this drawing these awesome awesome awesome stuff why didn't you just keep them and not crush them up with that humongous 1000 lb car seriously guys do not do anything even if you already crushed it you guys are really really really stupid you guys need to get you old games up I'm not staying you answer me open Play wait wait wait wait I messed up all my words so take away the word with a S and make it into a w sing singing with me please can you guys do my comments for the first please and sorry for the password this thing is not working I don't know I put on S and then it it says password can you believe that my name is not Mama Nina blade that's actually good Sheena my mom it's actually spelled g a tea s h i n a that's my real name don't worry about the word t it's actually it said t tea what it's t take out the e a and just put in the tea and that's how you spell my name you can also just write it on the paper that's all I'm saying for now I'm watching this at night it's so late my parents are awake Bill word just talkin seriously we're watching the movie the team the TV's not working now it's working I don't know what to say so this is how the movie is this Dad locked his baby in the car with the keys locked in the car and she can try to get a stick and open the car he tried to wear the baby 2 month old to get the car door opening and he then he call the police to open the door and they have to crush the window open and then they lock a lock the door and then they got the baby out my, is really big I mean it for real it's really big I hope you guys can read it all it's really really really really really really really really really really really really Victor Eid I'm sorry about the Victor edit seriously this thing is going crazy it's not doing what I'm saying I'm using the microphone cuz I don't know what I'm what to text I don't know what to spell with my parents are too busy talking and I know they want to go they won't even help me its 11:49 I've been talking too much hey my phone's going to die so my I'm stupid and watch this video though I didn't get to watch it

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