10 vs 1: Rating Girls By Looks & Personality

Publicat pe 16 iun. 2019
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  • Woulda definitely went with dora hands down!

  • I would give every single one of them a 10

  • *Femenists aggressively typing*

  • wheres his eyebrows?!!

  • The 3rd girl came with a nice question, really authentic... his answer was like what? Doesn't matter? As people said here, the natural girls had bad scores, cos it's obviously she likes girls that shape the make-up no make-up look.

  • Guys like him don’t mean to be assholes....but they come of as ones💋

  • bro ko'ed it by picking the girl for her looks, nobody saw that coming. And she was highest score overall too.. Nicee

  • He said he likes personality more than looks but ended up by choosing the looks over personality 😅😂

  • Looks are more important to people than most are willing to admit but I don’t understand taking how someone sees you to heart. It’s like getting upset that someone’s prescription isn’t the same as yours. If you think you are a 10 then honey you are a 10🥰 Keep in mind though that what most people THINK is beautiful comes from what we are shown the most in a positive light. I used to struggle with finding myself beautiful but I started surrounding myself with media who look like me and my perception changed plus therapy helped a lot.

  • He just told he looks for personality And He Just Rated Most Beautiful Girl In It 8.5 Wow amazed😂😂

  • 'personality more important' --> 'i would say the girl I rated by looks'.

  • OMG I felt SO bad for the low rated girls!

  • The Chinese girl wanted him🙁 She was so cute too! I wish he chose her!!!

  • I'd go with the reckless love girl. love to listen songs with her

  • "I'm not attracted to (blank) people" is racist, btw.

  • good job jubilee, youu managed to find the biggest simp in the world

  • He said he likes personality and at the end, still the look is his choice 😅

  • Did you have to use a ginger!

  • If put on the spot my brain would just go blank and my balls woulda given everyone a ten

  • Is this the only single guy in LA? He's in 3 other videos!!!!!!

  • They misinterpreted Black women so bad in this video 🙄we come in many different complexions and shapes. I guessed before the video he would rate the black girls the lowest lol.

  • it might not be like he is not into black girls but both of them were not that beautiful to be honest! i m sorry for being mean

  • some of these rating are ass lmao

  • That Indian girl was the prettiest and the most natural looking

  • Indian girl’s hair and everything is beautiful 😍

  • Racist

  • i wish they'd do a check in on all the "matches" that had some chemistry at the end of the video to see if they're still in touch

  • They should have got some baddie black girls in there & see what he rates them

  • The second to last girl that he rated a 6.5 is a 8 for me. I’m clapping on the spot.

  • The guy: “Personality is better then looks” Also the guy: I like girls with long hair.

    • Well I mean, the whole point of the first rating was to rate based on looks.. What did you want him to do? Jesus people.

    • Natashea Yeah I felt bad for Dora because he said he likes personality better then looks but said to dora I like girls with long hair. He was trying to look like he was kind in front of the girls.

    • I don’t know a clever name people only say that because it sounds good, looks rate higher than most are willing to admit

  • 2 bad no girl will date a red head.

  • I know this is an asshole thing to say but his front teeth bother me...

  • Lets be honest there was like 1 or 2 hot once there

  • -5 on angela

  • Don’t apologise if you didn’t do anything wrong that’s a beta move bro

  • Why are black Women considered unattractive so often?

  • A: 7 B: 7.5 C: 4 D: 3.5 E: 7.5 F: 3 G: 4 H: 6.5 I: 6.5 J: 4.5 Easy, no explanation needed.

  • What a cuck this guy is by the way.

  • Everyone’s so pressed that he’s clearly not into black women, you can have a type and that can include race. It doesn’t mean he wouldn’t date a black girl but it’s just an outline, just like how you like certain hair colours 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • *looks at African American girls* Erin: that's not vegan Andrew: 4-5, not my type

  • atleast its anonymous

  • "I like girls with a more natural look." *gives natural girls the lowest scores*

    • He likes girls that shape the make-up no make-up look

  • I can already hear the liberals rampaging in the comments, here we go...

  • Angela seems argumentative

  • After the second 4.5 I came to the comments to see what's up loll

  • This guy is a classic white knight.

  • Ed sheeran?

  • After they do this they should rate him haha

  • Sad how many politically correct statements this guy had to make throughout this whole thing.

  • Damn 4 and 4. F.

  • He could've given Angela a little more rating...

  • looks or personality? guy: personality because looks fade 💅✌️ who would you date, best looks or best personality? guy: best looks 🤦‍♀️

  • A woman shaving her head doesn't intimidate anybody. It just disgusts them.

  • How do you not pick Irene...

  • Three minutes isn't very long to gauge personality. A lot of people aren't going to be 100% comfortable with a new person within the first few minutes (let alone sitting in a chair awkwardly facing away from them). But they might still have a great personality. Looks on the other hand is pretty much an instant assessment. So in this scenario it makes sense to me to go with the sure thing (looks) and hope for good personality.

  • 0:28 If you have AirPods put them on at that moment it feels sooo werid

  • "I like to travel alone" "I do too!" perfect match 😆

  • He ain’t into black girls

  • Describing the colors of the rainbow to a blind person: Red: Haven't really figured that one out yet because there are a lot of extremes of red but the best I could do is have them feel a rose Orange: Sunset in the middle of summer/fireplace. Orange is sometimes a harsh color but its also soft and warm Yellow: The beach. 100%. Green: Take them hiking in the middle of the day in the woods Blue: Water Purple: Not sure

  • Reckless love is a good song