20 Amazing Science Experiments and Optical Illusions! Compilation 2017

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This video is a compilation of Best 20 science experiments with liquid and fire 2017
00:02 Flammable hand sanitizer
00:25 Coca Cola and Pool chlorine reaction
00:47 Traveling Flame
01:04 Animated Optical Illusions
01:27 Jet Engine in a Jar
01:54 Hot Ice
02:48 Coca Cola VS Coca Cola Zero - Sugar Test
03:07 Sugar and Sulfuric Acid - Strange Chemical Reaction
03:42 Amazing Fire Snake
04:26 Anamorphic Illusion
05:11 Elephant Toothpaste
05:37 Fire Tornado
06:14 Soap propelled boat
06:36 Homemade Smartphone Hologram
06:57 Pool Chlorine and Break Fluid Reaction
07:19 Rooftop Illusion
07:49 Make Flying Balloon at Home
08:39 Soapy water and gas
09:09 Instant cloud in a bottle
09:28 No-leak magic bag
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  • I think that people will think that the reason the ballon floats in the “aluminum and brake fluid reaction” is helium but it’s hydrogen

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  • Just imagine combination of theese homemade flying baloons (full of H2) combined with fireworks/candles....wow that would be da real "put your hands up in the air!"

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  • Ya know what scares the shit out of me? If this is going on OUTSIDE of our bodies, then what the hell is this doing to the inside? I got a feeling that what's written on the 'ingredients' ain't exactly complete! Some of the other stuff is really cool though. Science is some weird shit isn't it?

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  • Video is good☺️...but thr is need of showing of chemical reaction of respective experiment

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