Publicat pe 21 oct. 2018
We know you are tired of seeing the same old' crazy bikes over and over, so we searched hi and low until we found the ultimate, crazy bike collection!
Whether you prefer zipping through the city, tearing it up off-road, or causing a wake on the water, these bikes are sure to catch your eye. Here are 20 crazy bikes you won't believe exist #3.
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Featured Bikes ⭐
#20 Street Surfer Bike
StreetSurfer Version Carve
No Website
#19 Helyx Bike
#18 VariBike
#17 K-Track
#15 Flying Rider
#14 Kwiggle Bicycle
#13 Twicycle
#12 Make It Extreme's Fat Bike
#11 NitroRail Bike
#10 Bicymple
#9 TReGo Bike
#8 E-Velocipede Electric bike
by Sven Rudolph
#7 Explorer III Quad BIke
#6 Bygen Hank Electric Bike
#5 Manta 5 Water Bicycle
#4 Halbrad Half Bike
#3 Fliz foot powered bicycle
#2 Sada Bike
#1 M55 Terminus

Licensed Music 🎧
Broken Radios by Binary Love
(Voice-over) by Glenn Nobel 🗣

#3 *New Bikes You Must See!*
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    • Pff....

    • I'm thinking I might just put a stick with a wheel on the end of it up my butt. Light, simple and pricing starts at about ten bucks.... Plus about 20k for reconstructive surgery after the first speed bump or pothole....

    • Yay a hand crank and pedal setup for when you hate braking.

    • Yes. कहामीलेगी

    • Yes. कहा मीलेगी

  • i have number 12

  • All of these bicycles are undesirable. None interests me.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'd be happy with 5 or 6 of them.

  • Байк без спиц !!!

  • На лыжне по-моему прикольный и 9 очень полезный и грузовом,водный байк круто! .

  • Number 8 is lovely....I m it's FAN

  • 15 with harness is good for ppl with back injuries

  • Where is the orange bike in the video thumbnail?

  • Nice!

  • All these bikes are awesome

  • Jesus loves you!

  • mate, i can buy a working , medium fast motorbike for $900

  • Water bike is the only one,,,what are these people thinking when making some of these bikes

  • Why would u buy a 5000$ bike when u could get a used car for that money

  • Number 2 folds like Umbrella.

  • Как можно на этом ездить?

  • I’ll stick with SE Bikes 🚲

  • Why would anyone do such a thing and you know how to upgrade any Motors gas motors for bikes electric motors for any type of Machinery upgraded to a bicycle and turn it into a high performance

  • Nooooo

  • J' aimerais bien essayer le vélo sur l' eau.......

  • Have to say the bike at 8:21 the water bike that's awesome to have on ships if the ship starts to sink have some of those bikes u won't be stuck in the middle of the ocean lol

  • #2 Looks like it would be a fun head turning town bike.

  • Nice bicycles

  • Please please please please ask their respective owners to decrease the price into 100dollars

  • A thousand dollars car is far better. Thanks for the uniqueness but these bikes will never allow you to drive too long, and if u do, next whole day take pills and rest in bed.....

  • #2 bicycle is the one for me

  • Well i was pumped when I saw the orange Fat bike because well im fat sooo im partial to chubby things "Right Honey" oh she cant here me LOL, but of course its the one bike I cant get on this list , oh boy I always pick the wrong one , " Right Honey" lol I love this.

  • Some of them are just overpriced to a point I'll call idiotic..! It doesn't even nearly resemble the materials and production time put into them in fact..a lot of these designs I could make myself if I wanted (I don't because I have a better one).

  • pricing starts at $5,800.00 for hand pedaling.... Let's face it, that's 10X the $ it should be

  • In no particular order then...

  • Okay ill start with death trap, move to just retarded, to garbage, to why just why. Only a few seemed even a bit revolutionary. There is potential in a few.

  • I know a lot of people would call me boring and old fashioned, but what's wrong with my good old fashioned steel frames roadster, it could get me around the world and it cost me less than a thousand pounds.......I call her Jessica and I love her.

  • I would rather take my 35 Grand and buy me a Harley 👍, and that's exactly what I did 😂🤣😂, I mean seriously , those bikes are ridiculously overpriced 🤔

    • It's the new hipster signaling that they're "rich and cool and care a lot about their own health and the environment" - in other words, it takes a morally corrupt virtue signaling jackass to buy one.

  • Really Beautiful

  • Stupid prices

  • What about the potentially painful learning curve? :-D

  • The funny thing about this whole video is that i dont like not one of them lmaooo .

  • I swear i could go faster on my bike than the nr 16.

  • I want a varrabike more then any of these

  • I also have a bike 4u2 check out, it's a hand made bike from a man in Jamaica! The bike is about 4 tiers high and it can self propel after u start to pedal! Check out this one ok?

  • #2 is an incredible bike, it has no o spokes at all! 😵😕😱!!

  • great video

  • The Halibrad looks very interesting to me

  • It is insane what some people will design and think that it will be of interest to the public ....... and not only design , but put the money into producing them .

  • Love the creativity of all this!

  • adrian juda

  • Please, pleeze, puh-leeze SPARE us the Repetitive, Background "Music."

    • Please spare us over.the top reaction to music that isn't bothering anyone other than you and we have a deal.

    • Please spare us over.the top reaction to music that isn't bothering anyone other than you and then we have a deal.

  • 10:10 What a POS!

  • Thanks, that was fun. Termanus bike is fast but would terminate my savings!

  • the one that can carry stuff in front is the most practical

  • a human will never stop to contrive the bicycle

  • It's intriguing that people still think they can improve on the classic bicycle - unless you are offering a new function, such as the ability to fold, go on the water or take advantage of a motor, I can't help but think people are wasting their time! I do love the Manta 5 water bike though, that looks fun. And my favourite road bike is definetly the Halbrad Half Bike - that looks like it works and is fun, but as you can't shift your body weight backwards and forwards using your arms, it won't be any good on anything other than the smoothest of roads...

  • POS

  • 7:50 Gimmick geared pedaling for 5K. The more gears the more friction you have. Also while pedaling a fucking rock gets in those gears your dead in the water.

  • merci à nos frères chinois !

  • I really liked the bisimple, I think the free front wheel could be cool for super tight cornering, both direct drive bikes interested me, I like my bikes really simple

  • I like the last very last one but the food down bike is very particular I like it but also like the one you'll be able to go through snow as a track like a tank Virginia's have a very particular design and I've been working on at got front and rear will capabilities black a tank as well with the track keep up the good work

  • #10 bi-simple

  • nice... love it!

  • Ok, all of them are useless to try to be sensational.

    • Useless? Sensational? A bit of a stretch in both directions don't you think?

  • These bikes are so interesting, Jesus loves you!

  • Kwiggle and Sada will change the game if they can start meeting demand and get the price point down.

  • 12000 hundred dollars!! I was like wait rewind , play 12000 hundred dollars!! Wait captions on, my ears are so bad, still reading and listening 12000 hundred dollars!! Uff my ears are fine. But wait theres more 17000 hundred dollars!! oh men ive got to go check my ears....

    • Did you miss the 35hundred dollars?

  • Fentastic

  • no 18 looks like he's having a fit

  • The snow bike

  • Manta 5 is my favorite

  • Most look unpractical or a short lived novelty

  • kharab

  • Oh yeah i loved trego bike👍thanks for showing it because now i gonna try and get myself one.

  • I liked numbers 1 and 2

  • Must we have the flickering numbers.

    • 🤣👍

    • Since we began using them over a year and a half ago. 100 million views later, you are the first and only person to complain about them. So yes, you must. And yes, it must be just you.

  • THESE BIKES🚲🚲🚲,,, R OUT OF 🌎??... GO"" RIDIN,,

  • This is all stupid crap except for the water bike.

    • Minds Eye Design yes! Please ship it immediately 😁

    • So you'll have one of each. Got it. Your order has been processed and will arrive via UPS ground by midday tomorrow. Thank you for your order ..oh did you want cup holders with those free for $186.99 we can split that up into 10 easy payments of just $27.99 if that's more convenient?

  • why can't they make a bike where my butt doesn't hurt. every time i use a bike my back hurts and my buttocks hurt..?

    • 4 words. Duct Tape Memory Foam. You can thank me later lol 😃😂👍

  • As far as these bikes go, I have one question. W H Y ? ? ?

  • TReGo Bike is best design

  • Wow

  • I think ALL of them SUCKS!!!

  • #2

  • $1700 for a bike with NO SEAT?!! FUUUUK U!

  • How can the half bike at number 4 start at 1400 dollars, its half a bike

  • No offence ment but some of these are daft?

  • The manta water bike design might have been stolen or copied. I saw a bike EXACTLY like that over 20 years ago on an Australian TV show called Beyond 2000.

  • Money grows on tree's


    • i like the fat bike but it needs gears, but i still would not pay that price for it.

    • aka overpriced junk.

  • so many stupid idea's. so little time.

    • And yet I have the urge to take time to one by one point out just how ridiculous, unsafe or plainly redundant these all are.

  • 🐸 No NinebotZ10???!! No party! ✔️

  • 🐸 4:28 car driver: WTFFFF...AT!! ✔️

  • , you have to be kidding me with these prices on these freaking bikes you would have to be a super hot hooker in Vegas or Donald Trump's ex-wife to afford these prices crazy

    • I'm only kidding I wont stop including prices but if I had a nickle for every price complaing I could own all these bikes.

    • Prices prices prices. If I read this comment one more time I'll no longer include them and just have you guess. And save the Trump talk for fb this is a politics free zone.

  • 4th

  • I want a Fliz. That harness idea is awesome. Now if you could attach an electric motor for uphill assistance then that'd be fantastic.

  • Combine #9 TReGo & #2 Sadabike into one.

  • My favorite one was the hubeless one

  • It seems like $2 of welding and $5 of glue is the key to a mark-up of $2K-5K in cost. Silly designers.

  • #20 - weld a skateboard to a fork - charge $950 more than its worth. Brilliant!

  • cool but ima just buy a motorbike

  • amazing electric bike nice video,but if you want to make your own electric drift bike just click this link:@t

  • Number twenny.

  • #3 is great until you realize that walking accomplishes the same thing.

    • Udhgdofyj Rudy's really good comes to mind is a school night and her radiation treatment and I can't get into review and get back to you