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In this video, you will find a collection of households lifehacks! Our incredible household hacks will save you a fortune and time!
-transform an empty lipstick container to stylish USB flash driver
Watch our video to find more genius household lifehacks:
-You can use Cola to clean your pan easily and quickly
- Add the mix of Cola and onions to meat, leave to marinate
- Clean your microwave with lemon zest and water. Lemon helps to get rid of unpleasant odors.
- Watch this video till the end to see how to reuse old hangers in order to organize products in the fridge or your underwear
- Make desk organizers out of empty cereal boxes. Glue 3 boxes together and cover with decorative paper
- Using salt to clean your iron can be a simple way to effectively get out stains
- If you have a pair of dull scissors, aluminum foil is to the rescue again. Use the scissors to make several cuts through some foil and they will be sharp again!
-Wine corks certainly make perfect point protectors and stop those stitches from sliding off your needle.
-Use shower cup to store your sneakers in a sport bag
We have easy-breezy recipes for you to make: marshmallow sandwiches, fast way to make pomegranate juice.
As a bonus, learn how to make blossom artwork with a recycled soda bottle!
Firstly, use dark paint to paint a branch on paper. Branches are easy to paint. If you can’t paint a straight line, it looks even better.
Once the tree is ready, let it dry before continuing with the stamping.
Pour some paint on a paper plate and dip the plastic bottle. This is really fun, add as many blossoms as you want. Have fun!

01:25 DIY Door stopper
03:11 Smart cola hacks
06:21 How to reuse plastic hangers
09:03 Fast way to clean iron
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