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Get ready to test and bust the most controversial and creative viral hacks! It's gonna be fun!!!
But before we begin, let me tell you about one of my favorites! : )
I took a class recently where books were automatically shipped to us from the bookstore. Unfortunately, mine came with TONS of highlighting and other types of marks everywhere. If you're like me, this is sooo annoying. Like seriously?! Do you really have to highlight everything? What's the point in highlighting if you're highlighting everything? I managed to cope with it throughout the class, but then it came time to sell back my books.
The book buy back policy states that the bookstore won't accept a book with too excessive highlighting. Even though it sent the book to me this way! So, I searched online and couldn't find anything other than the fact that Pilot sells Frixion Erasable Highlighter Pens now. I wished that previous owner of this book had known that!
Anyway, here's what I came up with!
- Pour a little lemon juice into a small bowl or cup. I used a lemon blend and not pure lemon juice, and it still worked. When you pour the juice in a container, you can control the amount of lemon juice you apply.
- Have an electric or hand-operated fan ready to help it dry faster. The faster it dries, the less wrinkling of the paper. I just had a ceiling fan on, and it dried fairly quickly.
- Take a Q-tip cotton swab and dip the tip of it only into the lemon juice. If you dip it straight into the lemon juice container, you might get too much juice, which will soak through and wrinkle the paper. - You don't need a lot of juice for it to work, but you do need to reapply often to keep the tip somewhat moist.
- Do a test on the inside margin of where the highlight is. The inside margin is a better test spot because most people usually notice the right-side margin instead. Just lightly run the tip over the ink. If there's no significant damage to the paper, then continue lightly swabbing in horizontal lines following the direction of the markings until the color almost disappears.
- When you are done swabbing two side-by-side pages, leave them open for 1-2 minutes to allow them to dry before you proceed to the next pages!
If anyone else has had any luck with other substances, please let me know! If this worked for you, let me know as well and what you used it on! : )

1:25 Lemon removes highlighter
1:53 Tomato + toothpaste, will it work?
3:16 Spoon for smokey eyes
5:27 Awesome candy machine
10:48 Spider massager
11:48 Relaxing insoles

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