Publicat pe 19 iul. 2018
In this video you'll find tons of incredibly beautiful ideas for your hair! Hollywood wave, lazy curls, afro, different types of braids, ponytails, buns, you name it! Stay tuned and don't miss out on anything! :)
You'll also learn how to make a spray to straighten your hair when you're in a rush, curl your hair with a hair straightener. Also check out awfully easy and stylish lazy hairstyle ideas for every day, suitable for all hair lengths and colors! :)
Make a super cute scrunchie with a hot glue gun, learn how to make a spray to straighten your hair when you're in a rush, curl your hair with a hair straightener.Also check out awfully easy and stylish lazy hairstyle ideas for every day, suitable for all hair lengths and colors!
When you're suffering from static electricity in your hair, just spray some hairspray on a toothbrush and then brush your hair with it.
And here's a cool hack if you wanna make perfect curls in no time. Make a high ponytail first, then start curling strand by strand. It's much more convenient this way. And when you're done curling, just take the scrunchie off.
0:19 Super easy summer hairstyles
3:15 Lazy ways to curl your hair
5:47 Eye shadows for your eyes and...hair
10:00 90's hairstyle
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  • Do our subscribers have long hair? How do you do it in the summer? Do you have any favorite hairstyles? :)

    • Yed I have short hairs but I cant make hairstyles so I am only make a puff..!

    • I also love your Channel! I have tried and tried to curl my hair with a straightener like your girl did in the video. My hair still comes out straight I don't know how she does it! But right now I'm growing out my bangs so whatever look I choose it's horrible! Lol..

    • Well... Not all of them! Lol

    • 5-Minute Crafts 5:02 that hair style is not cute


  • 9:20the looks pretty and cute


  • So many people tell 5 minute crafts to desist in adding the fire to hair but it's in several of their videos, obviously don't listen to their audience, in addition, this is one of the worst clips I've seen for doing hair.

  • 7:32 or you could keep it as it was earlier and have a gorgeus beard! ...it’s a joke

  • Afro curls? 😑

  • This girl could really do with a trim an some oil just saying x

  • Türkler buradamı sayımızı belirleyelim 🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • What the title of the second music background?

  • Most of these are lame, sorry

  • tying your hair into a ponytail is prob the simplest thing you can do; def dont need a vacuum

  • Uvidime

  • I bet that they pause the video and get a wig cause when you try it it doesnt work there just trying to get you to mess your hair up

  • Me!!!!

  • Who else is here from viv hairtherapy?


  • Tried #4 and it didn't turn out like hers did. So it doesn't work


  • What about short hair?

  • good videos

  • Umm. Yeah cute. But where are the hairstyles for women with NATURAL curls???

  • Ignoore this 1:20

  • 5:04 I feel bad for her. She messed up her hair for no reason

  • Hi

  • who else is tired of those " who watches these but never does them" comments

  • I tried the lighter hack and I burnt a section of my hair off. I want to go die in a hole

  • I need lazier ways than that

  • Some of these are actually really nice. I don’t get why everyone is complaining.

  • These hairstyles are very pretty. Problem is most of these gals hair looks fried and dead. They need a good 2-4 inches cut off. Would look much better on healthy hair.

  • Yo who here is army (BTS FAN)??????????I AM

  • These are really cute but taking your hair out of these knots, would be a nightmare. Oh and please please do not take a straight iron to wet hair, that will cause more damage than you realize

  • I have realy short hair

  • If I did one of these with my hair it would take like 2 freaking hours just to brush it afterwards XD

  • GUYS NO!fo watch small youtubers hairstyle videos!! 100x better then those

  • I have a curly wavy mixture of hair. These on work for straight haired people.😡😵

  • This video is disturbing... I got go wash my hair.

  • Stop using hair iron too much .. it will give you dry and frizzy hair ..

  • Pretty girls, nice styles but damaged hair!

  • Do people actually try these hair styles especially the curls ? Not cute ..

  • Не вауууу...

  • The models need to seriously take better care of their hair. Both models have dry brittle hair. Looks very damaged. That’s why the styles don’t look as pretty and polished.

  • Brassy... fried ends.. couldn’t you have found better hair to use for demonstration?

  • Am I the only one that didn’t find any of these gorgeous

  • This looks like my 10 year old niece did these hairstyles herself.

  • Dude, burning hair is one of the worst odors. It also happens to be one of the worst ideas too, lol.

  • Nothing for people with thick, coarse, frizzy hair? Everyone in this video had straight, thin, mostly smooth hair. Most of those styles would not even work for someone with twice the amount of hair as the women in this video. Trust me, I've tried my share over the years. I have extremely thick, coarse, naturally wavy hair, and when dried naturally it frizzes out like crazy, unless I put a bunch of product in it, which I hate because it weighs it down even more.

  • All of their hair looks really dry and unhealthy

  • These are so bad lol

  • I love this channel, ❤️

  • I think your guys hair is badly damaged

  • I am not putting baby powder in my hair.

  • 6:06 ummm who would do this 😂

  • these curls are just.

  • 5:54 is that 69😂

  • Why am I watching this I’m a boy I got short hair lol

  • Although creative, they hair is overprocessed and damaged..⬇️👎

  • Totally love it, would also like to see some for short hair

  • 3:38 I’ve tried and done it the right way and it never worked

  • .

  • Ooooooh it's a ponytail....

  • I have a 13 year old that does this with her hair but never seen a woman wear them. Perfect for tweeners playing beauty salon

  • Kindly visit to my channel please! Let's hug and support each other for newbie. 😊

  • Tiene su cabello tieso , duro o seco las 3 chicas

  • Great! Do a video for people that have not very long hair

  • Please cut your hair on a regular bases so you dont get those awful split ends. It doesnt look healthy at all.

  • Sweet sweet sweet👍

  • Irresponsible to show a flame near your hair. What if some kid lights themselves on fire after watching this.

  • That's just wow

  • 4:17 she's so pretty 😊

  • You all are just not interested in these hairstyles. Five minute crafts, I love what you do! Keep doing what you do and don’t listen to those mean comments!!

  • Very easy tutorials 😨

  • Are they...suggesting people to burn their hair???

  • Todas con el cabello bien reseco y quemado ... ascoo

  • U are just showing us the result not the way 😑😑😑😑

  • Should have said for long hair👿👿👿

  • First step, don’t have damaged hair. Leaving at 2:23.

  • That's a joke right? 😂 All the styles looks terrible 😱

  • Honest some of them are not that inspiring. And those who are, they done so fast that you don't catch how to do them.

  • Deberían dejar traducido lo que utilizan los ingredientes


  • Lame

  • 👉👉

  • 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

  • 9:29 does work

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  • This hair is very destroyed

  • I feel like the title of this video is kinda rude because all of our hair is gorgeous

  • All I could see was hair abuse...

  • what are those? 6:00

  • These are so dumb and not everyone has straight hair.

  • andu tey ganduuuuuu all are same

  • Just imagine that one short haired person like.."Why me?"

  • these girls have the most damaged dry hair i’ve ever seen in a tutorial

  • Okay one question who is putting a flame to their hair?! Don’t do it, you will wind up with no hair!

  • Step 1) have their invincible hair Step 2) put a flame against it to see It not singe off Or have your hair Step 1) OH NO MY HAIR JUST SINGED OFF MAM

  • yes

  • OMG. I can't believe I watched until the end .. WOW! 😲 - Check out the videos on my channel too?

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  • I want to learn how to do the editing in this video. Really cool how they touch and the bands are there.

  • I have actually tried most of the hacks and none of them work