Publicat pe 17 iun. 2019
Hey, guys! Summer is for sure the best time of year full of adventures and fun. Check out a collection of life-changing life hacks that will make your holidays unforgettable! You will learn how to cut and serve watermelon for a party, what to do if your kid refuses to take medicine, how to cook sweet potato chips.
We know a brilliant tip if you always lose lip balm in your bag. Take a drill and watch the tutorial. We love chips as they are so delicious and easy to make. We know a quick recipe for sweet potato chips. You will be surprised that you can cook chips in a toaster. Slice sweet potatoes and cook in a toaster.
Watch our video and find how to print on t-shirts. Transfer printing on a t-shirt is a very easy process. Print any picture you like. Lay a t-shirt on a flat surface, place a piece of plastic wrap on a t-shirt. Next, place a picture and cover with wax paper. Warm up iron for several minutes and iron the image onto a t-shirt.
The next collection of ideas is rather surprising! You will find unexpected ways to use a lash curler. So, if you need to quickly plump your lips, you can make it with a lash curler. Every girl knows that it’s a difficult task line eyes using eyeliner, check out how to line eyes using a lash curler. Besides, lash curler is a perfect tool to line lips or to contour your nose.
Do not throw away old toothbrushes as you can make useful crafts from them. For example, make kitchen tools, use a toothbrush to apply mascara and more surprising uses you should try!
Watch the video till ends and you will find more makeup life hacks that will change your life completely!
00:09 How to cut a watermelon
00:29 Awesome lifehack for parents
01:53 Sweet potato chips
03:38 Crazy uses of a lash curler
05:02 How to clean a lash curler

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