7,000,000 Dead in Abandoned Tunnels Under Paris

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7,000,000 skeletons exist under Paris. In fact, there's hundreds of miles of mazes under the city, and it's got one hell of a crazy history. We decided to learn more about it and go exploring underneath the city at night.
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  • The college I attend had these metal sheets randomly around campus and me and my friends found out that these metal sheets covered entrances to an underground tunnel system that professors used to use to get around campus a long time ago but had long been shut down. We were always wanting to go in and explore and recently found a way in through a metal grate that wasn't welded shut and was kept open to allow access for maintenance crews in a secluded part of campus so one night we snuck in and this videos gives me the same vibes of being down there and exploring these tunnels.

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  • If you guy's were not aware, a movie shot in 2014 called "As above so Below" and a horror hit that reached theaters was shot in the catacombs and used as a horror film to introduce a repetitive doorway that leads into hell. It's a great movie but also extremely scary YET awesome experience given you are technically at a movie scenery.

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