A New Rogue (From Rogue One to A New Hope)

Publicat pe 11 mai. 2017
Vader’s Mission: After the Tantive IV’s jump to hyperspace and right before it was chased near Tatooine by The Devastator, what happened? What’s in stake for the Alliance? For the Empire? Find out!
To the artist of this 3D model:
Ansel Hsiao (Fractalsponge) (Author)
P.R.Dobson (Martocticvs) (C4D r8 Conversion)
Fabio Passaro (LW conversion)
Hyperspace effect: Rendered by Tonton Palanca
And to Adywan for sequence from one of his revisited editions.
And of course to Lucasfilm, FOX, ILM and Disney, I don't own anything, all copyright belongs to their respective owners.


  • If only the new Star Wars movies treated Princess Leia with the same Respect.

  • I remember me and my father watched this movie together. We sat in the very front row and was in awe the whole time. He completely fangirled at this scene because he loved Vader. Watching this scene after his death made it harder.

  • Now I understand why Vader is so pissed at the beginning of A New Hope

  • Fans: "Ewan McGregor was confirmed as Obi-Wan in his own Disney+ show. What does it means to us." Other Fans: "Hope."

  • 3:37 to 5:19 is filler.

  • I cannot believe Disney gave us this... Then the last Jedi...

  • *Darth Vader has entered the chat*

  • 2:20 was really the first time I've ever been afraid of Vader. The way he force holds the guy against the ceiling and slices through his stomach. Fucking brutal man.

  • Ok so there’s probably a field I don’t know but how in the holy heck is Vader not being pulled into space at 2:56 Also is it me or has Carrie Fisher always looked super fine in that white outfit

  • Only one little plothole. This would seem to suggest that they could track leia's ship thru hyperspace. Which as we know couldn't be done till "the last jedi" just another thing Rian Johnson screwed up for star wars lol

  • I enjoyed watching Darth Vader slaughter the rebels in rouge one more than I enjoyed the entire last Jedi movie

  • The final scene from rogue one was honestly one of the coolest Star Wars scenes I’ve ever seen. That Darth Vader part was awesome

  • I still find that Darth Vader moment to be cringe. I disliked the way how he has to move his hands to manipulate the force. I just love how simplistic it was in Empire in which he didn’t need to raise a hand to command a force power. Just imagine him just walking through all those rebels towards the blast door as he is coming out of the dark hallway. Once reaching the door he ignites his lightsaber to have it open. I’d think it be much more menacing than that fanboy fanfare.

  • 7:31 lol Seriously?!!!!

  • Cuando vi la película al otro día muere Carrie Fisher para mí fue muy épica esa película captura el espíritu perdido de Star Wars

  • Such a good movie

  • they could've got the gun and shot the glass

  • 8:40 Only time a storm trooper ever spook.

  • Jabba's girlfriend!

  • I am fine with just Rogue 4 5 6 as the only canon.

  • Just as soon as Darth Vader arrives dropping out of hyper space, he was like just look @ this bullshit.

  • may we press F to pay respects to all the fellas that tried to hold off vader...

  • why couldnt all disney star wars movies be like rogue one :'(

  • 9:13 That’s the first time I’ve heard Vader talk angrily.

  • 2:22 this is scene was so terryfing lmaoo

  • Amazing how todays Star Wars looks almost identical to the 1977 Star Wars. How far ahead of its time was it?

  • Got a Star Wars Ad before this COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT

  • they are the real suicide squad

  • Seamless!

  • 3:24 uncanny valley???

  • this was the best Star Wars as it showed unexpected events and showed heroes interactions etc and vulnerability and then we get last Jedi garbage shit

  • Good flowing from the one to the other, even although they're years apart. It's like with: ro-tv.com/tv/video-Xq8Rgi_QIdw.html

  • Hard to believe it took 40 years to connect these stories together it looks like they were done just yesterday.

  • 4:38 Me in the theatre: Alright, meeting with Vader and Palpatine, ok where is this going? 5:05 Me in the theatre: Ok, we're going on from here, we're cooking ok.. 5:17 Me in the theatre: OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THHAATTTS WHAT HAPPEEEEENNED

  • We could have infinite numbers of Star Wars Movies, without one single Jedi, and it would still, be marvelous.

  • Looks nothing like leah...I see another actress with some shitty CGI.

  • What would have made the Vader rouge one scene best Vader scene is if he would have saber threw his saber into the rebel passing the plans going threw him and the door then him pulling the saber back with the force that would have been the iceing on the cake for the whole scene

  • Your grounded, take her away!

  • EPIC

    • thank you for watching, your support & your kind word! if you can share it, it would be awesome.

  • The only good film from the Sequel Era of Star Wars. I thought Rouge One was incredible!

  • Masterfully done!

  • 10:36 Princess Leia has jiggly b00bzies

  • Yes

  • Коррелианец когда заклинило дверь кричит: На помощь! Видкрывай!... не знал что коррелианцы говорят по-русски с украинским акцентом)))

  • How did vader call the emprah in hyperspace?

  • Just finished watching rogue one again and was wondering if anyones done this. This is cool

    • thank you for watching, your support & your kind words! if you can share it, it would be awesome.

  • (6:01)

  • Esta escena es un mar de emociones Lloras,Sorprendes,Emocionas

  • Better than Rian Johnson’s shit show films

  • 2:04 I LOVE THE EMPIRE!!!

  • Anyone knows the name of the captain of The Devastator?

  • Cassian and Gyn decided not to kill Krennic because they know that the Death Star will kill them all ( they cannot leave Scarif since their shuttle was destroyed). Krennic was left to see his Death Star blast him into atoms !

  • Can I just say, the acting of the rebels who were in the hallway with Vader, absolutely phenomenal. You really feel for those guys.

  • A New Rogue (From Rogue One to A New Hope)

  • Lol the storm troopers and the rebels got no kills but Vader got lots

  • First let me say good work this is great you did an amazine job I salute you. If I had to change anything I would cut out the Vader Emperor conversation but leave the Leia message to Mon. The first Star Destroyer coming through light speed could use some work but other then that great job man really awesome!

    • @BruceKenobi your welcome, I made a Fan Movie Trailer back in 2009 of a cartoon I loved as a child called "Thundarr the Barbarian" if you like please check it out on my channel and let me know what you think, and thanks again for this awesome STAR WARS Re edit.

    • @AudioAndroid Thank you my friend, you are very kind.

    • @BruceKenobi your welcome and no need to ask, I have the RO-tv share settings for "Awesome STAR WARS Fan Re Edits" set on Auto. :)

    • thank you for watching, your support & your kind words! Interesting observations, and yes, that SD coming through Hyperspace could be improved. If you can share it, it would be awesome.

  • Now to edit in this ro-tv.com/tv/video-SuAM3SX7ZVI.html as Vader enters the blockade runner :)

  • Ugh that Vader scene is EMBARRASSING

  • I think i just remembered why Darth Vader use to scare me alittle as a kid. Lol

  • Very well edited

  • Lol I can't watch the stuff around 9:00 and on anymore without thinking of "The Vader Sessions"... "Look, man! I'm in the prime of my life cause I’m living the way I got to! Gonna make me some money again and were going to fight, cause it’s my turn to be champion of the world!"

  • Okay, I get it, Princess Lia is a voice-over, but why🤔...??

  • 10:14 That guy is the true chosen one!!!!

  • u a pat op da rebel alaians en a trayta

  • how about uploading those plans onto the Rebel Alliance OneDrive or Drop Box so you don’t have to rely on droids to deliver the message?

  • they figured out how to travel in light speed but still use floppy disks.

  • 7:45 Everytime I see Vader put his hands on his hips like that I keep thinking he's thinking to himself "Ugh, what a mess. And guess who has to clean it up!" like some disgruntled parent.

  • Seamless transition although made decades apart!!

  • Rogue One is the only Disney's Star Wars that I can suffer through. It's not great, but that end sequence is amazing

  • Good job at joining the two movies. The CGI Princess Leia looks better here than I remember from the DVD. Rogue One and the first three are all the Star Wars I need.

    • thank you for watching, your support & your kind words! if you can share it, it would be awesome.

  • This was very well made.

    • thank you for watching, your support & your kind words!!! if you can share it, it would be awesome.

  • Great Movie.. but shit effects replacing Leia

  • I don't know about you guys but I sorta think the ending of rogue one, where they're stealing the data and Vader slaughters them all, would also be an awesome opening for A New Hope. It would be just to show case what Vader's capable of while moving the plot forward, and then ofc, after showing that and some plot talk here and there, you cut to young Luke back in Tatooine. Idk maybe that's worse, I just think it would be cool to show what Luke will be going up against later on all in the same movie

  • God, this was like Vader in the comics. Or how we thought playing Vader would be like in EA Battlefront before the game was released. Just a complete badass.

  • Why tf is his cape waving in space.

  • This is the Vader I have always wanted.

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  • Jak ta leja wygląda sztucznie, XD Orginalna aktorka zawsze najlepsza

  • Hands down one of the best ending to any Star Wars movie. Also I still gets chills during the Vader scene.