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To start off the Abandoned for 24 Hours series, we decided to leave Matt stranded in Helsinki for 24 hours to see if he could survive just on the kindness of strangers.
To learn more about studying on exchange at the University of Helsinki you can go here: www.helsinki.fi/en/studying
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  • I'm an introvert with zero connections and I want to try this but it's so fucking terrifying, I don't even have a time channel

  • arrrr....too good. chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo

  • did they laugh at the goodness of the Finns? They have too much money to do so! If they are hurting or injured in Finland, they will take good care of Finnish health care. free! ???? There must be a limit

  • Really stupid work. After watching the video, no one will help those who are "in trouble". Not even Ahmed! Frostbite on the street! No one will help you anymore.

  • Go to Finland in summer. It's beautiful😄

  • my boy ahmad

  • Can you guys visit Hanko in finland? it is the best place for summer in finland.

  • Aika jännä että eka joka autto ei selkeesti ollut kantasuomalainen🤠

  • Torilla tavataan!

  • Someone did this in the Philippines. The video is called 8 days in Philippines in 8 minutes.

  • The guy from burger king was so nice. I would never thought anyone would do this!

  • This place is so much more English friendly then France lol didn't expect that

    • All Finns under 60y have studied at least some English at school and no one is expecting a foreign visitor to be able to communicate in Finnish/Swedish ,)

  • It's funny to see all these familiar places in this video

  • ahmad is so nice

  • “Biggest party of the weekend”

  • It just goes to show how nice people are

    • Really stupid work. After watching the video, no one will help those who are "in trouble". Not even Ahmed! Frostbite on the street! No one will help you anymore.

  • Come to Estonia

  • why is johanas such a popular boys name in finland. i live in the uk but finland is my home country and i love going back there to vist my family

  • Oulu is a better city than Helsinki

  • Did u say it was cold here in Finland? It wasn't -272°c

  • WTF=Welcome To Finland PERKELEE torillee!

  • Yes I'm watching this in 2019 but it's good that in Finland we learn English and Swedish in school

    • Really stupid work. After watching the video, no one will help those who are "in trouble". Not even Ahmed! Frostbite on the street! No one will help you anymore.


  • Eyy come to norway

  • So you see the arab people are very friendly and They help other people

    • pvahanen That is true

    • Really stupid work. After watching the video, no one will help those who are "in trouble". Not even Ahmed! Frostbite on the street! No one will help you anymore.

  • Im so happy that you guys visited my country

    • OK then

    • Really stupid work. After watching the video, no one will help those who are "in trouble". Not even Ahmed! Frostbite on the street! No one will help you anymore.

  • I am from Finland

  • Soo, in Finland we are not nice😂😂or maybe some people are, but most aren't, but we Do like people who are english😂😂😂 i don't about other Finnish people, but i love like American people or something like that😂

  • I don't think it's that hard to get like-minded folks to help you out when they know you're part of a challenge and filming it for RO-tv... The real challenge would be if you didn't have the gear, couldn't explain what you were doing, and were just some random guy bumming for cash...

  • Suomi finland perkele

  • Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  • I am from finland ( Hämeenlinnassa ) and Helsinki is the best city

  • I would defiantly just find a tinder date

  • Please! you already came so close to Estonia ! Please do this challenge in Estonia as well! I would gladly be your personal guide for the entire country if you just say YES!

  • SUOMI PERKELE!!!!!!!!

  • 2:12 this scene seems familiar

  • Do it with Zack (your manager)!

  • 3:09 his fry missed the tomato sauce. I am crying 😭

  • Suomi Perkele

  • Literally the only finnish person I know is called sammpa and this guy's name is sammpa too lol

  • You guys should come to Oulu some time. Its harder to get people to even anwer here.

  • Didn't know Pete Holmes lives in Finland these days.

  • 4:11 his mustache

  • I don't know why but the 2:14 part reminds me of something I already saw on the internet... I wonder what is it 🤔😂

  • Winnipeg jets at 5:53. That's my city guys

  • I want to do this but at the same time I don't want to

  • Fun fact "western people" can do this in Asia for a MONTH.

  • You guys are awesome I seriously love you guys

  • How about the money on your phone?

  • 24 hours wow so hard. Try doing it for 11 years with no friends or support.

  • Torilla tavataan!!!

  • Voice crack 4:37

  • Torilla tavataan!


  • بيض الله وجهك يا احمد .. هذا حقيقة الاسلام والمسلين ... السلام والطيبة

  • Yes please do it in Yemen!!!

  • I live in finland you idiots

  • It would be cool to get the info of all the nice people who help you out and do something special for them all the next day or after the challenge to reward their kindness

  • December 2018?

  • The way you pronounced the name Ahmed is such a little example but really does show a lot about this channel. Thank you guys so fucking much for all this

  • I have a new RO-tv channel where I'm uploading FORTNITE content. If you wouldn't mind giving the videos a watch and subscribing I'd appreciate it so much. Gabe x

  • Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan

  • Omg I would die I would be so uncomfortable

  • 6:11 Is that Slazo? :^)

  • Kuulostaa ihan mun normi päivältä

  • Sorry, but... *If you were black,* I'm not sure you'd get the same treatment. 😶 People would *probably avoid you* the moment you made eye contact. *It's sad, but kindness isn't "equal" for everyone,* even though it SHOULD be.

  • Please come to Brazil dduidhehskshwhs

  • I notice in a lot of your challenges, you guys end up telling people you are on a challenge and explain the situation in order to gain the sympathy of other people’s kindness. The challenge is for you not to tell people you are on a challenge and still able to receive the same kindness you would after you tell someone your challenge. I feel this would truly be a challenge and help explore the true kindness this world has to offer. It will also make it more challenging to complete as people are less prone to help those who don’t say they are on a dare or challenge.

  • The Winnipeg Jets flag for Patrik Laine 5:52

  • but after all.... DID HE SMASH ?

  • Damn , u got 10 euros in like a second while it gets me 2 months to get 5 euro

  • Holy Sh*t man 😳

  • I haven’t even watched the video yet but I know it went well. Fins are some of the nicest people I have EVER come across ❤️

  • Guys you should do this challenge but for a week instead of 24 hours!! That would be really hard but awesome👍🏼👍🏼

  • You guys are literally my inspiration for living my life

  • 5.42 är de Ven ? :P

  • Finnish people are so kind. I visited this summer and everyone was so talkative and sweet and when they found out I was from California a couple bought me drinks and wanted to hang out with my friends (from Finland) and I. Loved my time there!

  • Suomi perkele torille

  • Suomi mainittu !!!!

  • By the way you can take that drink with you when you leave from burger king :/

  • Do this in Yemen

  • Come again and see me!!!!


  • I live in Finland!!! =minä asun Suomessa!!!

  • So happy to see you channel growing!

  • Lesson of the day: if in need _for real_ just say it's an experiment from your friends and people will help you.

  • poor matt...

  • This boi from Gypsumville, Manitoba sees the Jets swag! Finland loves their Laine.

  • Something average Western people take for granted even more than money, shelter and friends is garbage trucks. Most people just think of it as this kind of thing where you throw something you don't want into a can and after a while it just vanishes. Try a month without using any garbage disposal service, and you'll see how crucial it is and how wasteful we are. One week should give you a clue but a whole month is brutal.

  • I can't even Finnish it's NO NUT NOVEMBER

  • Suomi mainittu, torilla tavataan

  • y’all made it to the finnish news

  • Well thats what we go trough every winter😂

  • Perrrkele

  • I just realizing that this is Slush 2017 and I worked there at that time. I'm so shook🤯

  • Hey they are fans of the Winnipeg Jets

  • nice vid

  • Ahma, ahmat, ahmatti

  • You guys should come to Nepal and travel around and stay at Annapurna Base Camp or even climb Mount Everest.

  • Suomi saatana