AMD is just rubbing it in now...

Publicat pe 19 sep. 2019
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  • amazon cash has some time functioning in Mexico here having a card sucks so we pay in cash.

  • why amd don't add AI, MI, Deep learning, integrated Thunderbolt 3 support, integrated wifi 6 suppot, integrated advanced cryptography, ransomeware protection, 5gh clock speed .???

  • OPPO YES! I would like to buy OPPO Ace if they use a 2k display, the same one with Oneplus7 pro. However, they didn't, so…

  • Is AMD really doing good or is it just that Intel was busy doing nothing in the past decade except ripping off people with their incremental updates of i series?

  • You guys probably all know this, or maybe not, so if that's the case then yaaaay information- in Japan you can just pay in cash on delivery, or if you want, you can pay in cash at a convenience store. It's been like this for... like a really long time, like years and years and years

  • These guys are funny. Unlike front page tech

  • Tl;dw linus recommends intels 48 core solution over this, just get quad socket, because the 9900k overclocked on all cores to 5ghz gets better single threaded performance, so don't waste your time on amd no matter what. And that is linus official recommendation.

  • Wish they let me buy in cash when I was a kid u_u

  • yall dont have pay by cash for amazon?

  • Holy shit this guy is annoying.

  • The Amazon cash payment plan is helpful for criminals trying to launder their cash. I hear Brian Mulroney still has some of that $300K bribe for Airbus that he's trying to launder.

  • So... Nobody wants to point out that charging a smartphone battery so fast will certainly reduce its life? My 4000mah LG x power 2 goes from 0-100 in about 40-60 minutes, that's fast enough for me.

  • In my country we have COD (Cash on Delivery) where you pay once the product arrives on your doorstep (You give the money to the person delivering it)

  • Hi Linus. You do realise that it is your first mention of the Rome CPU since it is launched. Why only now?

  • Paying cash for Amazon products.... We have had that in Japan for a long time. America is way behind the times.

  • Check out Boleto. It's frequently used in Brazil. You can complete an online transaction without having a bank account, which is helpful to many people.

  • A two volt cpu?

  • So FB has teamed up with one the most expensive brands possible for everyday consumer glasses. Shocking. As if selling all of our data wasn't enough for the breedy gastards

  • I think the new payment option is targeting the 14.1 million people without checking accounts in the U.S., lower income households and people with bad credit. All those people shop fairly local because they pay cash for everything. Give them a way to pay cash on amazon, and they will now take advantage of the lower prices on amazon.

  • 256MB of L3 cache lmao

  • My disappointment is immeasurable, an-and my day is ruined.

  • Phone charges fast, Phones discharges fast. Ever notice how people who quick charge usually have to do it several times a day? There's no free lunch. Might aswell just stick a capacitor in it.

  • peacock... hehehehehe

  • I like the old ui of steam

  • The Western Union thing is probably for those individuals with a terrible credit history or those that declared bankruptcy and can't get a credit card for seven years.


  • Get out of my way

  • 280W for the processor alone... 😲 I remember when computer systems were under 300W. I am not talking SBCs ether. Entire desktops ran with no more than 300W.

  • 5:26 Amazon India has cash on delivery since forever. And you don't even need to go anywhere for that

  • amount of ad plugs is just ridiculus. Half the f ing time

  • If you wand AR glasses check out Focals by North

  • My Huawei can charge up in 35 minutes using 1 battery, this one 30 mins using two, how?

  • I run my local neighborhood association and the Nextdoor app has been a great tool. Sadly, people still like to turn things into a political argument occasionally on there but having your full name and address attached to your posts helps deter the most toxic of posts.

  • Boost clocks on server processors is so pointless. Does any server engineer care at all? Underclocking to raise efficiency sure. Boosting on a CPU that ideally lives at 100% load is pure marketing wank.

  • Sparkling!

  • And gandbanged intel in every way possible.

  • How many channels does this dude have ?

  • Why the flying fuck do people buy shit like Ray Ban or oakleys, they are made out of the same fking material and the same way as a pair of decent 20 dollar glasses, but idiots will pay 200 bucks for the shit, fucking boggles my mind how stupid people are these days.

  • Amazon doesn't have cash on delivery in US? weird.

  • I foresee exploding oppo phones in the future

  • We all know a replaceable battery would still be faster than a 30 minute charge time.

  • Charging a battery that fast is a really bad idea.

  • A trip to Rome is not very expensive for me hehe.

  • Are these Epyc boost clocks for all-core or single core? I wonder why AMD doesnt sell these Epyc cpu's with slightly higher boost clocks, for single core at least. I know for servers single core clocks arent that relevant, but its for sure looks nicer on paper.

  • I use Cash on Delivery most of the times on Amazon, here in India.

  • We already have cash on delivery in India from amazon.

  • why the hell is the automatic subtile in KOREAN????!

  • AMD is really doing the rubbing, right now. Let us not forget that the shoe in 2011 was on some other foot when AMD made an epic piece of graphic card crap that infected the early 2011 MacBook Pro; the Intel integrated graphic card in that machine still works just fine, as the added AMD failure card hasn't been forgotton by lots of Mac fans. I might use a Ryzen for a build and enjoy the whole thing...Is AMD now the answer to a maiden's prayer? Nope.

  • Zuckervision? More like suckervision! With the Lollipop head lol

  • that google lens feature has existed for a long time.

  • How many ads ?

  • Aoe2 HD you earned +respect

  • For games i frequently play, I just have an icon on my desktop; i don't need to deal with any front end loader. Gee does that make me sound old?

  • The target market for amazon pay is quite obvious.. Drug lords

  • These AMD CPUs, while having a lot of cores and high base clocks, actually perform less than an Intel CPU in real world applications, which is really disappointing.

  • The Amazon cash thing probably mostly is for money launderers or criminials... :P

  • Just look at the english automatic subs... horrible... :D

  • There are a lot of people who are un-banked so that Amazon service would be great for them, and I think that’s their target audience

  • 6:26 well, GoG Galaxy 2.0 just did that with the Atlas update

  • "Down town abbey" *cries in monocle*