Anthony Jeselnik in Conversation with Colin Quinn: Fire in the Maternity Ward

Publicat pe 12 iul. 2019
Plumb the depths of Anthony Jeselnik’s twisted humor as the comedian talks about his new Netflix special Fire in the Maternity Ward with funny man Colin Quinn.
They’ll cover roasting, political correctness, crossing moral lines and getting away with it-as well as Jeselnik’s new projects like Good Talk, The Jeselnik & Rosenthal Vanity Project Podcast-and the path that led him to where he is today-“the Satanic prince of stand-up, a black-hearted joke-slinger with a ferocious and unstoppable will to power” (-Nathan Rabin, Head Writer, A.V. Club).
Recorded on June 27, 2019 at 92nd Street Y.
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  • I dont know who colin Quinn even is but I appreciate his ability to let anthony be the main focus of the interview even though anthony apparently used to open for him. Its got to be tricky taking a back seat when you were once more popular.

  • Jeselnik is a talented guy. His dad is a domer.

  • stop drinking so much before interviews Collin

  • Slovenian heritage? Nice. Greetings from Ljubljana.

  • Kudos. But what why the fk are we acting like he is the second coming..? You know what a rude comedian does? He makes fun of himself, and he’s still funny and making jokes off serious questions.

  • AJ throws Colin off so many times. Colin is a horrible interviewer also. Seems...bitter Acting? “I don’t respect it as an art form “

    • Michael Garcia an interviewer needs to animate the interviewee! Job done!! Your welcome

  • I am morph

  • "Dad, don't text me shit like that" PRICELESS

  • So it would not have been real to talk about Hillary being evil???

  • OMFG, 92nd Street Y and he's doing a Holocaust joke

  • That Jew joke was hilarious!

  • Looks like a combination of Ben Affleck and Matt

  • please don't do my Alzheimer's joke! I love what I wrote.

  • It is sad how many people dont get the act and want to argue with him.

  • Gotta love Colin's meandering questions.

  • I dont like him

  • The arrogance is tiresome. If it's not an act he may need therapy.

    • caljn 1 he’s exaggerating an aspect of his personality. maybe it’s true that he is arrogant at some level but definitely not to the level that he portrays when he’s making jokes

  • 48:45 The Jeff Ross Jesus joke: The camera didn´t focus Anthony Jeselnik.

  • Class clown and class comedian are not the same thing. What's the difference ? Anal.

  • Off stage jeselnik is lame as fuck

  • Colin came from the same planet as De Niro.

  • Did Colin Quinn die?

  • I'm an American living in Poland for a few years now so maybe a bunch of those searches were me.

  • I could be an attorney or maybe... a house wife. Missed opportunity

  • Omg, all this time I thought Jack Handey was a made up personality for the "Deep Thoughts" SNL skits!

  • Amazing seeing a living legend on stage.. and Anthony Jeselnik.

  • Colin Quinn needs to learn the English language. Then he can try comedy and we can see if he’s funny.

  • i still crack up at Jack Handey deep thoughtsstuff to this day yet most people dont know what im talking about when i reference him or use his style, love his comedy !

  • I normally can't watch hour long interviews but this was funny and well done.

  • Thats a beautiful watch.. can any one tell me which brand it is

  • Colin Quinn has the easy going charm of a wounded prisoner with a flick knife

  • Colin talks too much. Let the joke work.

  • Lol I always think of that joke Patrice said to Jesselnick at the sheen roast he looked like a waiter at a mid evil restaurant. “Gimme my giant turkey leg ya nothin “

  • I remember the first time I saw Louis CK's penis. I said, "Louis, don't text me shit like that."

  • 18:40 “..the Economy of words.” Brought a tear to my eye.

  • Anthony is a fucking genius.

  • the host was boring af.. kick that old fart out and put an acually funny host in^^ like conan or someone

  • Who else knew this interview would go well before starting it?

  • That's one beautiful man. Jeselnik ain't bad either.

  • Did Anthony just call Louis a joke thief?