Anthony Jeselnik in Conversation with Colin Quinn: Fire in the Maternity Ward

Publicat pe 12 iul. 2019
Plumb the depths of Anthony Jeselnik’s twisted humor as the comedian talks about his new Netflix special Fire in the Maternity Ward with funny man Colin Quinn.
They’ll cover roasting, political correctness, crossing moral lines and getting away with it-as well as Jeselnik’s new projects like Good Talk, The Jeselnik & Rosenthal Vanity Project Podcast-and the path that led him to where he is today-“the Satanic prince of stand-up, a black-hearted joke-slinger with a ferocious and unstoppable will to power” (-Nathan Rabin, Head Writer, A.V. Club).
Recorded on June 27, 2019 at 92nd Street Y.
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  • I love that Anthony is only **slightly** less of a dick in real life.

  • Colin seems to have a really tough time getting his thoughts out and finishing his own sentence. He’s so scatterbrained lol

  • OMG I just learned about this. My two favorite people. What a great interview :):):):):)

  • Holy shit Colin Quinn looks rough but I guess he’s kinda always looked like that

  • Anthony would be great as Hannibal if they remade Silence of the Lambs. Or Ted Bundy, in a romcom.

  • This is the good content right here boys. Awoooooo

  • Great interview

  • Colin Quinn’s stupid speech impediment would be halfway acceptable if he had a deserved career in comedy - I’ve tried so goddamn hard to like this guy for 25 years and he’s just a goddamn stuttering dummy. I loved every part of Tough Crowd when Colin would shut the fuck up.

  • Fabulous interview

  • Colin Quinn's not a professional interviewer is he....

  • Geesh! Colin... When did you start sucking dick??? Haha! Mario Cantone got to you didn't he you fucking fruit!!! Fagg!!!

  • I think I was the only one that was outraged that a sixty-year-old Colin Quinn thought he had to dye his hair to successfully deliver a comedic monologue, well that didn’t last long, we now find a fifty-five-year-old David Spade, sailing around in that same boat. Well, I’ve yet to get over game show host, Drew Cary sailing around with a youthful image too, and what that must be saying not about him but about us…as we succeed to hide all the old looking news and information personalities from view…

    • Well to their credit (& our eternal gratitude) @ least they're not hanging out on RO-tv banging out incoherent b.s!

  • LOVE this guy.. onwards and upwards my good man. Love, UK

  • That Deadwood quote is such a good ender. On a par with that gem from Rust Cohle: "The world needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door."

  • That jaw adjustment after he delivers his punch line is such a great quirk

  • OMG! DICKS! My friend took me there and I had no idea what it was about and the line cook had a window and nobody was seating us so I said "Excuse me, we need a table and nobody is helping us" The line cook said "Buddy do I look like a fucking hostess to you?" and I started going off "What the fuck is your attitude problem?" and my friend is beet red and bent over laughing so hard he can't breathe and then he said "Dude it's called dicks b/c they are supposed to be dicks to you" I have never laughed so fucking hard in my life.

  • "I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world b/c they'd never expect it." - Jack Handey

  • talk about being funny fake comics I can't believe you kids get paid to suck right quinn

  • them fem

  • your a joke both of you . blow it suck it an an lick the comedy between your lips oh yeah I just said that an remember appreciate the meat because you just had the big piece kids . Also my names Brent randel an I wrote a lot of jokes for jesel link or what ever this X comic both of up on stage

  • I always knew from his comedy that Anthony is highly intelligent. And this interview proved it again. And that beard looks good.

  • jfc colin literally says like 6 sentence fragments before finishing a complete sentence lmao

  • Love Anthony. Only discovered him about a year ago, so I've been binging.

    • You wish you could bing him.

  • Colin Quinn is a funny guy, but a horrible interviewer.

  • I thought he was straight

  • Oooh that's why comedy central fired Collin

    • Because he didn't use caps?

  • This is unwatchable.. Colin Quinn can't speak.. Surprised Jeselnik doesn't fuck with him..

  • i'm a villain but like, a good villain c-czar

  • 8:17 Amy Schumer?

  • I love Colin but I hate this douchebag jeselnik. I can't get through this

  • My hero

  • Jeselnik definitely turned a new page in his book of awesome savagery with his last special, he is really up there with the big boys now. Fucking love it.

  • Loved all stand up? Must've, he was dating the worse comic pig ever, Schumer. Yuck!!

    • @u.n. owen What? Take the shit out of your mouth, you're not making any sense stupid.

    • Pretty sure he knows her better than you. Ever will. But by all means, keep banging strangers. Or trying to.

    • Cool comment bro!!!

  • Wow...from that last bit...I get it...everyone has a favorite villain. Hannibal Lector, the Joker, Darth Vader, Alexis Carrington...I've always thought that Ian McKellan's Magneto was my favorite villain...a great amazing thoughtful foil and yet when other awful things show up, he's the first of the villains I scream for help. And that's what I think of Anthony...he's my favorite villain comic. He's the promise of Han Solo in the bar scene in A New Hope. He's the guy to deliver the answer to the question: what's better, to be loved or feared? Anthony: lasts longer.

  • I love his mother😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣

  • Jeselnik probably for me best comedian floating around last 5 years... head and shoulders above the rest... and boy can he roast

  • John Malkovich.

  • I’m not a Russian bot, and Jesselneck needs to keep the beard. He looks like an overworked serial killer without it.

  • Always happy when theres a solid interview with comedians, so many interviews don’t dig deep, i love finding out how they got into the business

  • Great editing around the 11 minute mark. Apparently Anthony makes a gesture we don't see and then when Colin goes to show us what Anthony did, we see Anthony watching Colin do it instead. SMH


  • "Wow, hannah gatsby's amazing..." hahaha

  • My two favs. Keep killing it.

  • I used to appreciate Colin's form of comedy. Now not so much.

  • Smart "free speech" version of Jack Dorsey

  • I take back what I said. I'm liking this. I'm a circumstantial fool

    • @dudeimgeorge ESPECIALLY NOT THIS 1!

    • What did you say? You can delete the post dude. DONT LEAVE THST POST UP OR EVEN THIS ONE,

    • Your parents are terrible for circumstancing you. That's child abuse.

  • Funny prick

  • Colin Quinn is a lot better at making you think this is unscripted than Kevin Nealon.

  • A lot of comedians talk with their hands. Colin whispers with his.

    • @u.n. owen LOL! I honestly don't remember commenting that, nor why the hell I would have. Oh well.

    • @Ash Chaya wannabe

    • fag

  • Dude sounds like Trump

    • @u.n. owen - I meant his voice sounds similar to trumps.

    • No need to be rude. When is Trump funny? I mean, intentionally?


  • Opening for Doug Benson?I didn't realize Doug was funny or a comedian

    • @Darnell Fisher pure trash r 2 words.

    • Doug benson is pure trash. In every sense of the word.

  • He's such an asshole, but he makes it funny

  • Anybody here old enough to fondly remember "Remote Control?"

  • If you can still consider him an up and comer, he's #1 by far. It's crazy how much shit he had to eat along the way behing as good as he is. Must be really fun for an estabilish comedian to come across folks like Anthony which probably happen once in a blue moon (unlike her :))

  • Louis CK .... years ago.... fuck this dude has timing :)

  • hahaha the Anna Gadsby thing nailed it all :)

  • 04:25 fakest laugh of all time.

  • If Jeselnik weren't so nearly indomitable, not everyone would be constantly kissing his ass.

  • It didnt even go that well!

    • I expect it to go well actually you tards

  • Colin is the best!!

  • Got to the end where he basically said, "If you vote Republican you're evil." What an unfortunate worldview.

    • What video did u watch? What page do u think ur on? Why did Ryan quit?

  • Don’t watch the last minute if you haven’t watched 7 episodes of Deadwood.

  • I'm a fan of Anthony Jeselnik but did he really say Trump supporters are "bad people" ?

    • Penske Material Trump is a horrible person. He is evil incarnate. Do you not see? I no longer respect any friend of mine who makes it known they support Trump. You cannot support him and be a decent person. Far left ideologies are no man left behind, right ideologies are fuck you! Me! Me! Me! How do people not see that?

    • @Dr. Remulack why insult though? Not everyone like the far left ideologies.

    • Penske Material not up to it yet, but I would assume most rational people would say that. I say if you supported him in 2016 maybe you were just stupid, if you still support him? Yes, you are horrible, and dumb.

  • Colin Quinn needs to just finish a thought

  • “Netflix means people can do more stand up. People can just go up there and talk and make the same amount of money.” EXACTLY my thoughts after watching Bill Burr (one chuckle) and AJ (nonstop laughs)

  • Im glad this bag of shit didn't die. Was really surprised when I heard he had a heart attack.

  • I generally like his performances...that said, Jeselnik comes off as a completely unlikable, uninteresting, self-absorbed c*nt. I kept hoping he’d break out of it, that some glimmer of decency, warmth would reveal itself. It never did. This wreck only makes me love Colin even more. Salt of the earth, deceptively brilliant.

    • For the record...Colin clearly hates him as a person. As he should. 46:00

  • Col is one of those actors that gets sharper and sharper as time passes

  • I hope he gets aids...TONIGHT

  • Shut up fag

  • He's awesome.

  • Colin has a fucking stroke every time he tries to ask a question

  • I wish colin would have said "like" about 200 more times.

  • Damn I wanted to hear what he had to say about Milwaukee... as someone from Milwaukee.

    • +PattyMayonnaise The only good thing to ever come out of Milwaukee is the RedLetterMedia crew. And, Jeffrey Dahmer, I suppose.

    • 27:00 time stamp Lmao I literally was just about to comment this as I'm here in Milwaukee too! Very rarely do I ever see anybody suddenly pick Milwaukee out of thin air. This might be the first and only time and I'm 38 years old haha

  • I just wanna watch the jokes not these people talking about their jokes, this isnt interesting. it takes all the mystery away

  • quinn just went from belly laugh do next question in .2 seconds his tweets are the shit

  • Colin learned his hand gestures from a Trump speech

    • @Tom Hockemeier Trump learns from no one ever.

    • Jeff Maddry ... but he makes better sense, and maybe trump learned from Colin.

    • Jeff maddry, I love Colin- but he's not Great at stand up, right? He's just a good friend apparently? So all the comics like him? Again- I like him.... But I just think he should be a bit better, based on all the hype he gets.... Like, Patrice gets hype, And is even better than the hype he gets.... Colin, Ehh- Not so much. Love him though

  • I've heard Jeselnik talk more about himself and his ability to make the funniest people in the world gasp in awe than I have heard him actually saying funny stuff. I don't think I've seen a more pompous human in my life.

    • So u don't know who the president is? Smart. Or lucky.

  • I love Colin Quinn so much

  • love these guys glad this came up in my suggested, youtube got it right once