Apple iPhone Fold v2, iPhone 11 & AirPower Leaks!

Publicat pe 24 mar. 2019
Latest Apple Leaks! iPhone 11 Features & 3D Model, Lots of AirPower Stuff, AirPods 2 Black Color For AirPods 3 & More Apple News!
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iPhone Fold Behance Concept.
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  • Really appreciate your support guys, donate and junked/unneeded old tech to address in description. Will even pay for shipping if you leave your paypal inside. Thanks!

    • Wanting so bad an iphone but here in Brazil it's worth more than 7 times the minimum wage, you guys should send one of your unwanted iphones to me, and I would pay for shipping as well... :/

    • Enjoy your Airpower.

    • EverythingApplePro ㄹ814838193₩8584757484844744473733

    • I have a IPhone 5 with no screen and an iPod touch 4th gen with no screen



  • can you send me an iphone.. i dont have money to buy an iphone cuz its very costly..for me..and will never be able to my lifetime..

  • Apple is no longer Apple.. It sounds exciting but yeah..

  • V2 coz of the iPhone 6 bent in half

  • The triple lens design is awesome. I love it. It would be cool on iPhone SE 2( SE-X) as well

  • I think smasung will sue apple because they copied the samsung fold

  • For me the only reason I would want a fold out phone would be for watching videos and movies bigger. So, it seems to me that the 9:16 ratio would make the most sense in the large size rather than in the folded size. Please make a device like that and I am sold.

  • I would love to get this phone when it comes out but I researched it and it’s dead expensive 😔

  • Wait. I have been watching you for years mostly in my jailbreaking days and had no idea you are in the PNW. Looks like in the same town. So funny!

  • this boy is a shit a sucker and a liar!

  • 📱🔫💥

  • Where’s your galaxy fold review?

  • I like your glitch transitions! I wish you many blessings on your coffee shop☕️

  • Nice desain

  • Samsung: peel the screen protector u ruin ur fold Apple: screengate

  • Bad luck guys😭 If samsung has price the fold at $1500...Now apple going to keep it more than $2500😞😞

  • I have high expectations for this foldable phone. Samsung released one too and started to make cracks

  • Who the fuck wants foldable phones it’s a stupid concept, Samsung failed badly

  • To late Samsung did it already done😘 apple can quit now bye.


  • Hahahaha I know that you know that is not gonna happen

  • Is apple does that then samsung will sue them

  • Phone fake

  • And I literally just got my new iPhone X and then I see this... fuck u Apple... jk I love u

  • Looks like a brick

  • Apple: We'd like to order 2 million of 7" foldable displays. Samsung: Yes, we can do that, but it's going to cost you more and it will take a little bit longer to manufacture and deliver. (2 years later) Apple: Introducing the Apple Fold. Starting price is $3000. Apple: That LG OLED manufacturing plant can't come fast enough.

  • They could call it the iFold

  • Android: New Advanced Features New Style Low Price range compatible with 90% of modern technology today Newer android devices like the galaxy s8 and the pixel batteries last up to 3 days with medium usage on one charge Apple : Same Phone as last year No New Features Overhyped product Expensive Pricerange. Always plugged into an outlet

  • Android did This a long time ago

  • Apple copying samsung

  • Rip airpower

  • ​@t

  • ​@t Phone Photography Tricks - Trick Photography With Your Iphone!

  • ​@t Phone Photography Tricks - Trick Photography With Your Iphone!


  • £3000 for the new iPhone to make up on the loss of sales on the rubbish iPhone X, Xs , Xs max and the xshite. Apple gone down hill since the loss of Jobs.

  • I have an broken iPhone 6

  • foldable phones seem a bit gimmicky to me, do we really need them?

    • Agreed. Seems more like a vision of technology than actually useful.

  • To be honest, I prefer this one over the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The fact that the screen the bezel ratio on the outer screen is so much bigger, gives so much more benefit.

  • Congrats on the cafe!! Hope everything goes great!

  • Can't wait for the iPhone 15. With about 30 cameras.

  • Where do I get ur wallpaper???

  • Hopefully that notch is gone, and put pop up motorized cameras and face Id sensor.

  • I think the iPhone 9 is coming out this year. (No hate. That isn’t what this is meant to be) I heard that the iPhone 9 is gonna have a camera you can angle and things like that. The 10 should be coming out in 2020, which would mean the 11’s release would be in 2021.

  • Uncreative bitches had to steal samsungs idea an still charge us far more for someone else’s design.

  • I hope this never happens

  • Apple could of did better with the airpods 2

  • Good luck with your coffee shop

  • The square lens looks like trash lol

  • please stop copying SAMSUNG'S design for another company, let them find their own design just like SAMSUNG:FOLDS IN HUAWEI:FOLDS OUT APPLE:FOLDS HOW?

  • Are u reading my comment😳😋


  • Reyli ameging phon bhae mere liye mangvale na pilizz

  • RIP airpower

  • Excitement!!

  • iphone/ipad...hybrid.......well samsung made that......already.....there foldable phone sukz to say but there ahead of the game.....

  • you must look like a goose airpad cancelled ...typical apple ...

  • I appreciate yet another faith based design from passionate apple user's....dreams are a powerful thing. But that Apple credit card will finally make those users true believers....LMAO

  • Dope! Congratulations on the new business move 🎉

  • Could we send iPads?

  • RIP AirPower 😢


  • Lol they just canceled it lol

  • Imagine Apple actualy does it, but... They put a headphone Jack

  • I have the apple fold. It is cool but, I have never heard it called the fold I think I got the MacBook. But, the name could be wrong mine is a lot bigger though

  • Folding will be right up there with 3D-touch...... Awful idea

  • sucks airpower is canceled

  • First Apple make there phone fast charging and put more battery capacity.

  • Well, airpower is no more, straight from Apple themselves. Meanwhile, Samsung is already onto wireless quick charge 2.0 which is barely slower than a wired charge. My heart is with you Apple fans!

  • USB-C to lightning is the dumbest bs I've ever seen. If you're going to make a USB-C on one end just put the port on the phone. Fuck you Apple

  • Best of luck for coffee shop bro

  • AirBobs

  • They are just coppiying samsung Samsung came up with it not Apple Apple scames you

    • Matthias Gauci, Samsung supply Apple with their screens, there isn’t any copying at all, they’re practically partners more than anything.

  • First foldable concept introduced is Samsung

  • Apple cant reach snapdragon 855 Apple no more

    • Amdroid already introduced the 5g chipset

    • What? The a12 is faster than the 855? In like 5 months Apple is just gonna release a even better chip.

  • Thatll be the ugliest iPhone ever!!!

  • Armenia💪🏼🇦🇲💪🏼

  • I have a iphone 4😭ill send it

  • Dirt Inbetween screen will probably be a major setback

  • Nice on the coffee shop, I got several iPhone 6 phones in parts shape and a couple older android motherboards if you take any shape for art. I'm just starting to like hot tea with creamer.

  • أّګوِ عٌربِ بِلَ تّعٌلَيِّقِأّتّ 🤭🤭🤭🤭

    • أّيِّ أّګوِ بَِّس أّنِهِ

  • We don’t need three camera lenses that looks retarded

  • The folding phone thing looks retarded as fuck I’m sorry but it seems so fragile and impractical

  • Nintendo DS emulator on this foldable phone would be wonderful. :)

  • So basically Apple just want the flip phone to back now it the 2000s - 2005

  • The coffee shop idea sounds DOPE

  • I don’t know if people realize this but AirPower is brought up in the manual in the iPhone XS box. I got my XS 3 months ago and noticed this, so it is recent.

  • Technology is blowing my mind these days. You can basically do everything on these new toys lol. 💜🌏✅😇😘👍

  • I'm not going to buy another iPhone until they start using type c connectors.

  • Apples earphones and AirPods aren’t compatible with small ears. I wish they would change the design so you can insert them into the ear rather than hook them on.


    • You lie SAMSUNG foldable phone wins competitor

  • The Face ID and camera should come out the top

  • Why it kept getting uglier and uglier 🤮

  • It doesn’t matter what they do he will say he likes it a lot

  • The camera on the back looks fucking ridiculous

  • I knew a fold was going to release sooner or later🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Holy shit can't wait to visit the shop! Best wishes

  • They will never release fold iphone till 2021 bcoz they r clever and after that people need to sell there heart with kidneys to buy it

  • Price is too high