Attack on Titan is Incredible Now.

Publicat pe 17 iul. 2019
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So I finally caught up on Attack on Titan and was absolutely blown away by it, I never thought the series would get this good when looking back when this first aired, but here we are now.
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  • I still love AoT but I think that I kind of preferred the starting premise to what it grew into. To me the almost unstoppable titans seemed like a cooler concept for villains than just regular humans who are plotting and conspiring. In the first season of the anime the titans were called "natural predators of humanity." That sets them apart from humans as their superiors but that gets taken away when it's revealed that humans are behind it all.

  • Im a manga reader and I can tell you it going to Goated

  • Boi Season 4 is gonna be something Else I swear!

  • Guys, we get it. 99% of you are superior manga readers. But you're sort of spoiling it for the rest of us by blatantly hinting at certain characters or plot elements. "Man you guys are gonna be blown away by season 4, let's just say you've not seen Levi god-mode yet" This quotation above is just an example of what i mean. We're already really excited about what comes next for our pre established characters, but at this point you've already eluded to the fact that something major happens to/with Levi, which makes us wonder how, when, where, and why. This kinda ruins the surprise and immersion from which we left off from season 3. And again, this was just an example. Some of us don't wanna read the manga. You're obviously just excited about it, but there are forums and stuff where to share these things. Please use them. AoT Fandom is infamous for spoiling things, i get it. But let's not use that as an excuse to do it. - Sincerely, a passionate AoT/SnK anime consumer.

  • I am here after reading chapter 124 (Hyped AF) and I am way more confident that the current arc and Season 4 will be the greatest of all time.


  • As someone who read Gantz and then Titan, before both came to the screen. My opinion is that if Gantz was given the same fighting chance Titan was, it would have been a big hit too, unfortunately their original anime of Gantz was not well done :(

  • Season 3 part 2 is a jojo reference. voice actor for Erwin is the same as jotaro and voice actor for beast titan is the same as dio

  • you did this masterpiece of a series justice, something incredibly hard to do, and i appreciate it.

  • It was always good. In terms of story telling it got better. But the season 3 is not as good as the other seasons. Even tho it’s still fckin gas

  • 12:40 music pls?

  • can anyone tell me where 1:32 is from thanks in advance!

    • @Andrea Draghi thanks, that's why i was confused like did i miss something

    • It's from the opening of attack on titan season 3 part 2

  • Gigguk: Eggscusame 4 a sec JAAAEEEEEGGEEER 0:31

  • Fun fact: Shingeki no Kyojin is a trick word. Attack Titan's(Ereh's 1/2) Japanese name is Shinkgeki no kyojin, but it also means Attack on Titan. Japanese is weird.

  • Who else freaked the fuck out when Historia punched Levi?

  • What is the name of the soundtrack at 18:41?

  • Jean? More like Polnareff.

  • Manga readers just piss me off.

  • ehemm 11:10

  • Which one is better. Like-Aot Comment-Demon Slayer

  • Something I love about AoT is that the Titans never stop being a real threat or scary or dangerous. Like sometimes in monster series once humans become “the real monster” and/or the characters become stronger than the original threat a lot of the fear and interest in the original premise dies off. Not in AoT. The titans are always a threat no matter how powerful the weapons created are. The fear is always there because no matter how skilled the characters are sometimes it’s just luck. Quality stuff really.

    • true .. eventhough the titans secret & where they're coming from are revealed titans are still a threat and dangerous and must be killed .. this show is really really good

  • I watched SNK in 2015. I never wanted to watch it at first, till me lots of convincing. Guess I missed the season 1 hype train. But I'm a manga reader now and it's sooo good.

  • U think this is good. Wait til season 4.

  • Manga readers- OMG is Levi gonna survive??? Levi - “HEY!! CALM DOWN YOU GUYS. I HAVEN’T GIVEN UP.... NOT YET!!!!” “AND YEAH DON’T YOU DARE TO GIVE ANY FURTHER SPOILERS!!” 😏

    • I really hope he well survive untill the end 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Imagine being one of those 2.3k fucking idiots that disliked this.

  • 22:03

  • Yeah it already was great lmao

  • OMG that ending with Zero Eclipse playing in the background! I am in love with that edit. Is there a video with the full song like that??

  • Mech made with flesh

  • Manga reader to anime watcher : *WEAK MORTAL*

  • That was epic

  • I came here after reading ch 124 I'm sorry ... I just ... Just ... Don't know how to put it but killed by my own hype

    • @guts the beserker nooo it was so good that I was surprised too much. Like being killed by it. Cuz it was out of what I've been predict

    • @Hatsumiki _ what do you mean by that? Are you saying those reveals were bad or something?

    • @guts the beserker fcked up by so much reveal just in 5 chapter i've read including 124

    • What do you mean "killed by my own hype? "

  • I literally just finished S3 pt2 20 minutes ago, and while reading the manga is tempting af I’ve decided to wait for the next season. Delayed gratification and all that

  • I agree the first episodes were a hook. I just finished the whole thing in like a week

  • *Soundtracks used during transitions & ending* Appleseed Before Lights Out Zero Eclipse ət'æk 0N táıtn

  • Anime that got me into anime

  • You deserve a dislike for talking about that hack J.J. Abrams. The guy who consistently fucks up the contents of said "mystery box" ( *cough cough* Lost *cough cough* ) does not deserve to be coining or defining the idea. Call it the "Secrecy Basement" or something.

  • Season 1: Worldbuilding, style establishment, and spectacle to grab eyeballs Season 2: Character building and mystery to keep attention. Season 3: The story they wanted to tell the whole time.

  • Bruh Eren is gonna be a BEAST in season 4. (Source: Manga Reader)