Banana Duct Taped To Wall Sells For $120,000 | The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Publicat pe 10 dec. 2019
A New Jersey lawmaker pushes for public schools to teach cursive again, a banana duct-taped to a wall sells for $120,000 at Art Basel, and President Trump rants about toilets.
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  • What else do you think you could call art and sell for $120,000?

    • I am surprised he stuck a banana on that wall instead of an apple....

    • I'm gonna tape some of my trash on a plate, with a bottle on top..BOOM; it's art; that will be 200 000 dollars plz

    • A spoon in a peanut butter jar.

    • @S C Go on...

    • @Jonathan Murray We'd have to see the toe before we pass judgement

  • People have loads of money to waste...banana on a duck tape 🤣🤣🤣

  • In my country cursive is the way they teach you how to write in the first place so everyone knows it. Of course afterwards everyone develops a slightly different way of writing but we still know kt

  • Cursive should be mandatory?! What next? Teach children how to send a telegram?

  • Lol these people are just flexing how they have a heck ton of money

  • Oh my goodness TrumpOk he has to be seriously ill!!

  • If you often write things down on paper, you'll just naturally start to write in cursive...

  • Still struggling with cursive in 6th grade . I’m curious,what do you learn in cursive?

  • I'm not looking forward to the day that durians are thought of as art by themselves.

  • They not even trying to hide money laundering anymore

  • yeah i bought it, and have some buyers regret, anyone wanna buy it, ill take as little as $5,000

  • Nice cheap shot at the president. You'll be doing that for the next 5 years😂

  • I laughed at 2:48 😂😂😂👈👈🔥💯💯🔥💯💯👌👌

  • can i have 20k to buy a house?

  • I'll be the first one to say that cursive is actually pretty cool and very useful if you want to do any research on original documents etc. Its underrated if anything. Anything you learn at an early age can turn out useful later down the line, you never know

  • I have just noticed you lool related to the very man you mock🤔😳🤓

  • Since when do they not teach cursive in US? I am 18 and from Slovakia and I learned cursive in first grade

  • 0:10 I wasn't a bully nor could I fit in a locker :(

  • 2:46 this has to be a meme😂

  • European Kids; wait, you don’t have to learn to write in cursive?

  • Americans mixing up cursive with calligraphy. Pathetic.

  • The type of writing shown here is NOT ACTUALLY CURSIVE. But that's not surprising on an American show.

  • I write in cursive and print, print is way better and it's just a buncha old fools that want to try to make something seem important even though its irrelevant

  • I feel bad for the lady beside President Trump

  • Trevor careful, your black self will be deported

  • •buys ketchup and mustard• •spills all of it onto a canvas• •slap some art into it• •hangs it on a wall and takes picture of it• “THIS IS WORTH $120,00 AND ITS CALLED ‘Slapping ketchup and mustard’”

  • Cursive is faster and a superior method of writing. Also I was at the Whitney several years ago and someone had dropped their glasses on the floor. People around me started taking pictures of it and commenting how interesting it was. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The self-congratulations and snobbishness coexisting with an upper lack of actual knowledge or an eye for art just made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

  • Cursive is default in india ... i don't understand why so much denial for cursive. Its basically Art

  • 4:20 watching this blazed is way too much, i think he is the one who is high xD

  • For the first time i agree with Trump.. Waste of water is a serious issue...

  • Oh trump is the dumbest president I ever seen 😂😂😂

  • I learned cursive in India lol

  • 2:45 when you cant even do a coment, as the stupidity is just to much for itself

  • i hope it was appropriately insured.

  • Peak resistance

  • Donald is an idiot

  • Lol I can only write cursive and I'm not even American.

  • Ok boomer

  • cursive writing help brain development, eye hand coordination

  • But why does the voice Trevor uses as an old man's voice fit the shown picture perfectly?

  • I personally think cursive is important. It gives you two different and distinct ways to write, so you can underline key concepts of a certain type and script others while taking notes. I've also used it when handwriting UML on exams to "italicize" but that's more niche as no one would handwrite UML

  • Are you serious? You think kids should not be able to write anymore??

  • Trevor's reaction to the banana story is priceless 😂😂

  • This is rare art musical art

  • Donald dump 💩

  • 拔拿拿,批扔,,,??。

  • If anyone wants to buy a carrot ducktaped with a chair let me know it will be 200k dollars :)

  • No one bought that banana for 120k, its just a publicity stunt.

  • I don't like your show and your jokes

  • Teach us how to do taxes

  • Studies actually show that writing in cursive activates certain areas in your brain which help to learn and memorize information better in the long term..... Sooooo keeping the cursive is probably not so bad

  • Trump talking is like fake dub but then you realize its really what he was saying lol.

  • Joined up writing? Why would any school ever stop that? It's faster/quicker/easier to write than non-joined up. And it's cheaper than giving all the kids laptops. I had no idea any US states had ever stopped it. How do you learn to write if you don't learn to, er, write? Or is cursive a particular type of joined up? 'Cos that G looked weird, and we never learned anything like that.

  • Come from the French system where i was tought from the begining to write cursive. Now in college in a uni following the american model, many people are unable to read my writing😂 So yeah might not be necessary to write cursive but be able to read it yeah ( even some teacher look at me strangely)😂

  • When trump us talking i genuinely have absolutely no idea what he is talking about

  • This is peak Boomer comedy.

  • What? You don't write cursive? What? I learned cursive when I was 5. Anyways, it shouldn't be an issue but wait you pay to study. Now I see why!

  • I was taught to write in cursive back in belgium, and during my exchange in the us, nearly none of the student could read my writing it was quite frustrating ...

  • Am I missing something or they are making fun of handwriting? I am not an English native speaker, so I had to rewind to make sure that I'd got it right.

  • Banana, an elegant flex for a civilized age.