Publicat pe 24 mar. 2019
Many of you guys asked me to try out Jollibee. So here's my review and comparison of McDonald's and Jollibee in the Philippines.
#mcdonaldsvsjollibee #mcdonalds #jollibee #philippinesmcdonalds #philippinesjollibee
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  • There’s one in Queens by Astoria. It was alright lol

  • tangina nakakahiya yung size nung drumstick HAHAHAHAHA

  • Jollibee100% Mcdonalds15%

  • God you're a food litterate

  • To anyone who have tried the peach mango pie, who havent burnt their toungues yet after taking a bite of the insides of the thing when you just ordered it

  • the mushroom sauce is the best for chicken but not the fires

  • Hahahahaha lol! That egg tho 🤣🤣

  • Flipino are asking ... Why is he using the fork as a spoon .. 1000% of people are asking American are asking ... why is he using the spoon as a fork ...

  • We have rice at our Hawaii McDonald's lol

  • No burger steak at jollibee? Big mistake

  • jollybee is a version of dennys

  • The gravy is actually for the chicken. The chicken is pretty good.

  • Milo is Australian

  • you must have film these early in the morning

  • darn why can't they're just ask people(that can build a robot)can build animatronic jollibee and the other animatronic in jollibee so other children's would excited for that!

  • Hello Sir. Philippine Spaghetti is really sweet that's how Filipino like it. Jollibee is fare better than McDonald. Mcdo is only good with desserts.


  • jollibee Gravy is for the fried Chicken 😊😊😊 but its also good on fries

  • Have you tried sili/chili ice cream?

  • The Jollibee food looks good.

  • You should try out chowking

  • Filipino squad!!

  • Leave a comment if you guys have eating jollibee:)

  • Hey mike chin you look like an image to jackey chan man! I like your vlogs your kinda cute and funny looks.

  • The honey butter shake shake fries are the worst why tf did u get those

  • Hi Mike hope you could try going to bicol province in the Philippines and try the spicy food and especially the local street food offered there. Thanks.

  • Jollibeeeeeeee softbooilll..Singapore doesn't have garlic et

  • Pillowwwww kitty

  • You should try mang inasal

  • 13:54 subtitles

  • Nz had made it's influence Mission completed

  • Do you have V neck shirts love yours

  • I don't know if it was just me... but I am bothered with him using fork with his rice. just sayin' hahahaha

  • jollibee

  • This is how you food vlog. :) and now I'm craving

  • Just a bit of a survey: What is your favorite cut of chicken?

  • Everyone:you should try jollibee Manginasal: am i joke to you?

  • The spaggetty dont have sugar in the sauce it banana ketchup

  • 609 8th Ave, New York, NY

  • Why is he eating with a fork

  • Just like me. My fries goes well with gravy rather than tomato ketchup.

  • When your at jolibee again try burger stake

  • At the end of the vid it looked like you had spent the entire night eating at jollibee's xd

  • Started eating dark...finished with the sun out haha nice!

  • Why do I watch these videos when I'm hungry as hell and broke 😅 oh well

  • How cool u look like Jackie Chan. Have u ever had an encounter that they thought u were Jackie Chan? 😊

  • Use the spoon Mike

  • I guess its a "thousand island" that's jollibee secret in yum burger 😂😅

  • I've been to Jollibee in PI and in Vegas. They both taste exactly the same. Everything is really, really good, from the spaghetti to the spicy fried chicken to the gravy to the corn. Very consistent.

  • Just went to chicago for some jollibee! 🤚new vlogger