Publicat pe 24 mar. 2019
Many of you guys asked me to try out Jollibee. So here's my review and comparison of McDonald's and Jollibee in the Philippines.
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  • Why mc Donald's in Philippines looks delicious

  • Here in the Philippines we use spoon instead of fork... It'll be easier to eat rice meals if you use spoon....

  • Now try Mang Inasal for unlimited rice... 🤣

  • Sorry im curious... what time were you at Jolly Bee... the sun came up during your review :P

  • They way he sang lmao 13:44

  • finally something that i can eat and usualy eats

  • It’s ube he said ubae

  • Gravy is supposed to go with the chicken, but I also use it as a dip with the fries. 😂

  • You know a fastfood place is good, when McDonald's copies its dishes.

  • The way this guy talks while he eats makes the food seem even more delicious. D;

  • The chicken will go well with the gravy. U should have try it

  • If your a Filipino and love Jollibee or McDonalds give like!!!

  • "They give you a lot of rice" Mang Inasal joined the chat.

  • Im hungryyyy Mike! Missing Jollibee and Mcdo at Phil. 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Tbh he look like a child i love how he eat

  • i wish he got the chance to taste the twisty fries

  • "Let's go fix th..." -- rip lav microphone.

  • Watching this at 2:44 am. I still need to wait around 1 hour and 16 mins for jollibee to change their menu to breakfast mode.

  • Tried it once, and had to throw out. The ketchup tastes awful.

  • awesome! I was wondering if you would bother with the Filipino fast food chains since they don't normally serve traditional Filipino cuisine, they all started out with trying to compete with the McDonald's menu, which at that time was pretty much based on the menu in the US. in the decades that followed they adjusted their menu to the Filipino palet which is what you're eating today. really should've tried the Jollibee Pancit Palabok since it's the one thing McDo Philippines couldn't offer. also you may want to hunt down for another less popular but nonetheless nostalgic Filipino fast food chain called Tropical Hut. back in the day it was also competing against Jollibee and McDonald's but now they've made their menu where it serves many Filipino dishes fast food style (so it's nothing like what you experienced in Manam or Gerrys Grill, but it's not so westernized like Jollibee ). Jollibee is good, but if there's a Tropical Hut within walking distance I always opt to go there.

  • I think those gravy is for fried chicken

  • Only i want in jollibee tuna and mango pie dats it for mcdo i like it all, way better than. Jollibee.


  • Am i the Only One Am i the only one who notice that he looks like jackie chan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Watching this makes me hungry....

  • I'm watching your video while waiting for my Chickenjoy here in Jollibee. XD

  • im glad u enjoy jollibee n mcdo filipino spag is always sweet and hotdogs.. chicken + rice + gravy i also enjoy the jollyhodog hope u try also the aloha burger.. and chezy mushroom melt

  • the "chicken patty" is actually a chicken fillet its spicy and i love and i put the chicken fillet in gravey hope you try it

  • You should've tried the burger steak in jollibee

  • The gravy is for the chicken 😂 But you can also dip your fries there. I prefer gravy + fries + chicken + rice! 😂💕

  • Mike, you shouLd Try the Peach Mango Pie of JoLLibee. Next Time you visit PhiLippines. :)) So Happy you Liked JoLLibee. My ALL Time Favorite. :))

  • every asian cringe when you eat rice dish with fork. hahaha

  • I heard shake shack 😂

  • Just came from the 7-eleven Thailand to this one. Saw this video weeks and weeks ago. I just wanna see if I miss anything.

  • Mike: they give you a lot of rice Me (a filipino): *orders 1pc Chicken joy with 2 extra rice. 👀

  • I like your video Stussy😜😍😂

  • when i was little i used to drink jolliebee gravy

  • sister shook

  • mike : they give you alot of rice me:EHEMM

  • Why didn’t you use spoon? 😂

  • ketchup iis better in fries gravy for the chicken u can put gravy to the rice too

  • Mcdonalds has garlic rice but it's only available for breakfast (4am to 10am). Btw, the gravy is for the chicken :)

  • Mike has such a large vocabularies to describe foods, he could make plain water sounds tasty

  • Question🖐🏼 Where’s your spoon? 🥄

  • Pucha nakakagutom tapa 😩 he should try Pancake House beef tapa next time my love

  • Jollibee is better ❤️❤️❤️

  • how do you eat soooo much and yet aren't over weight??? you literally always eat sooooo much, ho do you do it, tell us your secret!!!

  • The gravy is for the chicken

  • *I reallyyy like his videos because of the way he describes the foods!!!*

  • That gravy is for the fried chicken

  • I love your shirt 💜

  • I love Jolibee chicken!

  • Definitely shouldn't be watching this while already homesick.😭😭😭

  • Use the spoon men it's easier to those rice meal

  • in my opinion as a filipino i think mcdo in ph is the most normal mcdonalds

  • bro you are my food vlog hero!

  • Filipinos & Pacific Islanders are "obsessed" with hot dogs/spam because history. Filipino food has been influenced by the time they were a Spanish, then American colony. American bases in the Pacific were pivotal to WWII (cough Hawai'i). Processed meat is cheap & it flooded the local market.

  • shake shake my fry got me hard

  • Last night I went to a nearby Jollibee, ordered a spaghetti and peach mango pie. I went outside happy.

  • You forgot to order the mango peach pastry next time try it.

  • I wish they will bring Jolleebee in NH the nearest one it's in NY city.

  • U ahould order the regular chiken joy not the spicy one

  • I don't know why but it bothers me to see him eating rice using the fork..

  • my winner is • • • • • • • • balot! BILI NA KAYO NG BALOTT!

  • You always makes me go hungry, Mike!😭

  • Mike! You have no idea how Jollibee is a cheat day meal for us here hahaha ! When stressed: jollibee to the rescue! I do think you picked the best time to enjoy jollibee here in the PHL because they dont serve those breakfast meals after 11am (Hands down, tapa is my favorite too!). If you had the chance to check out Mcdonalds Breakfast here, their skinless longganisa is good. I like it better than Jollibee longganisa. While I dont know why I love Chicken McDo and fries in McDonalds more than Jollibee's (i know this sounds really unusual for a Filipino), i love all the other food on the Jollibee menu. And dont even get me started with the Palabok and the peach mango pie. Plus their burger steak meal is super good versus McDonalds' which you tried a version of. In the US, Jollibee serves all the other food that the sister companies of Jollibee PHL sells. You can find halo halo in a US Jollibee while here it is served by Chowking, owned by Jollibee. Pretty much the taste of the cheese is different and maybe the type of chicken they use is different when i tried the Woodside NYC branch but overall, it felt like home 😍😘💓💕💖 Jollibee is home. The spaghetti is the Filipino home-style version we would always go back to. Thanks for this feature film!!!

  • i just love Jollibee but i don't like Burger

  • Why dosnt Australia have milo McFlurry

  • Chicken joy in jollibee is meant to be dipped in the gravy. Next time Mike.

  • You should have got peach mango pie classic filipino jollibee

  • Hahahaha gravy is for the chicken hahhha

  • You dont know most filipinos drink milo for breakfast and its so common on stores

  • Um why the heck do we not have shake shake fries in the US?! It would be legendary. Imagine all the flavors! I’m so disappointed 😑 lol

  • Who else was cringed by how he mixed the spaget? Aaannnd he didn’t put gravy with the chicken at McDonald’s btw Mike McDo is short for McDonald’s

  • DIFFERENT TOTALLY DIFFERENT. JOLLIBEE US - Spicy chicken is marinated not powdered It is a filipino culture to compare every fastfood chain's fried chicken and gravy. Next time try the small local places for beef tapa!

  • A lot of non-Filipinos really like Jollibee Here in California- I tried their chicken and yeah, it can kick KFC, Popeye’s and El Pollo Loco in the nuts. It’s that good!

  • I am fasting and yet here I am.

  • The gravy is for the chicken. But also good for the fries.

  • Please use your spoon especially on the rice.

  • We have the same taste, I love ala king in McDo and Beef tapa in Jollibee. I'm craving right now.

  • I live in northern California. We have 2 jollybees in my area. I have their 2 piece chicken and mashed potatoes. The jollybees chicken here is piping hot. That's all I order there. I don't like sweet spaghetti sauce. I like your videos.👍👏

    • I understand what you are saying.

    • Jollibee's spaghetti means a lot to me. I am a Filipino and last night I went to a nearby Jollibee in my town after work just to eat spaghetti and peach mango pie then call it a day 💓

  • Try the chicken with the gravy

  • Them THICC chicken Thighs

  • Jollibee in the Philippines have way better menu items compared to the Jollibee here in LA. .by the way I really LOVE all your Videos! Great Job!! 😊👏❤

  • I didn’t like the ube pie but loved it at the same time lmao. Ever got that feeling?

  • I am wondering, does Jollibee in the US taste as Jollibee here?

  • Man, should've had the thigh part jollibee its also a mile away from the wing part 😂😊

  • The gravy is for the chicken. Ketchup goes with the fries.

  • In Toronto to

  • I miss my home now. Any filipino- immigrants here?

  • The dressing on the burger patty was a mix of mayonnaise and ketchup, actually

  • The gravy is for the chicken

  • Why am i watching jackie chan eating fast food at 4am?

  • Honestly, Mcdo only wins with the Fries. The rest Jabee!!! 😊

  • The fries with the gravy was very very funny! Hahaha, thats what I also do, but gravy was supposed to go with the chicken, although I always dip my fries in it too. :D

    • nom468 in New Jersey there’s a dish called disco fries that’s usually served at diners, it’s French fries covered in brown gravy and then sometimes they melt mozzarella cheese on top lol I love fries and gravy

  • Come back in the Philippines Mike! I wanna eat out with you.

  • OMG! I know what Jollibee Branch he ate in! Hahahahaa

  • You should also try Mang Inasal.. it’s also under Jollibee Food Corporation. 😊 Mang Inasal’s chicken and bangus sisig are both amazing! 😋

  • Hi Mike 😊 I’m from the Philippines 🇵🇭.. we use gravy for the Fried chicken; and we ask for ketchup to put in the burger (because not all likes to have ketchup in their food) 😊. I hope you will enjoy visiting our beloved beautiful country. God bless! 😊

  • Jollibee's beef tapa is the Best!