Best of 'Let Me Holla' | Most Iconic, & Wildest Pick-Up Lines Ever 😂 | Wild 'N Out

Publicat pe 31 dec. 2018
Wild ‘N Out cast shows you how to step up your game with some of the most hilarious and iconic pick-up lines! 😂
#LetMeHolla #MTV #WildNOut
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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.


  • 6:00 and put it on 0.25x. and watch how funny it is

  • 2:44 has me dead

  • 4:33 who’s that girl?

  • Awww Mariah. You know what show your husband and you are on right now, it's not like you actually surprised him or anyting. it would have been so bpmb if you had just turned around and hollered at the girl instead

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  • Me at #7.... U R A Q T... The 21 letters?

    • Me 5 seconds later:. Oooooooohhhhhhhh. Thaaaat's why you finish the vid and then commebt

  • damn my nigga TI was the smoothest of em all tho

  • What’s with the turban?

  • The show for assholes with no shame... or game.

  • 4:05 I am seriously going that a lot from now

  • Hit man gone

  • No one: White girls: *Tonsil Hockey?* Nick Cannon: I LIKE HOCKEY!

  • Girl In the thumbnail looking like Gal Gadot

  • 4:03 😂

  • GotDamZo was on a wild out episode?!

  • Who is the girl from No 17

  • LIke si estás viendo este vídeo y nos sabes como coño has llegado aquí.

  • We really don't give Nick enough credit 0:58

  • 6:40 what song is that?...anyone?

  • The funniest one was with Zoie

  • who that curly hair girl. Some one help me


  • Yo that girl in #8... imma need her instagram or something lol

  • homie at 7:08 was like IM OUT!!!

  • I’m 2 chains

  • Sommer Ray 💦🤤

  • Lol

  • Ayooo who the girl at the start

  • 3:31 that is the girl from the thumbnail your welcome

  • Is that convolk? Lol

  • You remains me of 21 alphabetical latter. That is awesome am going to use it today 😂😍

  • Hitman 👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣👣 left labor ma'am when he heard the baby

  • If this is "stepping up your game", then I feel really sorry for you.

  • Low-key don't like how he kissed that girl.

  • They use a lot of Lolo wild n out girl cuz she so hot

  • Summer is so pretty. What’s her Instagram 😂

  • That first girl is so pretty 🧐what’s her name

  • Present your body as a living sacrifice holy and acceptable as to the lord, which is your reasonable service Jesus said

  • Was happnin girrrrrllll Silence Nick looks with fear in eyes 😂😂😂😂

  • "You ever have sex when you meet somebody? " "No." *IGHT SEE YOU TOMORROW*

  • I seriously don't understand any of this but it was fun

    • @Yasha Isreal Oh ok thnx dude, like I know they were picking up girls but those were some weird pick up lines and stuff I don't think it works in real life lol

    • Dev Tech they were seeing who had the best pick up lines....

  • Who em twins doh, doooooh?

  • Here befo milli

  • Whos the asian girl on num 18 😅

  • 7:06 ;)

  • Hit Man Holla should have been number 1 instead of number 7 💯👍

  • U R A Q T... you can get the d later🤣😂😂

  • Lmaaaao he's 2 Chainz

  • I legit thought to myself that looks a lot like Spencer Dinwiddie... 🤡 💀

  • The one about the edges is my absolute favourite

  • Please somebody tell me her instagram 1:05

  • 7 was the best, the rest mehhh 👎

  • I replay it just lo watch Spencer Dinwiddie's Reactions 🤣🤣

  • Can we get a I love my wife train?

  • Chance the rapper is very untalented

  • Zoe should jave been number 1

  • Man, this will be on discovery planet in a few years.

  • Subtitles please

  • Yo the red head nasty

  • #12 im russian too