Boston Dynamics: New Robots Now Fight Back

Publicat pe 14 iun. 2019
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The new robots at Boston Dynamics keep getting more and more sophisticated...
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DISCLAIMER ► This video is a comedic parody and is not in anyway associated with the actual Boston Dynamics Robotics Company.


  • 0:42 the feet aren't tracked or placed right on the boxes they are floating a little bit. and on 1:16 if you slow down a little bit you can see that the 3d model is glitching trough the ground. I know its really hard to do so dont hate im just reacting to the video.

  • Lmao Detroit become human

  • OK it definitely is fake

  • Scary

  • An average day at the amazon warehouse. Now I know why my delivery is always late.

  • @1:14 you can see his shoe

  • I noticed it was cgi at first when i look into balance of feet. When it is walking on the woods there was a unbalanced thing with feet on the floor about shadows. And so sharp so detailed so shiny foot not blurred(If you know photography its about the distance and aperture sharpness).

  • everybody gansgta until you need to roto a box to cast a shadow on it

  • how to kill it, for the future?

  • jak to zabić jak będzie wojna z nimi?

  • The glass bottle

  • God, this is so good!

  • Perfect ☺☺🤗

  • Just to reward anyone who's wise enough to check the comments before wasting their time watching the whole video, the end of the video reveals the robot is fake.

  • If that robot kill a puppy john wick will get that robobitch

  • Cyberbulliers

  • Detroit become human

  • 1:12 I fell like he was steaming of some suppressed rage

  • ooo god those floating feet at 0:49 xd still looks pretty good tho

  • Avengers Age of Ultron

  • Funny now. AI & robotics WILL reach this level of performance and then, how do you outrun one of these?

  • The little robot always want to play with tiny box Tim

  • I love how good they did the robot. All I noticed was that his foot didn't look realistic when standing on the wooding blocks but other than that great job 0:50

  • your going to gt us all killed. ass.

  • This reminds me of chappie

  • And people wonder why Skynet wanted to exterminate all of humanity.

  • Poor robot man😢

  • I don’t know why I feel bad for the robot...

  • robot- picks up box worker- hits box out of robot's hands and says "fight me you piece of hardware" robot- "WHAT THE F*CK YOU SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE SH*T!!!!!" he then proceeds to beat the worker into the feeble position I bring to you, Skynet.

  • Detroit become human

  • I about lost it at the end when the "robot" fights back. Hilarious. That's when I knew some CGI stuff was happening.

  • Robot: destruction and domination

  • why u mean to robot if u be mean that will make them more madder to get revenge

  • We bullying them and will only give them reason to eliminate us

  • Bosstown Dynamics

  • I felt so bad

  • Great stuff as always, the only thing is you've shot yourself in the foot with your VFX artists react vids cause now I'm seeing all the things that don't quite look real

  • 2:06 Innocent android punishing for picking up box. -2019 colourized

  • LETS make a MOA of warframe?(game)

  • Detroit become human ?

  • A bit of rop and a few spanners and a rachit set will sort that out

  • we need this on the area 51 raid ALSO


  • Detroit: Become Human

  • We need him or her to invade Area 51


  • the feet jiggle on the ground

  • Who beats up a robot that's just mean


  • 1:33 I just crapped myself.