Publicat pe 16 iul. 2019
We (Grayson) built a house in one day and after that we lived inside of it for a full 24 hours...
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  • Grayson and eathen look so cute

  • 26:18 killed me

  • 9:33 - 9:40 fan girls losing their shit

  • What does Ethan do in this world? Lol

  • Drake and joshhhhh

  • okay wait what happened to no dairy lol

  • 27:36 notice how their shadows are overlapping the windows...what does this mean?...

  • You guys should have painted it...

  • 17:45 oh and btw that plant is fake af

  • 11:38 bassai

  • The door and I pop skskskskskskskkskskskskskskssksksksksksksksksks

  • The description lol "We (Grayson) built a house in one day and after that we lived in it for 24 hours..."

  • Property brothers are *shook*

  • Everytime the Twins starts drawing or whatever art, expect Ethan to draw a d*ck hahahaha

  • My admiration for them just multiplied by a thousand, not its not like that already but seriously this is awesome of them to build that

  • *Why does this new countdown to advertisement thing give me anxiety?*

  • “ maybe just a roof that goes on the house”- Ethan

  • Wow a few of my brain cells just died

  • TuRn IT InTo A vScO hAnGoUt

  • Omg guys I found a comment that said "homless ppl shook"

  • lol this reminds me of that tree house episode on drake and josh.

  • grayson is such a dad i love him omfg the tOOL BELT

  • The fact that Ethan just bought a 200$ toilet for a 24 hour challenge makes Be feel poor

  • 26:13 - 50, 49, fortysev-

  • I feel like there the property brothers,Ethan decorates and Grayson builds lol😂

  • #Enjoyous

  • They should make a tree house

  • 🤘🏻

  • Okie okie is it rong to ship twin brothers or..oh yea it’s rong oh I’m okie I’m going to go on to hell now

  • I Love your guys Channel

  • 10:58 I’m dyinggggg

  • Lmao Ethan is so Annoyed of him already💀💀

  • Who is recording

  • 49!!! 47!!!

  • 19:50-20:00 YES, ACTUALLY DO IT!!! And make a series of it, like 20 episodes of you guys actually building a real house 👀👍🏼

  • 12:46 I’m dying

  • They copied Ryan Trahan

    • lol dude on youtube every youtuber copies each other,no one is original so your Ryan Trahan also

  • Grayson with no shirt James Charles has entered the chat Ethan with no shirt Emma chamberlen has entered the chat

  • Can yall please make some more of these types of vids! I love them!!

  • Wow I was watching this and they said “ it’s 5pm” and I looked at my clock and it was perfectly 5pm

  • Grayson : does the bare minimum Ethan : ???¿¿?

  • Grayson is like a designer 👨‍🎨👏🏻 and also I feel bad for Ethan for cutting himself deep 😢

  • I realized there toes were painted

  • Drake and josh vibes

  • Great job grayson. Good/ok job eathan 😁😂

  • grayson is 28732838 times cuter in this video, very confused.


  • Ethan's a mood

  • wait why are their toes painted lol

  • if you want Graysons body go to 11:23

  • This gives me major Drake and Josh vibes of the one episode when they make a treehouse😂

  • its like they hate each other

  • I feel like there was a drake and josh moment with the door😂

  • The door not being cut before Grayson got out 100% reminded me of Drake and Josh 😂

  • gray: where did all of the blueberries go ethan:.. i needed a late night snack gray: but you are all of them tho ethan: ... i was laughing so hard idk why

  • “don’t try this at home i’m a professional builder so i can do it “ - gray

  • Why does this make me wanna be a builder AND an interior designer?

  • They make a great team 🤔😅

  • 27:22 Grayson: ''Shut you out'' okay..

  • Grayson is sooooo extra dude 😂

  • Hi this is my first time commenting you and by the way I LOVE YOU!!

  • Is it just me or Grayson douche bag moment reminds me of billy from st

  • Gas stoves are dangerous in unventilated areas

  • guys give the house to a homeless person with the furniture in it!!!!!!

  • why didnt they add fairy lights and a bad room and a TV? and a couch?

  • Why are they both have there toe nails painted????

  • 10:58 ur welcome :)

  • grayson is soo 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Minecraft wants to know you location.


  • *shows blood* “Blood warning” Wow thanks

  • Grayson’s jawline is so much better than Ethans

  • I do this everyday... In Minecraft

  • "Hey guys, i knew something" I AM PROUD OF YOU

  • you know what heps tell them apart Grayson is the hotter twin

  • Omg can you imagine Grayson as a dad with a little baby 😭🥺

  • I got major Drake and Josh flashbacks with Grayson getting stuck in the house. 😂

  • If you like a tiny house do one like cloe couture

  • Did anyone else think of the drake and josh episode with the treehouse...when they forgot the door...

  • Omg they played iMessage cup pong to see who gets the cookie 😂😂💀