Building my Dream Computer - Part 2

Publicat pe 12 sep. 2019
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  • If I may ask, is the kernel written in basic too or something quicker like C or Assembly?

  • I'm amazed! Sign me up for an X16.

  • Does the video hardware support 640x400 or x480 interlaced on a 15khz rgb monitor?

  • I'll buy one! Especially if I can get CC65 to target it, which sounds pretty easy if it's that similar to the Vic-20!

  • Will it run Windows 10 though?

  • the stage 3 where you put everything into an fpga is super boring. however it would be cheap and perfect for gamers. however, i would consider it dead because it is just software, even when it has programmed logic in vhdl. for me i would like to have a motherboard with slots for a cpu card, chipselect card, sound card, video card, i/o cards, internal expansion ports,... fully compatible with the c64. we could make cards with sockets for the original c64 chips as a starting point. and then we have the best base for new developments. this is a system that really is alive!

  • SwinSID pleezs loock in to it

  • This is a beautiful thing. I imagine this how visual artists feel when looking at original renaissance paintings.

  • The funny thing is the hardware of the X16 resembles the PC Engine/Turbografx 16 Games Console. This thing even has the 2 MB of the Arcade CD-ROM! Oh, and what are the specs of the Vera, like sprites, rotation/scaling, backgrounds, clock, etc.

  • VS23S010D-L - 1 Megabit SPI SRAM with Serial and Parallel Interfaces and Integrated Video Display controller

  • My dream is to have an army of computer geeks slaves to make any weird computer i want

  • I really hope all of this works out. I WOULD DIE FOR A C64

  • So it is going to be 8bit only? So where does the X16 name come from?

  • You should make a kickstarter project of this :)

  • i am happy to see the outcome of this when it's done.

  • What's wrong with using a serial address line from the processor and shift registers to actually address the RAM? That could free up so many pins for other things, and greatly expand the amount of RAM that one could use on the board, or with expanders.

  • Best of luck with the project, I hope it will come to fruition!!

  • Hey David, I am HUGELY impressed with the progress made on this project! Although I was able to code Assembler on the original IBM PC and the System/390 mainframes around 30 years ago, these days I just want to relax and play C64 type games on your new system. I can only offer you encouragement and the occasional contribution via your code store. Best wishes for the final product, because I would seriously stretch my budget to buy it! (Most recent software, even if playable, is far too involved for me. I want programs from the 1980s!)

  • Shiiiiiit this is coming along! Good job!

  • Can i get link for part 1

  • Stage 1 = desktop Stage 2 = laptop Stage 3 = handheld

  • Stage 3 is possible. Been messing with the UPDuino with a Risc-V core. I stilll had enough space for a mono VGA. Cheap to for $10 and all open source. Curious, are you running it at 3.3 volts or 5? I am thinking 5 by the looking at the dip chips.

  • That shirt is BadaZZ!!

  • [29:45] I see you're not using ASCII or PETSCII character codes, which is fine I suppose. Any particular reason?

  • Me, personally, I would prefer an all-in-one case/keyboard design rather than a case with attached keyboard. It's more retro and possibly even cheaper over all (depending on what kind of a deal you can make with vendors). Either way, looking forward to this! Question: Is the OS going to be mouse/menu driven? If not, I think a mouse is not necessary as an included item (if you were thinking of including one, that is). p.s. My vote is for a true mechanical keyboard like the one on the original Commodore 64. No membrane or "chicklet" keyboards please!

  • Me, as Mainframer, playing with JCL, COBOL and such, appreciate seeing your videos, it makes easier to get how a cpu works, how a memmory work and I do want to watch your channel all the time. Good job you've done here! I remember being in Plano, TX and seeing all those machines at EDS back in the 2000's and I can't help myself but think you are a person whowould appreciate that too (sorry the bad english, not native)

  • Like a movie for geeks! Love it! I know I will watch this more than once.

  • Point of pedantry: The AY sound chip wasn't used in the original ZX Spectrum as pictured (19 minutes in). It was introduced in the later 128K model. I probably should get out more.


  • *Commander 64*

  • Can it run Temple OS?

  • 3:33 PM!

  • I mean I built my computer that I have for music production...but you are BUILDING this thing from SCRATCH!! Bravo.

  • Utterly amazing!!

  • My first computer was a VIC20. Didn't appreciate it like I should have. Great project, It certainly has rekindled my romance with vintage machines. Makes we want to code for them again. I'm excited to watch the next part. Thanks.

  • I sat down and thought..what would be a cool housing for this..emmediately I thought of a TRS80 case. Your thoughts guys (or gals).

  • I don't think the part about the RAM of the VIC-20/C64 running on 2 MHz is correct. The RAM runs at 1 MHz. The 6502 however only accesses memory every other cycle (the other cycles are spent decoding and executing instructions). The video chip is designed to also access memory every other cycle. With the exception of some operations, such as fetching sprites or colorram. On C64 colorram is fetched once every 8 scanlines, which is known as a 'badline', because the CPU is basically stalled for most of the scanline, since it cannot access memory. See here for more info:

  • I understood some of these words... enjoyed watching the process though!

  • This sounds exciting. The Yamaha FM sound chip seems to be a pretty logical choice. If only I could remember BASIC. "Here's the money!" LOL

  • Last vídeo.. "Building my Dream Computer - Part 2".. 1 month ago... We miss you man !!!... @The 8-Bit Guy ... hope you are ok ..... hug from Argentina....

  • Will the board be open hardware?

  • Papa’s ready.

  • I like where this is going. Except the facebook thing. Fuck facebook. Good job, all of the team members! Keep it up.

  • Is he gona do a lego keyboard too? Is he gona brick the entire system?

  • this stuff just makes me wonder

  • i want to do something like this but have no clue where to start

  • Since there's already the FPGA for the video, and Frank says he can add audio to that same FGPA module, why not just go that route, which should save some money on parts cost as well (although maybe it would be more expensive due to how much Frank will have to be paid for each of his modules), and allow for a smaller board design.

  • This is one of the most exiting things I've seen on RO-tv.

  • Hertz is a man's name; it is NOT plural.

  • In order to achieve a stage 2 board and reduce costs with SMD/SMT i think you should consider components such as the sound chip that are DIP also have a SMD package otherwise you will need to redesign and re-engineer the software if the components change. I know that the 6502 chip comes in DIP and SMD/SMT packages but what of the other components .

  • Would you consider a crowdfunding to mass produce these in kit form for people to build and create a community for, for games, demos etc? As I'd freaking love to get one of these. It'd be like my dream commodore 64 with a decent CPU for polygonal graphics pushing

    • Be great competition for Spectrum NEXT, which I highly doubt will ever be released

  • Imma see if I can get into this. I just need a user manual and maybe a headphone jack. Also love the subtle dick joke.

  • Shut up and take my.... Aww, he beat me to the punchline!

  • I guess it'll be easier if you modify the snes cuz it meet your requirements.

  • Will commander x16 work in EU. and can i buy one to me.

  • I hope you add an expansion port like the one on the Vic-20

  • I agree with Dekkia, some other format would be nice, I joined the facebook group but it is clunky (facebook that is) and just hard to find info, and this thing is really neat, it deserves better than fail book.

  • As I'm watching this all I can think of is "brand new 16 bit game console!" Lol! Just for kicks and all

  • Address bus multiplexing brings me to mind the Intel 8051.

  • Most of the people, when saying "building my dream computer" takes hardware and build computer. You build your hardware and from it build computer :-D Its like building your dream LEGO castle... but smelting the brigs first :-D Amazing knowledge