Buying EVERY Advertisement I See for My Cat!

Publicat pe 12 mar. 2019
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  • Ryland, u r such an amazing fur daddy

  • I have 5 cats and a kitten. I would love to be able to get the litter box! And camera!! And tree 😂🐾

  • Cheeto is so thick 😩🤤💦💦

  • I absolutely love you and Shane. You are adorable and so is Shane. I just wanna squeeze you.

  • I C O N I C!!! you are so amazing!

  • :Ryland Ok so I got this camera for my dogs! Also Ryland Uses it on Shane

  • I gotchu Ryland! Got Honey! hopefully it works lol

  • Just saying that cats HATE IT when people watch them do their business.

  • try wood cat litter, there's like NO smell and eco friendly, also no clumps, just makes the wood pellets turn to dust so will filter the poop as JUST poop and then the dust for the wee wees :)

  • They say that Cats who use it outside their litter box it means their stress my cat did that because he was stress from my dog idk

  • Poor cat

  • Save the cat

  • All i learned from this video is that ryland is bad at rounding

  • When Shane said you could've just got him food and he'd be happy. Ok but like me

  • I use the same fountain to clean my birds lmao

  • I literally would never get a cat.... i watched the whole thing.... no skips

  • Bahhahaah im allergic to cats but I'm still very much so enjoying this vid bc it's you getting so fucking excited about bullshit 😂😂

  • Bro I’m dead serious I bought all of this stuff😂 Also if u put a laser on the wheel it will help the cat get more comfortable running

  • Ryland....step away from the laptop.

  • i am sitting on my bed watching a cat at 16:32 peeing what has my life come to

  • 5:02 Cheeto Ye' little shithead!

  • Chetto through out the video "Ugh the humans are extra annoying.....the only good thing was that litter is my friend.....we gonna take over....Uno your invited to help....Honey will snitch tho"

  • I would love a follow up

  • 12:07 Cheeto planning Ryland's death after he said Honey was the only smart animal

  • 14:30 Those Beanie Baby plushness can worth a lot of money. Next to the dog, there is a crab. I know that crab, and it is up to $7,000.The green frog can be a lot, too. The red, white and blue donkey can be a lot of money, if you have Hilary Clinton's signature on it. You should really look it up. Good Luck!!

  • Omg ryland was on incognito mode

  • Shane and Ryland not knowing anything about how cat's work for 26 minutes straight is the alternative title

  • Is nobody going to bring up the guillotine in the bedroom? No? Okay

  • I can't stop laughing. But ryland was getting insane 🤣🤣

  • 1,500 thats my rent 😭😭😭you spent that much on a cat 🤯🤯

  • 11:45 I actually thought that Ryland’s slippers was Cheetos tail and I was so confused

  • 11:45 I actually thought that Ryland’s slippers was Cheetos tail and I was so confused

  • I think he learned his outro from jojo

  • I want the cat weel for myself

  • Ryland: "Honey you are my only smart animal!" Uno and Cheeto: *hello darkness my old friend...*

  • Ryland being an overly aggressive cat owner for 26 minutes and 14 seconds. In all seriousness, this isn't meant as an attack on you guys. But the way Cheeto behaves- the biting and scratching and attacking- is because he feels threatened in his environment. The way you yell at him and drag him around and force him to do things before he's had the proper time to explore and feel safe around them on his own time is the reason why he feels the need to defend himself.

  • The cat wheel works on my kittens. I would recommend starting at a young age since kittens are more playful. It doesn’t work on my older cat either but two weeks of training finally worked with treats and toys and after every run he has I gave him a treat or a toy.

  • I feel like ryland takes a small shit and Shane shits REALLY BIG

  • I have 5 cats and they all love the fountain I got them

  • Wow, I’m actually dumb. So I thought I clicked the video abt make Shane a beauty room and I watched this whole video waiting for the other one to start.🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Chetto is like the demon under the bed

  • Why is Cheeto me the entire video

  • Lol you have the same pig rug as my mom

  • 6:09 hAhUJijUhUUHUHU

  • I have at least 20 cats😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

  • Hey, i don’t have a cat. I don’t hate them either. And i don’t hate this video

  • I’m halfway through and so far this is exactly every cat owners life lol

  • Ryland: I saw an orange cat do it so why won't chetto do it. Chetto: I rather spend the day with my other dad wearing that pirate costume. 😂

  • 10:04 28 dollars... Me: thTs 30

  • Morgan and cheeto 18:10 I died

  • 12:07 Cheeto looking down at them like as they need help has me laughing so hard

  • 13:40 I don't have a cat but I LOVE cats! I can't have one rn because my dad and sister are allergic. :(

  • Cheeto is so cute ❤️❤️

  • Hi

  • Honey never works for me 😩😫

  • We used to have a auto litter box that was the older version sorta of what u got

  • I thought Shane was gonna get triggered over the minion looki n robot

  • I really want the litter robot thing but I'm poor af

  • Is anyone else wondering why Shane and Ryland have a Guillotine in their room???????

  • I really like how Ryland believes that every orange cat is the same. I like how in this video shames me the rational one because Ryland clearly doesn't understand that Cheeto is clearly not into whatever he's trying to get him into. Don't get me wrong I love and Ryland, and I support them in every way but this clearly wasn't the best route to go down. I also believe they should have a cat room that way Cheeto can enjoy everything that Ryland bought him in the comfort of one room without having to go up and down and all around.💕💖

  • Furbo sounds like a snack or is that just me???

  • I love Morgan’s accent at 18:06-18:13

  • Dogs eats poop cause look it up it helps them tho

  • It was posted on my birthday

  • Ryland: Honey your my only smart animal! Cheato: Oh yeah she’s smart because she drinks from a mechanical flower.

  • I have two cats one is mine and the second one is my moms

  • Cheeto is a fat kitty and those are my favorite kitties what a cutie

  • So Cheeto Is my new queen I died in that part

  • Bickering about who will clean the animal poop is my relationship goal. 😍

  • You should do one for dogs

  • Who else thought Cheeto was a girl🤣🤣

  • Ryland:I spend 1,500 dollars on cat toys Its finally happened Ryland went insane

  • Ryland is so cute!!

  • The sound of the cat wheel is very unattractive for a cat

  • I mean ryland

  • Shane looked like he had on makeup but it looked good. ;-; (can't relate) And Roland and Shane is just living they're life get off there Dick!

  • Shane looks like he put eyeliner on....oh no,NO 2009 SHANE!!

  • Not only is ryland boogie now Cheeto is too

  • Everytime Shane says, "Cheeto!" Im like, "Cheeto! (2x) he's a killer cat! hes ready to AtAcK YoU." :P

  • He says well if you don't like cats and i'm just like oof I have 4...

  • shane seems to be so negative about everything, it honestly would drive me nuts

  • Ryland is just trying to get Cheeto to like him.

  • I feel like you guys need to get Cheeto a cat friend... Cuz Uno has his dogo friend....

  • 14:39 But we knew right from the start that you'd fall apart cuz I'm too expensive

  • Why do people say their pet's go to the "bathroom"..? Also clumping litter is extremely dangerous for cats. They can get the clumps on their feet or in their fur and when they groom themselves they ingest the litter.. If they ingest litter it can cause intestinal blockages and lead to death. I'm not sure of the percentages, but cats die every year after inadvertently consuming clumping litter.. And many more cats wind up hospitalized and needing emergency surgery, which costs thousands of dollars...

  • You can't be mad at Uno for having diarrhea and being sick, WTF Ryland...?

  • Mirror mirror on the wall who's the gayest of them all between Ryland and Shane

  • Sis, I don’t even have 30 dollars to spend 💀💀😔😔👁👄👁

  • Remember when Shane bought Weed for Cheeto?

  • I actually have that litter box for my cat and it’s the best thing that’s happened to me lol customer service is amazing too because if stopped working and they sent me a new one! So recommended

  • Ryland:honey your my only smart animal Cheeto:😒

  • I personally don’t like cats (except a select few) but i love cheeto bc he is the fattest mood

  • 18:52 🤣😂🤪

  • I thought you were mad at your dogs because they had diarrhea near your bed and now you're just like honey the best of being smart

    • Not trying to be rude I just think that's funny

  • Shane is iconic

  • 19:12 "Hey! Stob it!" ARMYs will understand this reference 😂

  • Shane:are you okay??? Rylan:no I just wanted to spoil Cheeto... Cheeto: *claws Rylan*

  • You’re such a wife, I love it.

  • those “train me” treats are really good! i use them to train my puppy! she’s a toy aussiedoodle and she’s only 5lbs! she’s 8 months old too, so she’s going to stay little, im putting up a video of her in a second so yeah:)

  • cheeto looks exactly like my cat