Buying EVERY Advertisement I See for My Cat!

Publicat pe 12 mar. 2019
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SNAPCHAT: @rylandadams


  • You should have used the red dot laser. No cat can resist the red dot

  • The litter robot is legit a game changer.

  • Ahhhh I love it!

  • I hope their is a nut cleaner for Cheeto for once Shane was done with it

  • Omg I was cracking up so hard when ryland got so excited over chetto peeing

  • *Ryland being a rich but lazy queen for **26:14*

  • Cheeto is bougie

  • How do you buy an advertisement?

  • I was absolutely convinced that Ryland was gonna shit in that litter box to show cheeto how it is done.

  • Ryland sounds like he's fucking losing it

  • Can you plz ask Shane why he has not been rec

  • I'm so happy for you and Shane for your engagement! You guys are a great couple!

  • Look up Dog farts cat pukes It’s very funny

  • I'm not throwing shade cause your an amazing youtuber but you should wax your stomach

  • Ryland and Shane... HOW MUCH MONEY DO YOU HAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryland being excited about the fact that his cat was pooping, is all I ever want to aspire to in life.

  • Nobody: Ryland: sLuRpPp


  • Sex Products show up *Shane Smiles and stares at the cat then winks*

  • why is Shane making fun of Ryland for being this stuff when he built a movie theater for his cat...

  • I have the catit water fountain and my cat won’t drink it when the flower is in it but he will when it’s not

  • I thought you were going to buy a condom for Shane Dawson to use with the cat

  • cheeto and ryland finally speak out about shane

  • Well I guess Shane should be in a cat advertisement.


  • Can you do the I buy my dogs everything they touch in petco video please!?

  • Life goals are to spoil my cat like this

  • my mom has the same water bottle ryland was using H-

  • I like unboxing videos Shane ):

  • i love how your so frikin hyped over cheeto peeing in a box 😂

  • is shane alright?

  • I want the litter robot sooo badddd!! I hate cleaning the litter so much. It’s encouraging that Cheeto liked it bc that means my cats might lol.

  • Why hasn’t she been posting


  • This video shows cats rule over the world. I mean, just read the title!

  • Why is he saying all wrong numbers

  • The litter robot is the only way I'll get a cat again

  • "You're making him poop in a robot 😂"

  • Good lord. You two do not understand cats. And yes, you do have to periodically clean the litter robot. You know, like you clean your toilet

  • 3:33 that leaving neverland reference 🤡

  • You guys need to go back to the Cecil hotel or the underground tunnels from Shane's channel

  • Cheeto probably doesn’t need treadmill because he has so much space to run so doesn’t get bored

  • Cheeto needs a friend

  • I fricking love Cheeto that cat reminds me of mine! Spoiled, Cute, Hates Me, and she is stubborn

  • I hope that robot doesn’t kill Cheeto... I would buy something like that if I could buy one that wasn’t electric and I could spin it myself every once in a while. Basically have it work the exact same way but by human leverage.

  • Ryland showing the fountain was hilarious

  • lol you will not regret the litter robot. It's amazing.

  • You are now Shane Dawson's cat *Like to undo the curse*

  • I have the Catit fountain and my cats absolutely love it. They drink like 10x more frequently now but it took them like 3 days to get used to it

  • I have that flower fountain and my cat loves it :)

  • The concerned "whats going on" melted my heart

  • Whenever he signs of or something he uses the same sound as Shane Dawnson for his conspiracy videos *not spelt right*

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  • cheeto’s kinda thiccy

  • Holy shit Cheeto is a fuckin fatass Just like me..

  • gay ass nigga go hang yourself

  • If you no ones gonna say it I will. I'm mad at the dogs cause Uno diarrheaed all over my clothes on the carpet next to the bed last night😂😂 when he said that I couldn't breathe

  • I HAVE A QUESTION. Did shane delete all his podcasts? I can't find them on soundcloud anymore. I mean I understand why because of his latest controversy but I really loved listening to them 😫

  • The wedding will be magical. The queens are official!! 💗💗💗💗😭😭👏👏

  • You should buy a cum flake scraper for the cat next vid

  • Did the second dog ever get a name?


  • You should give it away you dont want shane to get it

  • kinda unrelated but i used the honey discount for the first time and i’m genuinely shook at how cheap they made it?? now i’m jus here thinkin about all the money i’ve wasted online in the past

  • How to make it up to your cat after your fiance scarred it for life

  • This is a sorry video for their cat smh

  • *picks up cheeto* We are going to have some fun *walks to Shane* Jk love u shane. Ik you would never

  • this did not age well

  • Shane did not jizz on his cat it was a joke at that time remember when he made a whole bunch of jokes at that time just stop. P.S shane its not your falt people are f**king stupid these days

  • Congrats on the proposal u to!

  • To bad you didn’t buy therapy for your cat.

  • Lmao was it a pornhub ad coz u FUCKED UR CAT

  • *drink it DRINK IT!* I'm dead Btw: CONGRATS GUYS!

  • Please be more calm with Cheeto your going to give him anxiety

  • For the wheel I would rub catnip all over it and watch him go crazy 😂

  • I had a similar water fountain for my cat since he would always knock over his plastic bowl making a mess with the water like all the time so it was a good solution because he couldn't make a mess with water anymore

  • Congrats on the engagement

  • Ryland’s New Channel: Ryland Reviews

  • I have an orange cat named mango lol

  • whens the engagement video . omg so happy for yall.

  • KSKSKSKS in screeching REHAB POSSUM

  • IF A VIDEO DOESNT COME SOON… IM GONNA DIE im waiting for a “we got engaged” video

  • I love you

  • That flower thing is awful it broke and all the water didn’t filter and it turned yellow and it got gross it’s awful


  • Give I all to me Please my cat would love it all

  • Cheeto is my aesthetic Edit: Ryland literally downsizing prices with the real price on the screen is iconic it’s like me with my mom when we shop literally anywhere

    • I think he was adding the honey discount he got to some. It confused me as well lol.

  • I'd buy this stuff, Shane!

  • I have a petcube and it SUCKS

  • 4:10 whenever I get my rabbit new toys he completely ignores them and just plays with the box! LOL

  • I love how you get that £500 litter box for Cheeto and mine has our old baking tray with a bit of Asdas savers litter in it

  • Use a laser Pointer to get him going maybe?

  • You suck bitch

  • if any of you seriously believe shane would ever do such a thing with cheeto, or any animal, you're too gullible to be on the internet. leave them alone.

  • use a laser beam for the spinning wheel

  • Kitty robot litter thing looks like a robot vagina. Nice!! Cheetos face “🎼fuck off please! Trying to take a piss🎼


  • Serious question: has Cheeto eaten a Cheeto

  • I wonder what Shane and Cheeto are doing later

  • Road to 4 mil!!!!!!!!!