Camila Cabello - Shameless

Publicat pe 5 sep. 2019
"Shameless" single available at:
Director: Henry Scholfield
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  • Why does this look like a satanic ritual

  • El sub español

  • Plot Twist+! *thumbnail was from señorita*

  • Camilla: I need you more than I want you... Every Five Year Old: *Stares at broccoli.*

  • i thought i heard sia omg

  • u r too....good

  • This song is SO good and powerful that it fits perfectly as an anthem for an action movie.

  • 32.268.103

  • Been a secret for the longest time? Shawn mendes.

  • This reminds of the lion king Beyoncé spirit when she’s with so many girls

  • Why is she always go for the "hot mess" look? Also when is the last time she had her hair combed?

  • how can someone dislike this video...??

  • Sheamless = Like In The Name of Love = Comment

  • I love this song.♥

  • Who is here after señiorita😍

  • Wow thats a hell good music Loved it

  • Keka

  • Ur so talented

  • So demonic

  • Socre:

  • My fevarate musician for ever👏👏

  • This song couldn't be more sexier....

  • Views stopped dramatically for this video. I hope she rises and not flop this Romance era‼️

  • I’ve never been more attracted to someone in my life. 💃🏻🤭😍🥰

  • Who's here after watching Liar music video?

  • Am I the only one who thinks she looks like Bellatrix Lestrange in that red dress.......

  • Why are they trying to make her look like Amy Winehouse?

  • I'm the only one who think that Shameless is much better than Liar ?

  • This music video is low key scary lol

  • I love her so much because her songs always have a good beat and she sings so good👌💖

  • **Someone talking before 9am** Me: “Don’t Speak, no don’t try”

  • 😍😍😍

  • Algun Latino Escuchando ?

  • Sou apx

  • Tinha q ser meu amor msm

  • so proud of camila whos with me?

  • Its so bad 👎🏻


  • Love her voice !!

  • Impecável o trabalho da Camila 😱 😍😍 forte o clip, mais com muita personalidade!!!

  • Wooo perfec

  • *"now that u have me, do u want me still?"* attagirl.

  • One of the best songs of Camila😍 *Camilizers I've made a cover of this song and Liar if yall wanna check out* ❤️❤️

  • This music video is scary

  • her and Shawn"s relationship is this song plus senorita

  • Teaa👀👀😏

  • best camila song hands down

  • Como te amo!

  • Just can not stop watching it. She kills me at 1:29 and 2:11 with those looks. Insane

  • Camilla you should see holly.j sing your song shameless

  • Who else agrees that she should’ve done better with this song ;( love you ;(

  • eu to destroçada

  • 31.917.165

  • She’s sounding like Kat Dahlia

  • Tô best. Senhorita deslike

  • me gusto mucho el video

  • Can you please listen to the cover by RoadTrip TV love you xx

  • Queennnnnnnnnnnnn👑😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • 1:10 its sounds like *Alham Alham Alhamdulillah* :'v

  • Ritual af...