Can This Chef Make Instant Ramen Fancy?

Publicat pe 18 nov. 2018
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instant noodles
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  • Best girl Rie

  • I LOVE RIEEEEEE!!!!!😍😍

  • FANCY woo

  • 0:34 :DDD

  • rie and her knifes are like me and my shoes

  • That’s not ramen though. I really thought she was going to cook the ramen instead of frying it lol. Probably would of tasted better

  • Rie saying make it fancy needs to be added to my timeline

  • "The knife is my favorite cooking tool" Yes spokenlike a true chef 😄😀😄

  • Should we be worried that Rie's favorite utensil is a knife

  • Make it fancy replays (Free) 0:34 0:34 0:34 0:34 0:34 0:34 0:34

  • I love reas accent😂😭

  • "You brought your own knife?" Rie: "You don't?" 😂😂😂😂 Rie is the best

  • Rie: Kar-rot Me: Kakarot

  • Rie is my waifu :)

  • Is this chop suaye

  • Isn’t she from family guy as a reporter ?

  • Why am I watching this at 2:31 pm at midnight? Okay for real they need to make a show of this on Netflix with 20 seasons 30 minutes each episode and go back to RO-tv then after those 20 seasons.

  • Lol they cover up the name lol. It's Muruchan btw

  • Rie is a cool person she try to combine diffrent elements of food to the noodles it looks good

  • Who fries ramen how u eat it

  • “Oh yeah” :D

  • Oh! Crispy noodle! My parents always used to take me to the local food court to eat it!

  • ,

  • You are the cutest n nicest girl on planet 😍

  • Thats not deep fried, that shits burnt

  • That looks amazing. I wish I had that to eat. 🤤

  • 3:00 story of my life

  • "Do you wanna be my grandma?"😂 i died

  • Me:Looks at title Also me: Looks at thumbnail Me again: OFCOURSE ITS *RIE*

  • Rie should try out for master chef

  • I love rie she is the best tasty chef!!! 💜💜💜💜👑👑👑👑

  • Fun fact my cousin (let's call him Ben) made me ramen and I didn't know what they were called so I called them Ben noodles 😂🍜

  • man- you brought your own knives rie - you don’t?!?

  • Make it fancy 😂😂

  • Rie is love ❤️

  • Has anyone here tried the Kylie Jenner ramen? I tried making it on my vlog and i like it. 🍜

  • I love mama Rie💖

  • What knife store did you work for

  • Someone better put make it fancy on a t shirt now.

  • Shes precious, I love this video so much. She is very fun

  • Cute her smile is

  • i really LOVED how the title say INSTANT RAMEN even tho ramen is fancy noodles.

  • did she just fry that ramen

  • 2:55 w8 you can eat that?

  • backround person: you brought your own knife?! Rie: ʏᴏᴜ ᴅᴏɴᴛ..?

  • I come here to just watch Rie cook

  • Uh...I make my ramen fancy too...but it takes an hour....😅😓

  • I hate her accent lmfao

  • This was the first video I watched from tasty and thus began my journey through tasty

  • Rie should have her own cooking show!!

  • Rie and Alvin are my favorite chefs in Tasty

  • I love her 😂💕💕💕

  • rie can probably make a 5 star meal out of a dumpster 😂

  • *cough cough* Bon Appetite did it first *cough cough*

  • Rie: *treats her knife like it's her child* Nikki: I wish that were me

  • I love her sense of humor

  • She brought her own knife 😂😂😂

  • Sister: Mom... There's Monster Under my bed..! Me: Why?... Sister why..?

  • Japanese Gordon Ramsay over here.

  • Rie is the cutest lil bean ever

  • Make it fancy!! 😍😍😍

  • you are literally Colette from Ratatouille!!!!

  • Am I confused or am I making ramen wrong

  • I was confused on why you were deep frying he ramen but then I realized... MAKE IT FANCY!

  • Well i like SpoONs

  • Come to India and see how we make Super Fancy Maggi

  • Ooh i can tell now that Rie's actually cooks I Fu Mie, am I right?

  • Idk about frying the ramen like that but it looks amazing

  • Isn't instant ramen already deep fried to begin with ?????

  • Lets be honest, Rie can do literally anything.

  • Rie: my favorite Kitchen tool is knife. Cereal killer: mine too

  • Rie, why you are bringing your own knifes? Rie: i just needed🤫

  • fAnCy You~~• ,any once here? 😂💜

  • Rie is fucking adorable.

  • It must sound odd to some people that you carry your cooking knife with you... I could just imagine: Stranger at the spa: HEY, why do you have a KNIFE? Rie: Oh, don't worry I'm a chef! It's my favourite cooking utensil! :D Stranger: *slowly backs away*

  • Rie: Cooks Fancy Noodles for 30 Mins. Me: Cooks Instant Noodles for an Hour. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rie please be my Chef :C

  • She failed. This was not ramen. It was chow mein. Fry instant ramen? Yeah sure.

  • I literally loooove her accent ❤️

  • Oh wow it’s like cake noodles

  • Rie is so lovely and wholesome 😊

  • Nobody: Producer: Why do you bring your own knife?

  • I finished my ramen before the video finishes

  • *I fancy you--*

  • Ow that's yi fu mie . . Anyone watch this in 2019?

  • 6:11 Thats not easy, dear (Not for me)


  • 2:03 okay,either she just straigthforwardly sharpen the knife or really bring the knife to spa 😆😆

  • Rie is my favorite tasty producer

  • every asian can turn any ramen to fancy food

  • It's already a formal dinner.

  • Tasty: Can this chef..... ? Me: It’s Rie so this should not be phrased as a question

  • I hope she deveined the shrimp off screen at least.

  • Do you want to be my grandma Why can’t I be your mom?

  • Thx now I can show of to my friends😂🥳

  • I don't really like cooking with deep fry (a lot of oil), what's the alternative? Other than boil it.

  • Why did you fry the noodles

  • Why did you fry the noodles