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Publicat pe 15 aug. 2019
Carbonara has been the subject of some severe bastardization here in the states, where we regularly eschew Italian tradition in favor of garlic, bacon, and green peas for some reason. Today we're doing both the old-school and illegitimate versions of the hotly-contested dish, both of which deserve their place in your grandmother's handwritten recipe cards.
See those chefs tear me apart here:
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+ Traditional Carbonara shopping list:
1/2 pound guanciale (can substitute with pancetta)
3 large eggs
1 egg yolk
4 ounces of cheese (Pecorino Romano or Parmigiano-Reggiano)
Ground black pepper
Spaghetti noodles
+ Modern Carbonara shopping list:
1/2 pound thick cut bacon
Parmesan or Romano cheese
3 large eggs
1 egg yolk
Ground black pepper
1/3 cup starchy pasta water
Bucatini noodles


  • According to my 23andMe, I'm 10.7% Italian, so...pretty much an expert here.

  • my mouth has been watery because of the Carbonara

  • I know what I'm cooking tonight.

  • My carbonara ends up stir fried

  • Sorry Amaricans, but you should have stayed out of a kitchen. Just look what you have done to Burgers and now you fuck up carbonara with GARLIC? When is enough?

  • I looked up a recipe when I was in like 8th grade and it had no cheese? Which is cool bc I don’t eat that much cheese anyway really... but just weird and makes me wonder where it would fit on the traditional to modern scale.

  • It's easy but expensive

  • confused ravioli noises

  • Filipinos version of carbonara has milk (nestle cream and milk) i still love it. hahahahaha

  • voono!

  • Yumi

  • Italians: "Please stop fucking with our cuisine, motherfuckers!"

  • The reason why we Europeans hate these neo-versions of Italian and European dishes is because they misunderstand cooking in general. Recipes like Carbonara are recipes that poor Europeans make historically. They're not about a thousand ingredients, its about making something amazing with a FEW INGREDIENTS that you happen to have the coin to buy. This is what makes the simple recipes like Italian tomato sauce, carbonara, bolognese, and many others amazing. If you add all kinds of ingredients, you defeat the purpose of the recipe and you bastardise the recipe and our culture by the same token. At least dont call it Carbonara.


  • I mean the second one is just a carbonara light for people around the world who can't find guanciale, it's not so bad even tho i don't get the garlic. By the way bacon is an accectable alternative, you just need to find a non smoked one with a light flavoured cure

  • I had to use some ham from aldi

  • "Car-bon-arrah"

  • Man if you want really good carbonara, just add some cream and sliced hot dogs with a meatball on the top.

  • I'm italian and I think that the second idea wasn't bad. I will try It for shure

  • bacon is wrong in carbonara

  • Porco schifo.

  • Italians are so annoying idgaf what anyone says Babish is great

  • Carbonara is a very interesting dish. I think you can make your own version of carbonara. I like how you made your carbonara!

  • I ended up with scrambled egg cabanra cause I didnt kill that head :(

  • You think the first attempt angered Italians... Check out Donal Skehan's one pot pasta. Comment section is hilarious

  • Carbonara without pepper ? What ? Why ? When ?

  • I have an Italian friend from the motherland and she microwaved bacon cause it's less fatty that way. The rest seemed like the traditional way, but young Italians don't necessarily want their pasta all greasy.

  • Have cooked his original version a number of times. Have enjoyed it every time, as have a number of dinner guests.

  • Now do an Aussie Carbonara , aka with a litre of thickened cream 😂

  • Guys! I am italian and when I hear him talking in italian or just saying an italian word, my mind blows

  • From the thumbnail I thought it was just pasta with bacon on top lol

  • You know what, fuck those Italian critics, like, wdym no garlic, we aren't trying to add "Italian heritage" to your pasta, we're trying to make it taste good, garlic is the best seasoning and will improve any dish you put it on I swear they can take their anti garlic asses back to their kitchen and make a well thought out apology to the *BEST* seasoning

  • Ummm babish saying “as salty as the sea” in Italian is H O T

  • I understand being proud of tradition and heritage but man I can't stand Italians and how pretentious they get. Shut the fuck up, cooking is cooking

  • Not bad but next time. Use only Pecorino Romano. You don’t need to add salt to the dish at the end. Add a bit more pasta water and cook the pasta and egg mixture a little more while stirring to have the sauce cling to the pasta more as it thickens as it looks just on the brink of too watery. Other than that pretty good! Well done on using Guanciale! That’s the real meat for the dish 👍🏽

  • i am going to cry this is too beautiful

  • Is wish you could’ve given an exact amount of salt to cook the pasta noodles. “As salty as the sea” makes me assume a lotta salt. Now the carbonara is too salty. Such a waste.

    • Well you can tell at least sort of how much salt is in it based of the clarity of the water

  • Workout channel called Building with Babish

  • I tried it! It looked like scrambled eggs on spahgett and I was sad

    • Lmao

    • Jackalope Drums You gotta kill the heat before you add the pasta and then the egg mix.

  • He doesn't want fond?! 😱

  • god i wish i was that pasta

  • Being Italian I really need to tell you that you have an extraordinary pronounciation

  • I think it better with creme.

  • It doesn't have to be traditional to be good! After all, it's your money, your kitchen, and your taste buds. Make what you like!

  • I had this in Rome yesterday mainly due to watching this episode and buddy that was delicious. Although the ingredients don't seem like much but the end result is phenomenal. Love what you do man

  • Babish:*Use bacon instead of guanciale* Italians: aspetta, è illegale

  • Angel hair pasta is a great choice for this dish

  • Dont worry Babish, everyone is a critic

  • Carrrrrrrrrbonara

  • Pancetta and bacon are pretty much the same thing

  • i had this really shitty carbonara where the eggs were basically scrambled

  • Needs more shinebox

  • RO-tv's most overrated chef. PERIOD

  • Can we substitute guanciale with any salty meat or just bacon?

    • @Khiry Cleveland I almost never use Gaunciale, because it's too hard to get. The next best option is of course italian style pancetta (only cured not smoked) and after that any kind of good quality local bacon (in germany I usually opt for the third option, even though they smoke their bacon there, but it's really good and I can get high quality from free range pigs for a reasonable ampount of money, which in my thoughts is better than getting some imported italian pancetta from a factory farm). If you try out something different than bacon, please let me know how it went, I would be quite interested in the results.

    • @biseinerheult78 Thanks. I wanted to attempt it soon, but I don't have Guanciale.

    • If it is bacony in it´s properties (high fat content, tender meat) it should work, though I struggle to think of any cut that would fit that description.

    • @biseinerheult78 Ok. So, any cured meats?

    • You want something with a high fat content, so that you get little cubes that are crispy on the outside and still rich and juicy on the inside. I tried substituting Proscuitto once and the result was very chewy and dry, would not recommend.

  • I’ve always made the American style carbonara, but it still congeals too quickly and, while delicious fresh, is never good reheated because everything just blobs together. Any suggestions?

  • Did you get a stunt double to say those Carbonaras for you?

  • The american version isn't even that offensive when you've seen the things i've seen. I'm italian but i live in switzerland and oh boy.. here they make a generic cream sauce with ham and just call it carbonara. It hurts so much. They do it at restaurants, at home, and you can even buy "carbonara sauce" at the store, which once again is just a cream sauce with ham and has nothing to do with actual carbonara. I really hate this because it doesnt even taste bad on it's own, but it stole the name of an other dish which leads to confusion and a lot of irritation. Switzerland has little to no culture in regards to food in general aside from a few well known dishes. People are happy with mediocore, unauthentic and soulless food here.

  • lol

  • I’m italian and I’m usually super triggered about people butchering traditional recipes...but this is ok, I actually too like a little garlic in the carbonara. I mean, it’s not like you dumped egg, random parsley and baloney on overcooked pasta, cooked the egg so it becomes a pasta omelette and called it a carbonara. THAT makes me mad (and in pain) and yes I’ve seen it on the internet, don’t look it up, it’s violent.

  • I love your watch. Is that a Rolex Datejust 1601 with a black leather strap? The sky blue dial really pops in your videos.