Catchin' Up w/ The Dobre Brothers

Publicat pe 11 iun. 2019
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Catchin' Up w/ The Dobre Brothers
Cody Ko


  • I have dyslexia

  • I wonder if honey uses honey to get a discount on how much they pay you for advertising.

  • Cody spelled S-U-P-R-E-M-E so his parents bought him that

  • I thought it was a spell challenge not a saying challenge

  • For the 3 letter word just say ice and get a new watch lmao

  • I'm sorry but they have kid fans that looks like about 5 or 6 years old? Why?!!!

  • That shirt Cody has on is CLEEEAN

  • I met the dobre bros at a Chick-fil-A in Pennsylvania 😂

  • that’s not a truck ya stupid bitch that’s a suv

  • 16:06 Did anyone else notice they got their dad a 65 inch TV and not an 80 inch

  • Lamborghini is 11

  • I'd rather watch the mum than watch the brothers

  • The funny things is car is 3 letters lo g he said 5

  • i thought i made the word up lol

  • Woahh that's a beast

  • At least they aren't like morgz thank god

  • When you rich

  • did i just get called a dumbass by a 70-something-year-old 🥺

  • Casedobre 😂

  • But why was there no spelling. I was here for some spelling

  • Put knock it off on Spotify

  • 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓴𝓲𝓭 𝓬𝓪𝓷 ~ǝɔuɐpʞɐǝɹq~

  • You don’t even burn

  • Me..... Cody :poor goat

  • Here's another 11-letter word they should have wished for: originality.

  • 3 letters me: CAT

  • U want this sports car? No. Proceedes to spit on car

  • She didnt even spell lambo

  • Do y'all even know who there mom, she's an all round world champion (gymnastics)

    • And her sons turned out like that...

  • The only good video on the trending page is pewdiepie's minecraft video

  • That mucus joke WAS HALARIOUS

  • Damn that's one long ass neck I remember seeing an antifa member on TV that had one just like that. Quite scary.

  • I’m jealous about them having a goat

  • 10:27 WoAh THaTs A beAsT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • the mom could buy matty smokes on the black market

  • i have that same supreme shirt

  • “We copy Cody Co’s”

  • Cody acted like Andy at the end from the office

  • The Dobrey brothers acting is sooo bad

  • Bruh I’ve never laughed so hard, Cody’s the best

  • About to say little fuck 0:44

  • Planet, country isk

  • his mom's acting skill lolololol

  • The skinny dobres literally sound like they are retarded.

  • Almenos estan mas guapos que tu idiota

  • Larcus and Mucas 💀


  • Why do they talk like there 4 and just learned English

  • because i don't want it here is a %30 off off code for twitch merch

  • About 2 times per week I come here to watch only the part where cody is sort of dancing which watching the dobre boys dance video. It makes me happy and I hope my kids turn out funny like this. 3:45