Charli XCX & Christine and the Queens - Gone [Official Video]

Publicat pe 17 iul. 2019
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Director: Colin Solal Cardo
Producer: Amber Felix
Production Company: FRIEND
#charlixcx #christineandthequeens
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  • the breakdown at 3:15 ..... LITERALLY invented music there are no words to be said

  • This music video, among other things has made feel my real joke.

  • This song is perfect for me rn I luv u🥺💜

  • hmm this is pretty gay

  • From someone who grew up in the early 80s this song has lots of vide, groove and flavor.

  • Christine is breath taking

  • This remains my best😔

  • 💯💯💯💯💯💯🗣A FUCKIN POP!!!🕶❤🌈🌈🌈🌈

  • is anybody else gay

  • the only reason I’m watching this is cause I’m GaY

  • Love the energy and attitude of both of them such a good chemistry and love the fact it looks like a normal boy and girl video

  • Why am I here?

  • i know one is a girl but what about the other one looks like a dude

  • Two queens for a song !please Charlie you r only amazing in feats free you.......

  • Porraaaaa amooooo muito a Chris Cada dia melhor tô mais apaixonada!!!!

  • This is my jam atm, such a bop.

  • Awesome song. But the video...not so much.

  • Chris should have sing her part in french. that would have been so cool.

  • Not a bad song but the video is so boring.

  • Not a bad song but the video is so boring.

  • Not a bad song but the video is so boring.

  • fajne polska pozdrawia polska przejmuje ten klip staszkaaaaaa telefon dzwoni uaaaaaa

  • Excellent feat

  • feeling the urge to be a fucking BOTTOM all of a sudden (????)

  • Me on a budget: old car, rope, water, fire... Spend what's left on a booze up! 🍻

  • eu não canso de ouvir essa música todos os dias! 🇧🇷🇧🇷❤️❤️❤️

  • No one else talking about how slick all of Christine's movement is? Like every move she makes in the entire video is on beat. Untying herself, sliding across in front of the car, climbing on the roof of the car and then getting off of it later. From watching her other videos, she has a strong background in modern/contemporary dance so it makes sense, but, damn.

  • Queens

  • Cringe

  • 😍😍👏👏

  • Uhhhhhhh huntyyyyyyy I love this

  • this me and my girlfriend's​ relationship

  • This song is such a bop! Fave song right now hands down! Looove it!

  • 4 Millions

  • the best song i never heard of 100

  • T.a.t.u, porque esta chorando?

  • i liked the song! *NOT GAY*

  • I'm in lOOOve!! 😍😍😍

  • Brasil?

  • I felt that steam and rain. fire

  • Когда впервые послушала эту песню, пробежали мурашки 🔥. Желаю в будущем много успехов этому исполнителю!

  • I’m here to put dislike and go

  • Yall nailed this 110% but wouldnt you love to hear Janet Jackson on this track?! Uh Huhmm! Yaaaz!

  • parece a namorada da karyna rangel a de cabelo mais curto


  • ♥️

  • The production on this track is pretty damn incredible!

  • how has a month gone by already? and how does this not have 10 million views already??

  • KD o Brasil?

  • WTF do you do with my Mercedes W202?

  • I'm sooooo happy for the Comeback of Christine

    • Lmaooo she's never GONE

  • honestly, Charli's best song to date

  • amazing

  • Hawkeyes sister has a band

  • I Lowkey ship this

  • Britain during Brexit: I need to go, I’m so sorry

  • It only needed M.J to sublimate this sound already at the top. I do not think I would have done it. (sorry,i'm french so my anglish is too bad).

  • Charlie xcx is so talented she wrote this song and she wrote fancy and sung it with Iggy azealia and she wrote I love it with icona pop and she wrote songs for Marian and the diamonds and camila cabello and many other artist charlie xcx is beautiful and I love this song it should be bigger it's a good song keep shering it so it gets bigger

  • Amei essa batida bem retrô.

  • THE hottest track out right now. Omg it’s giving me LIFE! On repeat alllllll day lol 💜

  • good song

  • I like this video

  • The sexual energy between them is amazing! Their voices are heaven.

  • I love this song- these lyrics say much of how I felt during difficult times- but in an energetic, cathartic way- which inspires me

  • They would both make a cute couple ngl

  • I'm not gay, and I like it. It's jamming!

  • Obsessed with this.

  • I love both of these girls' music. No shade. But I keep picturing Gabbi Hanna and Rob Thomas in this video. It makes it quite entertaining lol

  • This needs more attention.

  • is charli not in this music video

    • Watermelon Chill Ice Cream 0:10 she is Charli

  • Congratulations on getting 2.3M subscribers 💜💜

  • Why I want them to to have sex lol

  • im fucking gay

  • I’m sorry but blame it on your love is just too mainstream. This is real charli, unique... and dope!! 💙

  • Love it, best combination ❤️👌

  • This make my queer heart so freaking happy

  • American viewers: "Is Chris a man or a woman?" French viewers: "yes." XD

    • No one is saying that though.

    • She's a woman.

    • "she's a man now, and there's nothing we can do to make her change her mind she's a man now" ;)

  • Omg my ultimate girl crush Christine The Queens!!!’nn

  • This song deserves to be heard by a larger audience. Reminds me of those seminal 80s pop songs.