Chris Broussard talks James Harden's MVP pace, the Lakers & Jimmy Butler's attitude | NBA | THE HERD

Publicat pe 16 ian. 2019
Chris Broussard joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the NBA's best storylines. Hear him evaluate Luke Walton's job status with the Los Angeles Lakers, talks about James Harden's MVP-caliber season and NBA rumors about Jimmy Butler's long-term standing with the Philadelphia 76ers.
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Chris Broussard talks James Harden's MVP pace, the Lakers & Jimmy Butler's attitude | NBA | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd


  • Will James Harden win MVP this season?

    • The Herd with Colin Cowherd yesss he will ☄️☄️

    • yo guys said the same thing last year how its going to work when chris Paul come back you guys said the same thing last year so stop it

    • Oh yea harden 3rd best shooting guard all time

    • The Herd with Colin Cowherd duhh

  • So all these insider never got the memo that knicks was gna trade Porzingus one day later...

  • The Lakers need some good players not a new coach

  • It’s not a positive indication nor achievement for one individual player to score most points in the game for the entire team. It’s an indication that they are not playing as a team. Stop praising James Harden for false achievements which will never render him championship.

  • Am i the only one that heard Chris say “and who know maybe golden states gets injured” woww this what we doing now? I love Lebron but you want him to win too badly

  • The stats prove that Harden is the best offensive player of all time. He's past all the other greats with the accepction of Wilt Chambelain. But he's getting close. Facts are facts. He just has to play this way in the playoffs to get his respect win him a championship or to to solidify it.

  • Lakers have not beat Houston all season in 3 games.

  • The media has changed this year. They always loved LeBron but not so much Chris. Now Chris is turning into the rest of the media and has made LBJ his darlin and the media is hyping him more than ever. Anyone else notice this years trend?

  • Ingram and mcgee and hart got to go. To improve the Lakers.

  • How did magic do as the coach?

  • It's just like Bron said, some guys are content with being in the NBA and some aspire to win titles and be remembered

  • You guys are pros! But remember Brandon Ingram is two years younger than Kuzma. Kuzma is legit. But has two more summers of experience than Brandon Ingram. Give Brandon two more summers of training, then compare Brandon Ingram at 23. The same age as Kyle Kuzma right now. Great problem to have. Mark my words when Ingram is 23 in 2 summers, he’ll be better ....

  • You see Chris you click this guy really knows his stuff

  • Westbrook still averaging a triple double

  • Harden is NOT the MVP this year... He should not have been the MVP last year...

    • Didn't know that you had a vote

  • James Harden is laughable!

  • B.I Lonzo and Kuz should work with Kobe to become aggressive

  • hart is a bum

  • My issue is Luke is fine the players he coaching b slackin

  • LeGM ready to make moves

  • Coward is a hater and one of the worst "sports guys" on tv. Its funny how he was saying Harden was trash when before he went on this run now he has to bump it up to not the greatest scorer of all time to save face. You're trash Coward.

  • If only the lakers had drafted Tatum and Kuzma bro, and with Bron dream team but all we have is trash ball and ingram

  • Shut up Chris. Its not Lebron's team.

  • Seems like James not playing has to do with him and Magic "testing" Luke and how he does without Lebron.

  • Cowherd is why people and players hate the media. Absolute gutter trash takes

  • Shouldn't it have been obvious that Kuzma and Ingram put together weren't as good as Anthony Davis?

  • James Harden gets way too many ridiculous calls from the refs and travels a good amount with his step back "Zero Step". Yes he's a good player but he's scoring soo much because he's getting calls from refs who simply look for the the players reaction during a shot/drive attempt rather than looking at the initial "contact". Harden looks to draw the foul way too much as part of his play rather than playing ball like it used to be played. Harden Flails and acts well enough to get the calls now but when the playoffs come around, everyone notices, he no longer gets those calls. It's been noted that players take acting classes. Bring the Hand check back and not allow offensive players to "draw" a foul.

  • I still don't see kuz as clear cut over Brandon Ingram

  • Collins mad cause Harden is better than lebron James 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mannn I wish chris would go on other shows more often. cuz I can't stand colin

  • Chris Broussard is great

  • Jimmy need to come to the LAKERS

  • Come on now when lebron went on his mini vacation with the cavs they went 0-8 lol 😂

  • Why are they hating on Harden

  • James harden is the best mvp

  • Ingram fans are starting to look like fools

  • Chris Broussard is crazy if he thinks there is another coach available that can "beat" the Warriors. Both Walton and Kerr have been on championship teams, but Kerr only relied on Jordan and Walton relied on both Kobe and Gasol to win rings. That matters at the end of the day, because a team player will understand that a ring is only won by at least four players, but usually six. A team needs a constant outside stud, that does not garner a ton of attention in the paint, or in the mid-range [for this Laker fan I mean Rick Fox or Robert Horry] , and you need a rebounding interior presence be it from the four or the five [Rodman or Rambis]. Chris is right about the fact that none of the current Purple and Gold are actually A.2 players. There is only Lebron and the B+ player that is Rondo and no one else is consistently a championship caliber player. It sucks as a Laker fan to admit, but Kuzma is nothing more than a nearly defenseless James Worthy and that is not enough to get Lebron across the finish-line. That is all James cares about and that is all Laker fans should care about .

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  • "The guy who travels all the time" Colin Cowherd on James Harden: "journalism"

  • Tony Stark: [reading the newspaper] Iron Man. That's kind of catchy. It's got a nice ring to it. I mean it's not technically accurate. The suit's a gold titanium alloy, but it's kind of provocative, the imagery anyway.(Iron Man 2008) TERRANCE OUT

  • Kuz stays period

  • Man I don't get it. People say "will a number 2 join LeBron". So they don't have a #2. Without LeBron they don't have a 1 or 2. AND PEOPLE GET MAD ABOUT A LOSING RECORD WITHOUT LEBRON??? Poor Luke Walton. If they win a SINGLE GAME without LeBron he shouldn't be fired. Unreal expectations... smdh....

  • The MVP who can't play D.

  • Russ for MVP this year

  • #26 on trending

  • Harden needs to shave that hideous beard

  • SAVE RO-tv SUBSCRIBE TO PEWDIEPIE !!!! !!!!!!!¡!!!!!!0

  • Harden travels all the time. Yep. Seen plenty of travels ignored by the refs. Can't deny it. But so does Lebron! And if you go back and check some of Jordan's footage, he got away with travels all the time as well. Hard to blame the players though. I think they have figured out the league has instructed the refs to turn a blind eye to the less obvious travels cos they lead to exciting plays. It's all about competing for rating with the NFL.

    • no and no. he probably travels now and then, a lot of players do. whats constantly brought up is his stepback which has been ruled by the NBA as not a travel. He's cleverly using the gather step rule. players do it all the time in the paint, hop after they pick up their dribble to gather, he does it at the 3 point line, which we've never seen before really (that im aware of) and its got everyone confused. stop with this drivel.

  • That it was Eric Andre in the thumbnail, time for me to hit the sack

  • What happened to all the Lonzo Fans Now?

  • HTown 🤘🤘 MVP baby !

  • Steph is averaging almost 50/50/95. He is the league mvp the media barely discusses except little segments here or there. They keep wanting to talk about new players but are they really on stephs level? Come on let’s hear that debate.

    • His entire starting lineup are all stars with a finals MVP on the bench. Steph is great but the bottom line is he'll never be considered for the MVP playing with that team.

  • 10 seconds go... I'll skip it.

  • Yall trippin harden is a goat

  • Geesh. I coulda told everyone last year and year before these Lakers players were young scrubs. As a wolves fan I wouldn't take any of them for free.

  • They'll hype anybody who plays with Bron. They automatically become a player to talk about.. Josh hart😂😂 Kuzma😂


  • I’m honestly questioning Luke’s ability to motivate his players and win a game with his coaching ability

  • Harden travels, doesn't play defense and is inefficient. His offensive prowess is overrated.

  • Took the L.

  • Colin CowTurd is such a hater i swear


  • James Harden creepy smile.

  • This speculation regarding Luke's job is gossip. Magic and Pelinka put this team together and if they can Luke it is because they need a patsy. Patience is required when it comes to rookies. It looks like Magic and Pelinka have made some bad decisions. Randle and DLO are both playing well. Maybe they retained the wrong rookies. Magic doesn't have any accountability.

  • Chris stop hating on Harden bruh! "Traveling" all these dudes travel and dont drop 50

  • These guys are ALWAYS wrong. They said PG13 was coming to LA. I do NOT see Leonard going to the Clippers--not happening. Davis going to Boston for pieces do not get them to the finals. The Lakers will NOT get any top FA.

  • I like Chris, but it is ridiculous to believe, even with LeBron, that the Lakers will get to the WCF. When LeBron comes back, the Lakers will be in the 10th seed. Other teams are getting stronger as well. Teams will attack LeBron now with that energy.

  • To all the commenters, you'll prob all get your wish. I can easily see Broussard having his own show at some point. Who knows....maybe even him and Rob's Odd Couple will become a tv show.

  • Idiot

  • First Take w Max and SAS, Undisputed with Skip and Shannon, First Things First with Nick and (horrible)Cris, these are all shows you watch before ever listening to Colin. The Herd is the show you hate to watch after you’ve watched all the others on RO-tv and for the sole reason of seeing if Chris Broussard is on the show. Colin is simply terrid. He doesn’t deserve a platform at all, let alone his own show. His opinions are irrelevant, uninformed, and just sad. Get Colin off the air. #MuteColinCowherd

  • Harden’s usage is above the charts. Well, he can ball. His body can take it. He delivers. If I am the coach, I will let him carry the ball.

  • If everybody come back healthy before the playoffs james harden can finally relax an play for a championship if not he only gonna be the preseason champ....

  • Still a Laker fan with or without LBJ. But the current roster is not solid. Ingram has become soft. Ball is well, Ball. Kuzma is doing what he can. KCP is a role player that can shoot. Hart a role player as well. Chandler and McGee were awesome additions but they are not Duncan and Robinson. Rondo is an awesome point but getting hurt a lot. They must rebuild. Bring in Davis/Leonard/Irving.

  • I’m not saying Luke is a Godly coach but they are giving him a bad rep. Of course he will lose a handful of games without Lebron. He hasn’t done bad to the point to fire him right now

  • Someone give chris a show for god sake

  • am i hearing broussard right? lakers are not afraid of the thunder/nuggets/rockets?!? what is he smoking?

  • Your Philadelphia theory about team spending money in the free agents is wrong. Philadelphia was able to spend extra money because they have a rookie quarterback on a rookie contract. The quarterback on most teams take up about 10 to 12% of the salary cap if you have a rookie quarterback you can splurge on other position

  • Brandon Ingram is not that good..... period

  • Kawhi's not leaving to the West you idiot

  • I don't know basketball that well but if hardens usage rates are that high and rockets win.. We really don't care.. we winning and he getting the job done..

    • Colin Endose Harden isn’t big enough to last all season doing what he’s doing.