Publicat pe 31 mar. 2019
Roomie’s video:
Dave’s BTS video:
Stream “Congratulations”:
Music & Lyrics: David Paul Brown
Music & Lyrics: Joel Gustaf “Roomie” Berghult
Music & Lyrics: Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Filmed & edited by
Mixed by Eric Johansson at
Beat production by Apollo V
Beat modification & vocal production by Joel Gustaf “Roomie” Berghult
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  • Like for Lenin to rise from his grave and snap T-series out of RO-tv and the universe

  • Rly???

  • Its kinda funny how this is better than any of T-Series music

  • I’m from the future where PewDiePie is a Minecraft channel

  • Like Pewdiepie F*CK T SERIES

  • Sven

  • Algum Br??

  • Noooooooo pewdiepie

  • Roomie looks like jughead jones

  • pewdiepie t-series used sub botting and your content is way better then theirs:)

  • Pozdrav iz Srbije 🇷🇸

  • Je to na srpskom

  • This song SLAPS

  • 0:28 Congratulating T-Series with the finger. I see you Pewds :).

  • B r u h. In Tuber Simulator if you click Tea Series it will ask you if you want to see their channel, if you click yes it will take you to this.

  • 7.2mil likes on not on trending wake up youtube

  • Pewdiepie Will hit 100M playing Minecraft

  • Good!!!!!!

  • T-Series: Are you really congratulating me? PewDiePie: yesn’t

  • T-Series: Are you really congratulating me? PewDiePie: yesn’t

  • I can't believe you lost


  • Respect

  • Can people stop with the toxic comments? Pewdiepie said himself that the war is over and he wants the meme to end. Comments like “LeTs aLL rEpOrT T-SeRiES cHaNnEL sO thEY wILL gET bANneD” make me think that there are literal 9 year olds in this comment section.

  • T-series supporters - India Felix supporters - THE WHOLE WORLD

  • Nobody: PewDiePie: Minecraft is how I will hit 100M

  • El otro pibe fue el que hizo imitando 87 voces

  • Ayy, I found Mr. Beast! :3

  • 👊😎

  • T-Shit

  • You play mincraft

  • I want this to be played at my funeral

  • tseries: noone: pewdiepie:WATER SHEEEP

  • Pewdiepay is number one

  • You do realize they don’t care lmaooo

  • Eladó bojler🇭🇺🇭🇺😂

  • Subscribe and like pewdiepie

  • Who else gets goosebumps on the serious part

  • Pewdiedpie is real tseries their subs are bots

  • 2:49 ur welcome

  • how we though pewdiepie hit 100M: t series vs pewdiepie How he wiil hit 100M: Minecraft

  • Hmmmm this is great pewds is hitting 100M with minecraft like for joergen to come back🙌🐎

  • Why is everyone upset that Pewdiepie didn’t make it to 100M? *Have you notice the views?*

  • This is the 2nd best dis-track like song The best is cowbellys RO-tv distrack

  • I like how Pewd's videos after 1 minute get 100k views AND he HAS 98 mil subs AND Tseries's video after one minute get at least 10k views

  • I already listened to this a hundred and twelve times and now it’s in my recommendation

  • .

  • Really moving at 2:50 Pewdiepie the best ever

  • I cryng because t-bot win :((

  • I anit going to die unless we get that bro fist 👊