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Ellie is an 88 year old superwoman. She started skiing when she was 33 years old and at the age of 82 had to give it up because of too many injuries. Ever since, her dream has been to get back on the slopes one last time. Luckily, our friends at Wish of a Lifetime heard Ellie's story and decided they'd help her achieve that goal. We were so lucky to have taken part in this adventure and want to thank our friends at Wish of a Lifetime a million times for inviting us along on this journey.
Please please please go check out the incredible work they do to help elders live out their last wishes and get out of isolation:
If you wanna become involved with Wish of a Lifetime right now, here's what you can do LITERALLY tomorrow:
Tomorrow, February 14th, Wish of a lifetime's 5th annual CupidCrew movement will impact 20 thousand lives worldwide. CupidCrew is a movement that delivers thousands of roses to our elders around the world on Valentine’s Day.
Join us in the fight against senior isolation tomorrow by delivering a rose to an elder in your community or by donating 14 dollars to the movement - (if you want us to find out you did it just use the hashtag #CupidCrew and we'll make sure to check it out).
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  • If you have a grandparent that has a wish they'd wanna fulfill, let us know in the comments below! We may just do something like this again :)

    • My grandparent is 93 and dreams of being able to visit his family one more time!

    • Hi, new to YES Theory fam! My grandmother is actually turning 88 years old this year and she would love to go to Vegas one last time-- legit to gamble, drink (black label) and have a good time. She loves meeting new people and can strike up a conversation with ANYONE. She is an immigrant originally from Cuba moved to the states for a better life for her and her five kids and now she currently resides in Miami, Florida. I feel like you guys are the perfect people to show her a great time! She gets excited from just having paramedics come to the house lmao... for real though xD

    • I'm a sitski teacher and I do this all the time for people with a disability and it is so nice to see you guys do it. Myrandmother and father are not able with their health to do something like that anymore and they where adventures, but I have a good friend of mine who is around 60 years old and has multiple sclerosis (MS) and she really wants to go to the northern part of Finland and do a snowmobile and husky safari and hopefully see the northern lights. Me and my girlfriend want to take her there, but we as students don't have the money for it.

    • My grandparents don’t rlly travel much and they would love to and they don’t don’t to much traveling bc they month work extremely hard to get to this country and to make sure their kids are happy and good and i would just love to see them experience the yes theory and see a smile on there faces because of how hard they are working and have been working their whole lives ( my instagram carlosobando_ )

    • My almost 80 grandfather has neuropathy in his feet and can barely walk. It is always been his dream to go on a true African Safari but unfortunately that dream will never come true. As his health declines his ambition to travel has also declined.

  • Who the hell is cutting Onions?

  • i just cried my eyes out at this lmfao

  • 2:04 amaar no hand shaking just nice to meet you

  • Thank you. For everything you do

  • my grandma just turned 80 and she is the kindest person I know, she continues to rescue dogs from Mexico right now she has 4, this year she couldn't go because she had a major leg injury when she went for a ride n her electric bike (tricycle) and crashed her leg got infected. One of the very last things on her bucket list is to go see polar bears in the train trucks out in Montreal. We live in Vancouver. You guys always inspire me to live life to the fullest, so last summer i went to Kenya alone on a service trip and built a class room for the kids. This summer I hope to go to Ecuador. Love you vids keep it up.

  • Thank you so much for doing this. ❤️

  • I love this freaking channel!!


  • Oh matt😍 your really cute even when you cry😊😊

  • Holy shit i cried!!

  • I have dupretion

  • Incredibly inspiring! Its amazing to see you guys be a part of this. Ellie encapsulates the beauty of life, -- with her son and grandson there too... man, amazing.

  • The grandma's name on the movie up is ellie and this ellie is an adventurer too COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT

  • This got me in the feels on a new level.

  • I’m a grown ass man , seeing her going down the mountain and reliving her younger days, I teared up.

  • This is one of the most heartwarming videos on RO-tv. Being from Cyprus , its very rare to find people like you and opportunities like these - you guys inspire and motivate me but it feels so unreal because you are far away.

  • im actually crying a little bit. this is amazing.

  • I cried the whole video. You guys are amazing.

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  • thank you for regularly putting out the realest and best content on youtube... soo cool seeing authentic emotions not fake doucheheads.. matt crying was so wonderful thank you fellas, love ya

  • very touching video. what a wonderful memory for everyone involved to have. amazing.

  • My grandma is the most optimistic and caring person I've ever met. When I say her heart is pure cold I'm not exaggerating in the least. That woman always has a smile on her face even when her life has given her so many reasons not to. She's lost a child, had an abundance of health problems- a stroke, heart arrhythmia, multiple broken ankles that have confined her to the chair in her living room for 8 months at time. She told me the last time I visited her about wanting to go to Maine to see a frozen lake she saw online. She texted me a few days ago about wanting to travel somewhere, anywhere again. She feels like she's finishing her life in a chair that she can't get out of and she's has a simple dream of getting out to see any part of the world before she can't anymore.

  • My grandma was born on Italy, then she and her family had to come to South America after the second world war, so her wish is to go one last time to the place she grow with her family (I cry so hard on this videos, i really love your stories and videos)

  • I am from India, My name is Siddhant. You guys are the best, giving a grandma to live her life again and give her chance to ski again. Man, you guys are doing a great job. Living your life at the fullest and experiencing other people life by sharing it. Keep enjoying your life and live and learn.

  • She is so nice

  • This is the greatest video I’ve ever watched😊

  • I'm a sitski teacher and I do this all the time for people with a disability and it is so nice to see you guys do it. Myrandmother and father are not able with their health to do something like that anymore and they where adventures, but I have a good friend of mine who is around 60 years old and has multiple sclerosis (MS) and she really wants to go to the northern part of Finland and do a snowmobile and husky safari and hopefully see the northern lights. Me and my girlfriend want to take her there, but we as students don't have the money for it.

  • jesus, this was so emotional, nearly started crying as well boys... I'm watching this in 2019 but from now on i will never miss a single freakin' video of you - love you for doing this! keep up this amazing work - love you!

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  • Re-watching this episode made me really emotional, i always admire the old people with still the desire to live on & be excited with the tomorrows. In my entourage, i always try to make old people smile & happy because they're still here and kicking ! Some families, help-workers often forget that. It was a really good episode with you guys ! Really appreciated it :)

  • you guys made me cry, thank you and keep going with your awesome channel

  • Has no one told this family that nail polish heavily impedes the IR light passing through the nail? Thats probably why the pulse oximeter showed such a low value. :)

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  • i cied like a fucking baby watching this

  • My grandma has been diagnosed with cancer for 5 years almost and all she ever wanted to do was to go to the olympics without it being too loud and without germs so if you can do that with the next Olympic Games that would be super cool of you

  • This video made me cry!

  • I recently discovered your channel and have been literally binge watching all the videos, the content you guys come up with is just so meaningful and your motto always inspirational.All of you guys are from all over the world and the brotherhood between y’all is beautiful!!It gives your subscribers the hunger to have it all by stepping outside their comfort zones and seeking discomfort! Cheers guys, you all are doing an amazinggggg job.❤️ Love from India, Aadya :)

  • Matt you're not a loser! Snowboarding is better than skiing!!

  • Love how positive these people are! Wish I knew people like them!

  • lol I have watched this video like three times and have cried every single time... I LOVE this CHANNEL so MUCH!!

  • I could watch and rewatch this video and it’ll never fail to inspire me to be passionate about something 110% till the end. I love this channel

  • Wow my grandma is turning 90 this January and she does not have any illnesses. She even walk to the church almost everyday

  • who ever dis liked the video, they have no heart 💓

  • My grandfather has Alzheimer’s/Dementia, he was a truck driver all his life, the only problem is he rarely got to enjoy the sights! Id love for him to be able to just have the best day of his life before he totally forgets everything & all of us!

  • My grandpa has always wanted to go skydiving, but never did because my grandma told him that she didn't want to see him skydive. And now that my grandma has passed, I don't think he will ever get to live that dream.

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  • I need more of these!! I work in homecare and I try and make everyday the best day for everyone because you never know. And this warmed my heart!! I would love to fill their dreams as you did for Ellie

  • I just lost my grandma 2 yrs ago to cancer and this has me crying now so thank you lol. Love what you do keep it up.

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  • Oh My God, this is the best of the best Video in this Channel. You guys and Ellie, of course, are giving me so much inspiration. I am tearing up because of watching Ellie screaming of excitement to the way down. The way you guys surround him to bring good vibes to her is super great. Thank you Yes Theory

  • This is adorable!

  • This probably isn't possible but as the 49 say all you need to do is ask to make it happen My grandpa lost his drivers license a few years ago and he is really really sad and all his life he had been driving cars, he raced cars and my mom told me a story about one time he made the front cover of the newspaper because he went airborn in a race car, I'm not sure if it would crush him or complete him to race around a track in an old sports car, Mabey but lets see? from your youtube channel i learned that you can be surrounded by love in a lawless city, there are more kind people than evil, life is your own thing, i have heard how to live your life by steps, but I learned fro you guys that there are so many more steps than just going to work to pay for a car to be able to go to work, it's working to play and learn and develop as a community. A community was something like neighbors next door and that's it, now its anyone thats willing to seek discomfort. pain is temporary but defeat or not getting out there is forever, every day counts. till the end.

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  • My grandmother actually had a triple by pass surgery about two year ago. Her dream has always been to take a trip to Italy. I have made it my goal as her granddaughter to take her but her condition has been slowly worsening. Being a sophomore in college and her oldest grand child I am not sure I will ever be able to make her dream come true. Her heart is still in bad shape but has been recently worsening. Her doctors say she needs another heart surgery (another triple by pass) but are not sure she will make it out alive if she has one. YesTheory, if you're looking for someone to help, I don't think you will ever find anyone more deserving than her. She has supported me, my siblings, and my single mother since I was born and has always put our needs before hers.

  • This is probably the most beutiful video i've ever seen! One day we are going to be in Ellie's age and then this video will be way more understandable. I'm glad you guys did this for Ellie and also Wish of a lifetime keep up the good work!

  • bah waste of money the old cunt will be dead in a few years

  • my dream is to go to china and go to bejing

  • Waitttt a second.. Is the class they used in the clip at 0:17 in the Stuart Bio Building at McGill?!? I know they went there a couple years back, so it would make sense as well. If so, I've had classes in this very room last semester... that's so surreal wtf

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  • *you’re (love you guys tho) (please let me be your editor)


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  • Ellie is the name of the old lady from “up” (Disney movie) that died of old age...

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  • Keystone was a great destination for this. The view from the top on a clear day is PRICELESS

  • 9:30 to make life how you want it. every video changes me , but how do i change ? how do i make my life adventurous? i really think through and i’ve been waisting years of being a teenager staying home. i wanna give kindness and make ppl happy i wanna experience scary exciting feelings i’ve never felt on an adventure i wanna take it all in but yeah it’s difficult

  • My great-grandma passed this year in June at 88 years old. It was really beautiful to see another person the same age as her just as lively and full of emotion and just so impassioned with life. I really hope Ellie is doing well and I hope she can go skiing again.

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  • I lost count on how many times I have watched this and I still cry everytime... way to go Ellie! Live Your Life to the fullest!!!

  • My grandma is a huge basketball fan and she loves the Kansas Jayhawks just meeting one of them has been her dream for a long time. If your reading this my Instagram is Chance.Wilhite20

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  • my 100 year old grandma would like to take a trip to miami florida please like this comment.

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