Delia - Dragoste cu Dinti | Official Video

Publicat pe 6 aug. 2019
Videoclip oficial Delia
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Delia - Dragoste cu Dinti
Muzica: Delia Munteanu
Text: Delia Munteanu
Productie: Alexandru Cotoi
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  • How are you? Delia? I'm not well. I keep having to go to the hospital. It sucks

  • Asteptam sa apara Timberlake ..zici ca e una din piesele lui,dar iti vine bine si tie🙄

  • Frumoase versuri. Apreciez mult pe Delia dar îmi place mai mult versiune asta

  • I did post to everyone I knew that this is my blog

  • I guess I'm playing with my us phoneë

  • I have no idea what I just wrote

  • I've been waychijnj and ⁸8⁸88⁸⁷⁷7⁷⁷7

  • If I hear one more song, it will be this one. Because it's what I listen to.

  • bestiala piesa pupici cu scipici**&&&

  • If I hear anymore cat music. Its good.

  • I dont know. I'm ok.

  • I am at denny's. A regular sit down restaurant. Here right beside my motel. I got nothing else to do. I looked for a paper to read. But they dont sell newspaper here. So I need to find a place to live. This is 1000 usd per month to stay in the motel. Not including food.

  • And my wife is in a lavender drress.

  • Delia. I just had a recurring dream. Instead of dancing with my ex wife's grandmother I take her dancing instead. That's what I was going to change the thought to. For our children.

  • ❤️💜🧡💛

  • Like I have nothing to do. For the first time in several months. Staying at the tiffin motel where i stayed before i went to europe. I just dont know what to do. Guess i will watch your newest videos and some other like lidia buble.

  • I would like to see you again sometime. Maybe when I figure out what to do in America for my children. Then I can figure out if I want to try to immigrate to europe again. Turkey was so hard. Romania was nice. Bulgaria was ok. The way polis took my things in turkey. I had no choice. They gave me a flight back home. And also jail was free. So I have savings now. Now I wonder what to do. I want to hire a lawyer. Kelly Saul. She can help me. She can try to get visitation rights with my kids.

  • I should have seen you when I was going to your concert in Romania. But I decided not to. Because they didn't have a train to the town. From Constanta, Romania. To the town you were singing in.

  • I wish I would not have had all my things taken from me in edirne, Turkey. By the police. Polis. I. They took everything. But at least I have this blog and it hasn't been banned. Which if I watch my language. It should be ok. It is the n word.

  • I'm still smoking. Smoke Marlboro 100s reds. Got my medication which I dont like to use. Got my suitcase and backpack although I had better in europe.

  • So I hope you have been well delia. I see you made some more music and i have listened to your song maybe once. I'm gonna take a nap. Then try to see what I should do. Maybe get some dinner.

  • This will help me. This blog.

  • I don't know when I'll get back to Europe. But I'm glad we have this website. So that I can write here and keep this blog going. So all I have now is a phone and this because I don't have a car and it's like Europe. When I had no vehicle. This is where I go. To this song. So i will continue to do so. 3 dollars left after i paid my weeks rent at the motel. I don't know. I'm just jerked off to porn. This is Ohio! This is. I just picked up this phone at the Verizon store. So I am getting used to it.

  • Hello Delia. I'm back in Ohio.

  • hello. I'm flying back to ohio. tomorrow. then I am hiring a lawyer to assist with my court proceedings for visitation rights with my children. I wanted the visitation rights to be over the Skype or over phone but I wasn't given authority by the courts. they just wanted personal visits which would have been fine if they would have let me. they only gave me two visits last april and that was all they gasve me to see my children in 4 years. I just want to talk with them over the phone. That would be fine to me.

  • Mamăăă...ador tot la piesa asta

  • So good

  • hi delia, I know you don't know me at all. but, I am using this song as my blog for home. Because, facebook kept kicking me out, and instragram kept banning me, same with twitter. so I figured and did write everyone I knew in America to tell them my online spot. this is fine. I'm moving home. To fremont. Ohio. So..i wish I could go back to Romania, but it does not look like they will let me back in. But, I am going to spend $5,000 for a lawyer here in ohio. If she can't get me visitiation rights with my children, I'm going back to Europe probably Serbia. or Macedonia. Or Greece. But I will try to get back into Romania at some point. I loved Constanta on the bay. I'll see. It was a good spot. Doubtful. Well.

  • hi delia. they want me to stay here for awhile. i have a court date for "trespassing" the hospital. which of course is not a big deal at all in consideration that they killed the leader of isis. and sure my time in turkey was that bad. i dont even have my clothes or anything i purchased from europe. which is fine. the old rule is you have to be from nigeria to immigrate to europe and it is still the case. alexander hamilton. wrote all the rules long ago for how america would interact and yes europe is an island. and they dont need a bunch of asians. they need dark africans to move north way north so they can be comfortable in their skin. and sure the darker the skin the better further from the equator they are. so i should move to africa and when things are settled for me here i will consider moving there. but i need to buy shoes even. i have nothing they gave me 9.5 shoes in hospital and i need tens. even those don't fit. + i did in fact break the law and have a court date. which hopefully they just let me go. so i can go back to ohio and reach out to my lawyer kelly saul. which is funny cause she really is saul. like you are delila. delia. whatever. you're really her just like i know other souls. i guess thats it. since i cant write on facebook or twitter much and always get banned and instragram hates me too. nicole kidman owns you tube. twitter is owned by donald trump.

  • just give me a reason, is on the radio.. good song. when i can't listen to romanian music.

  • immigration jail was hard, delia. i should have been more uh less connected to god or something in romania before going crazy. so no it wasn't my fault getting kicked out of your lovely country. and i miss it. i'm listening to radio waiting for dinner. i'm in a group home for the first time in my life. my chest still hurts from getting kicked there. jail was hard.

  • Alexandria Virginia is still a long way from home in ohio, fremont. i miss europe big time. especially constanta, romania, delia.

  • I am in Alexandria now. They just let me out of the hospitla. So...

  • Dragoste cu biene, dragon, stay, good. I blow you up like a bowl full of paper. Lawrence LL Cool L the Wrapper.

  • Plictisitoare piese, ai... cand te lasi, oare?

  • Play FOCUS by H.E.R😏

  • H.E.R. -Focus

  • of 700 men i met as "illegal immigrants to turkey" "demi lavato's, male version like 100", "adele, the male version, around 25 people", "the asian group like 25 people", "scumbags from hellas maybe 100- just scum", "just white skinned or dark skinned indians instead like around 200", "italina like 25 still, mostly roma scum i hate", what really. the le, the la, and the leo, and the lu, ?and? i am a li. lin. and yes. i was the the lin.

  • WELL? time to see if a bank will do usa to usa bank transfers. god this usa even, Washington dc is like which building is fake, and folks are starting their "first day back to work", and no this is not a joke, farm folk, at all, who knows who, i do know real farmfolk vs, oh "we are gaming"

  • Lakota vs Cody on 5ft rims what else. i was the only one telling most of the cat jokes. look we are and nearly every male was pure black panther covered in hair. sure. i was a special, why? my muscle is thin it gains slow. WHATEVER. HATE CHARLES WOODSON AND ROBERT LYTLE AND BIG BEN ROTHLISBERGER, AND ORLANDO PACE, WELL ANYWAY JOKE TIME. Lakota only does layups and Cody dribbles the ball out of bounds. lacodie comes in as a replacement for Lakota after a lead of 6-0. lacodie starts dribbling out of bounds. cody stares at him and gets called for 24 second violations instead. ok nba is like 127 nyknicks 124 Cleveland cavilers last night even the spurs did. i was like cool. now remove the backcourt violation so i can shoot 75 feet shots and always play point guard defense. which is in fact and easy backboard shot.