Disney's Aladdin Official Trailer - In Theaters May 24!

Publicat pe 12 mar. 2019
A thrilling and vibrant live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated classic, “Aladdin” is the exciting tale of the charming street rat Aladdin, the courageous and self-determined Princess Jasmine and the Genie who may be the key to their future. Directed by Guy Ritchie, who brings his singular flair for fast-paced, visceral action to the fictitious port city of Agrabah, “Aladdin” is written by John August and Ritchie based on Disney’s “Aladdin.” The film stars Will Smith as the Genie; Mena Massoud as Aladdin; Naomi Scott as Jasmine; Marwan Kenzari as Jafar; Navid Negahban as the Sultan; Nasim Pedrad as Dalia and Billy Magnussen as Prince Anders.

“Aladdin” is produced by Dan Lin, p.g.a., and Jonathan Eirich, p.g.a., with Kevin De La Noy and Marc Platt serving as executive producers. Eight-time Academy Award®-winning composer Alan Menken provides the score, which includes new recordings of the original songs written by Menken and Oscar®-winning lyricists Howard Ashman and Tim Rice and includes two new songs written by Menken and lyrics by Oscar and Tony Award®-winning songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

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  • Omg super movie love from Pakistan bro🌍🇵🇰

  • claude

  • I’m inlove with this movie already! I’ve watched it yesterday now i love it!❤️

  • مين فرحان ان بطل الفلم مصري او عربي عمتا ☺️☺️😊😊

  • It is wonderful and the 4D version is spectacular. In my opinion, One should watch only such movies in 4D; the songs, dance, action and most importantly the magic. Smith, Naomi, Messoud and Kenzari acting is good. Disney has brought the magic live and keeps its standards up high.I just loved it.👌👌👌👏👏

  • Wow Nice movie....Great ❤❤

  • Watched in 3D.. it's just awesome..

  • Genie's son and daughter: dad tell us a story. Genie: *ahh it rewind time*

  • Proverbios 6 31

  • Proverbios 6 31

  • Many Arabs boycotted this movie cuz it was indian wash

  • Watch ro-tv.com/tv/video-m6D-Er7v908.html

  • 10/10 the trailer didn't do it justice at all

  • Loved the film!

  • ro-tv.com/tv/video-_fJdjJA9dGY.html

  • Now I gotta go buy a jar of seedless jam.

  • @ 1:45

  • This movie is phenomenal...The trailer doesn’t justify how breathtaking the movie really is and the film critics have done the film dirty, hands down the best Disney remake.

  • Is this a shot for shot CGI filled jank fest remake? Disney... please stop!

  • Seruuuuubgtt I love mena massoud my husband❤️❤️❤️

  • Prince Ali 👑

  • Cho mình mượn video nhé. Mình cảm ơn

  • Aladdin😘😙👍

  • Alladeen aur Jadoo ka Chiragh ❤🌼 علا دین اور جادو کا چراغ ۔ Fantabulous Movie. Just watched it in Cinema. My favourite childhood Story turned into marvellous Movie. So Nostalgic 🤩

  • Saya sdh nonton

  • LIKE for the Princess... the first shot of her made me......i can't explain actually!!!

  • This is such a beautiful movie . I can’t get over it 😍😍😍😍😍💕💕🙈

  • 39,758 don't know what they talkin bout

  • And they said will smith is a terrible actor for genie. He was amaaazing 💯

  • Smith! so cool

  • Wahh😍😍

  • just came after watching in 3d amazing experience

  • The actors gave life to the characters that makes awesome and remembered me my childhood

  • Like I like jasmine but idk I just thought they would use a Arabic girl

  • Man is Aladdin even an Arab in this film, and Will Smith was a poor choice for the Genie, If you can't one up Robbin Williams then you shouldn't even be making Aladdin.

  • Nice move 😗😗🥰🥰🌹💖

  • He kinda reminds me of Claude from Mobile Legends😂 a thief and has a pet name dexter😂

  • Proverbios 6 31

  • I really want to watch this pray my dad takes me but i swear if my dad fucking complains about this movie now like how he thought end game was shit, I'm out 😂😂 this movie is not shit i know for a fact.

  • agrabah

  • Saw Aladdin -- excellent. Loved it.

  • If you liked the original it is worth the watch for nostalgia reasons. However it doesnt stand up on it's own. I would recommend the watch but dont expect too much.

  • Love this

  • Aladdin(2019) COMPLETA HD1080p »»»»»» playmovieimdb.blogspot.com/tt6139732 Бир боорукер жандуу көчө дебеген жана күч-ачка садразам алардын санааларын аткарылышы үчүн бийликке ээ болгон сыйкырдуу чырагы үчүн бири бири менен атаандашышат. Режиссер: Гай Ричи Жазуучулар: Жакан август (Гунду), Гай Ричи (агындын менен) Stars: Уилл Смит, Мена Масуд, кайын Скотт | толук салып & экипаж "кара

  • Hi Claudee

  • A whole new world carried out this movie

  • Good film?

  • Snoop Dogg should have played Jafar. I always thought they had the same sneaky smile...

  • Going to go see it today ,but its kinds of odd to find that they would cast Will Smith as the genie,an this movie is based on the 1992 animated version but they made it into a live action film that is very similar to the 1992 cartoon version.

  • Elephant is not native to middle East.

  • Pessoal sou brasileiro, e tenho uma grande dúvida e creio que ninguém percebeu isso! O macaco do Aladdin Abu e a Arara Vermelha Iago são animais na vida real que deu origem aos personagens! Qual é espécies desses animais ? E de onde são originários de que continente e país? Fiz uma pesquisa! Macaco-Prego, Sapajus é um gênero de primatas da América do Sul que inclui as espécies de macaco-prego, também chamados micos-de-topete.[1] Os macacos do Novo Mundo do gênero Sapajus pertencem à família Cebidae, subfamíia Cebinae, e são uns dos mais comuns primatas da América do Sul. A arara-vermelha (Ara chloropterus), também chamada arara-verde, araracanga, aracanga, arara-macau, ararapiranga e macau,[2] é uma ave psitaciforme, nativa das florestas do Panamá, Brasil, Paraguai e Argentina. Fonte: Wikipedia.com Se estou errado alguém me corrige! Grato! Uma grande dúvida!

  • I listened with earphones at the beginning of this minute 1.45, I CRINGE !!!

  • Definitely an amazing movie 🍿

  • Going to watch this movie monday day yahooooo can’t wait 😊

  • jaffar is more cute than alladin😙😙

  • 1:21, Mushu!!!🐲🐲🐲

  • came back here just to say.... one of THE BEST MOVIE OF WHOLE TIME!!! and i'm hooked at it.. love naomi and mena.. shipping them like urrgggghhhh.. heheh!

  • May 24 2020

  • Fuck Disney dude. Original ideas? Nah.

  • Disney have confused what was suppose to be an Arabic inspired film with Indian/Bollywood influences? Disappointed☹️

  • I can show you the world too.... If u like this comment :)

  • I bind Disney,I deserve Proverbs 6 31 in Jesus Name.

  • I need the trailer version of A whole new World... please!

  • The worst trailer ever I will message Donald Trump right now to sue you guys for creating such a boring humorless trailer.

  • Just watched the movie ARGHHHHH I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS MOVIE ❤️❤️amazeballs!

  • This movie is good 👍 But they just spoiled all the thrill in the Book.🙄 Which ignites your imagination.

  • Disney need more subs or just me like they the best thing in THE UNIVERSE every-time I go Disney world it’s like my happy place

  • One of biggest movie of 2019

  • Nice, if you want watc film aladdin visited my chanel :)

  • I watched it yesterday in the cinema😉

  • the best live action disney film i promise you won't regret watching it !!!

  • We want part 2


  • , 👌👌

  • amazing movie, 5/5

  • Just came from the theatre. I cannot explain how very low expectations I went into this with, but I must say I'm extremely surprised! Loved it! Love love Mena and Naomi's chemistry!

  • I,m from Egypt

  • i haven't seen it yet but i made a funny voice over of the song here - ro-tv.com/tv/video-RZCvFjwOctA.html

  • The best disney movie i've ever watched 💕

  • I watched this once with my friend now I'm watching it again with my family. I don't really mind though it is worth it.

  • Indonesia yang udah nonton mana suaranya?😚

  • No Slave Jasmine. 0/10

  • Just seen this today and it’s amazing

  • this movie is really good and the cringy parts are ACTUALLY FUNNY....!

    • Cover Chloe lmao yes

  • This movie is so freaking good tbh loved it!

  • Just came from cinema..still thrilled lool..didnt think its thats good..worth every mintue ..highly recommemded

  • Am I the only one who finds it pleasing to see brown people on a Hollywood screen.

  • I just came back from Cinema after watching this movie. At the next day I came here ❤️❤️❤️ The movie is really amazing 💖💖💖

  • This movie Is marvellous

  • I've seen the trailer more than a billion times already ❤️😌

  • best movie

  • This movie is soooo amazing 😭😍

  • film yg terbaik #aladdin yg terbaik 2019 #disney

  • ヨガ

  • I love this movie.... I wish i have a geeny in a whole new world....😍

  • Hobbywood ( mixture of hollywood and bollywood ) isn't it

  • This movie is so great promise Will smith was good in playing genie


  • It was like a attraction. I could enjoy going the world of Aladdin😍 From JPN🇯🇵〜

  • I had goosebumps so many times seeing this movie. My childhood was in front of my eyes. I couldn't be more happier. Highly recommend to watch this movie.