Doing A Makeup Tutorial Inspired By My Fish

Publicat pe 20 oct. 2019
I attempt to be a beauty guru by giving you a special makeup look based on a special fish.
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  • Phil no makeup tutorial should include a segment titled “sharpie time”

  • 😂😂😂😭😭😭💕💕💕

  • What did you said about Anthony?

  • Phil: fish walk Me: fish can't walk Phil

  • Phil: *brings out sharpie* Me: I MISS PINOF DAMMIT!

  • Why is nobody talking about 8:19

  • *are you meant to wet it?*

  • the ginger hair tho

  • James Charles who

  • Only Phil would have a makeup tutorial that includes sharpie time lol

  • "I always think I am so artistic" Phil forgets every Dan and Phil baking video

  • *SHARPIE TIME* Me: *oh no*

  • it doesn't exactly seem like a fish but it sure looks awesome

  • How do people put in contacts?? I tried for three hours and only managed to get it in one eye and I cried and almost poked my eye out

  • Some professional should do this. It would be very pretty

  • Well... the colors are pretty! *thumbs up*

  • Can we get a nail tutorial next 😂😂

  • What happens to dan and phill games

  • This is actually good though

  • *sharpie time*

  • found this out from instagram but if you listen closely @ 8:05 you hear a breathlessly laugh

  • the euphoria vibe is strong.... blub blub

  • Oh honey…

  • ...what happened to dan

  • Him starting the look with a black outline and the glitter and absolutely no base shadow gave me such a panic attack

  • I personally think every time should be sharpie time.

  • Phil i love you but when you do make up you stress me out XD I'm scared for your eyes

  • Iconic 💙

  • he's so cute i-

  • Honestly, this is the best makeup tutorial because I can follow along with the confusion and I don't feel terrible that somehow I'm doing exactly what they are doing but they look like they can walk the runway and I look like I got in a makeup fight.

  • 8:42 Crotch Cam!!

  • did phil just put blue contacts on his blue eyes

  • Phil, sweetie, Imma buy you a pencil eyeliner, I swear it's safer than Sharpie on your face.

  • Honestly better than most makeup videos on here. Yay Phil !

  • Phil bb! Put contacts in before doing makeup! Because I get makeup into my eye overtime before i put my contacts in aaa!!

  • That could actually be a David Bowie look. 😂😂😍😍

  • Phil: *uses eyeshadow to draw detailed lines of Norman's face* Also Phil: *bought eyeliner*

  • “Are you meant to wet it?”

  • No way boy 10 out of ten stars for originality and creativity


  • Take my word..waste of time

  • Fast forwarding to the point

  • Just get to the point

  • 10:22 is what i see in my nightmares

  • You need body paint jeje

  • Please god,make phil learn how to do make up so he can make artistic tutorials in the future🤞🏻🖤

  • Because of this video I am officially going to do a makeup look inspired by his fish 😂

  • They're going to need a blue tree for Christmas so it matches all the glitter that's still going to be everywhere XD

  • Phil you're so sparkly I love it

  • This kinda reminds of that one tweet: “I’m ambidextrous” “That’s wassup man, love who you love” It gives off that energy

  • @jeffreestar REACT TO THIS

  • Me attempting to contour my face to cosplay bakugou... It never works i gave up on that.

  • No one: Phil: *clumsily gets face glitter glue in his eye* Also Phil: *turns into Michael Jackson* o W ! !

  • Phil absolutely giggling at his own puns just skskks makes this video

  • *Phil buys shit make up products.* Also Phil: why isnt it working?

  • Next video will be Phil doing Dan's make-up

  • cant wait for dan to get home

  • "then i start trying and it goes to hell"

  • "you cant draw with eyeshadow" i knew he'd get there eventually

  • Phil does not know how to handle makeup