Driving mistakes I made ft my dad

Publicat pe 13 iun. 2019
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  • Little Ginger Girl brutally murders mailbox (2019) (Colourized)

  • Yeah, those car recalls are SCAMS!

  • illymation:My dad said no whole crowd: OOOOOOOOH

  • Illy :there is no visable blood stains *she cuts her finger* Illy:ohhh nooooo

  • that sponsorship was scary

  • car: SCREEEEEEEEEEEEECH me wearing headphones: MY EAARRRSSSS

  • That whole " awww man, I gotta ride by myself" then she gets in and turns the music on and it starts shaking with her little grin. I died laughing, not sure why, but it was absolutely hilarious to me at the moment.

  • I started learning to drive at 11

  • I’m going to guess it was a miata

  • 3:13 Draco Malfoy and Harry potter in one person

  • Roblox death sound over the mailbox bieng destroyed

  • I use the same hand soap as you

  • Noooooooo mailbox 📪 he was my best friend

  • I swear to god her farther sounds like a youtube gamer called Daithi De Nogla! XD

  • R.I.P Mailbox

  • Fucking 16 with a car?! Shit man

  • Y-you're from NC...? I'M from NC...

  • If you had a newer car that look cool. Get it as a stick shift

  • car scammers: exist Illy's dad: I'm about to end this mans whole career

  • If you look closely at 0:18 her license plate says CHAOS when later it said Charlie.... CHAOS: HERE FOR DA CHAOS!

  • OWO BUT WIPES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i need to know where your glasses were acquired

  • When I watch A Videos that old Im from the future

  • LIGHTING MACQUEEN He was my favortite Dude when i Was younger

  • For the red car why did she say theres no blood then she looks down and said oh no nasty

  • 3:13 draco malfoy

  • I crashed into my grandparents garage with a BMW sooooo...

  • Pineapples are just off-brand apples

  • You think I would judge you for playing Taylor Swift Disrespect

  • “NUUUUUU CHArlIE”-I will remember you...

  • my bus driver hit my mailbox


  • So your from NC? I live there!


  • My name is Charlie!

  • I am driving and watching this video at the same time

  • least u got a car

  • Oh hits the dab

  • Was I the only one that thought illymation was lilymation..

  • Who buys a $300 mailbox?

  • 0:05 - 0:09 The colour of the car changes from white to black Edit: I just found out they were different cars *face palm*

  • HARRY POTTER REFERENCE EEEEEEEEEEE Also, do you know your Hogwarts and/or Illvermorny (American Hogwarts) house? I'm Ravenclaw/Horned River Serpent (technically just a Ravenclaw cause I'm British but whatever). Sorry if I annoyed you with my nerd crap

  • I want my first car to be a white VW Beetle so I can name it Herbie. Or it can be a towtruck named Mater.

  • Everybody on the sever has left bc you they didn’t mess up driving.

  • My dad connects his phone to the car so he doesn’t text sorta he can call without his phone it just connects to the car

  • 3:13 I love that reference!

  • closes phone* My dad says no OOOOOOOO


  • Pls say there is a cars car that is white


  • I love the background she talks in I feel that cat bean bag! :P

  • Repair guy:call a friend Illy:calls dad Repair guy:you have know friends don’t you Illy:yep

  • I love Taylor Swift

  • my dad said no.

  • so sassie

  • Go 95 woohooo

  • i wish i can do the driving :c

  • Harry Potter my father will hear about this

  • Can I have butt wipes

  • 1:16 is that House of Wolves by MCR that I hear?