Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now (Official Music Video)

Publicat pe 1 nov. 2019
Don't Start Now is out everywhere! dualipa.co/dontstartnow
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  • I'm sitting right now and thinking. should I add this video to my gay playlist? * click click* done

  • وينكم يا عرررررب💚💚

  • Duas Lipa

  • Hey I really love you dua please tell how was your India tour

  • i love dua lipa's hair

  • Wah💖

  • Awesome performance in india.

  • Love the song

  • Hey Dua! If u r reading this I am a fan of urs for 4 years and I really want to know who gave u inspiration to write this amazing song . P.S I love you ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Türkiyeden selamlarr💫

  • This is so empowering. My new moving on anthem.

  • This song stresses me out . It kinda sucks but it doesn’t . Blaaaaah!!!

  • I saw u at mumbai.....😘😘😘🥰🥰


  • Love you :')))

  • Absolutely no one: Me: " If you don't want to see me dancing with somebody.."

  • Sean Paul and lilpump collab

  • Dua how long it takes to make this song and this videoclip??❤️❤️😘

  • What was the inspiration or the influence you had , to write this song?

  • LOVE IT!!

  • ..mmm jamiroquai influences?

  • Veryyy beatifull songg my lovveee🥰🥰😻😻💋💋

  • 1:00 Jenna Marbles be like...

  • A new meme has appeared bois

  • What was your deepest Song and about what was is it

  • What was your favorite Song

  • H&M type beat 🤩🤩

  • This music makes me wanna walk like a model

  • Superb and mega catchy song! But on the other hand what a horrible and uninspired video. A real wasted opportunity. Trust me, I know about music videos, I’ve been watching them since the 80s on MTV and VH-1.

  • She's so beautiful. Agree?

  • Es tan linda 😭❤❤😍

  • Please answer me, how do you manage to be so cute?

  • Esto es arte 🔥❤

  • This is dangerous how many times i've listened to this song

  • yo, don't start me now or else

  • Good vibe

  • Cadê os brasileiros 💚💛💙😆

  • Are you coming to Toronto?


  • addicted to this song !! 🥵🥵🤩

  • Certainly another Grammy on the way...

  • 2:50 that moment when you're too drunk and think whether keep going or quit the party

  • Disco!!!!!! Oh yesssssssssss

  • @anonymous you’re right!

  • This song is amazing ! 2019

  • Daft punk style outro would have been perfect for this one.

  • Me gustó mucho bla canción

  • Last year we were all excited that you came to Chile and that did not happen, I hope for this tour include us :(here you have many lovers🥰🥺🇨🇱

  • This is flames, I don’t know how it’s at only 39 mil

  • I love this song 😤

  • BLONDE ayyyyyyyyyeee

  • Dua Lipa 2019 : Top vocalist Dua Lipa 2119 : Top vocalist to place a bet !!!!!

  • Whattttttttttttt?!?! 🤤🤤🤤

  • Is that ANTM winner Kyla in the video?

  • i feel like this girl never disappoints

  • Me seeing my seeing my ex in the hallway Mind: Walk away you know how

  • Pls come to Poland (cracow❤️❤️❤️)

  • OBSESSED OBSESSED OBSESSED!! We have all been there, male and female alike. It's like 80's wrapped in a 70's disco taco and a sprinkle with some modern flare! I am about to start a Soul Train up in here!

  • Dua Lipa always comes up with bangers! ❤😍