Ella Mai Talks Her SEVEN Nominations & 'Shot Clock' Going #1 | BBMAs 2019

Publicat pe 2 mai. 2019
Ella Mai joins us on the 2019 Billboard Music Awards red carpet to talk about her whopping seven nominations for tonight and getting her third #1 with 'Shot Clock.'
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  • Her voice is annoying for some reason.but i like her.she alittle boring tho

  • Cnco in the background ❤️😂

  • Number 1 where bitch?

  • Is she half Asian?


  • I'd still marry her but what she said about que had me thinking her attitude isn't what you want or personality. But she can always get it thoo lol

    • @matt matt96 i don't listen to Wayne. I'm not all up in that. But regardless she said what she said. It was shady but true and it sure was halrious. Its her song at the end of day. If hes gon keep disrespecting them over it at least we can get a giggle or two.

    • @Perighesade Ednockelwal lmao he not moving around birdman you haven't learned from the lil Wayne situation? Birdman not letting anything get around him, if it's dealing with money.

    • @matt matt96 Jacquees could've also moved around the label. All he did was record his eeee over Ellas track and plastet it all over social media. The label probably had no rollout plan

    • @matt matt96 you get money from airplay. You get checks when ppl play a song. A cease and desist is a beginner legal action. He was sent a formal cease and desist letter. His label got one too. Idc who tf got the money the song was monetized. So it gets taken down period. Idc who did what. What you want them to take half the song down. No. And then he lies talking about how buddy buddy he is with Msutard when you can tell Mustard was not having it when Jacsqueak was talking trash on the radio. Mustard is Ellas producer label owner and best friend. So just like Dreezys irrevalent self added her 2 cents. Ella added hers. Its only fair. Its her song anyway. Its disrespectful at this point. They had formal meetings. Its pretty clear her and her team are not cool with how he handled the remix. Why keep pushing it if you're "friends". And if they we're friends like he said why does have to squeeze into Mustard dms to get Ella Mai all the time.

    • @Perighesade Ednockelwal that's not que doing lol he's under birdman what do you expect? But he still didn't get a dime off it. If he did he would've been in court, without a doubt. His label would've been in court since they're the ones who control his music and where it goes. Plus you can't say the radio station was helping him make money they play the hottest new songs out period. That's their job but when it comes to copyright claims an much more he would be in court for even attempting to make money.

  • Damn she looking right

  • 😍

  • Well done Ella xx

  • Put her head on any dam body lmao she can pull it off!

  • Whatsup with the shitty 90's hairstyle ? lmaoo straight from the ghetto

  • I'm in love 😍😍😍

  • Ella's so beautiful😍❤

  • ELLA is Gorgeous 😍🤩🙌🏾✨

  • Queen

  • Damn can Ella Mai stop attacking my heart😍😍

  • Ella looks hot!

    • @Me Her ?

    • Than fish grease