Entering the Murder Capital of the World.

Publicat pe 17 dec. 2017
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Medellin is proud to overcome its past of violence. In order to see what it was like, we explored Comuna 13, which was one of the world's most dangerous neighbourhoods.
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We are four friends from four different countries who believe that the path given to us by society is outdated. So we seek discomfort to find our own way, to grow and to fulfill our true calling. And we make videos about it.
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  • This reminds a lot of Mexican cities that don’t really get paid to upgrade their stuff.

  • The murder capital of the world : The Garry's Mod DarkRP tab

  • Muy bien.

  • Who's moving there with me?

  • I'm actually from Columbia and visited Medellin

  • The comment above is a lie

  • May i introduce you TONDO,MANILA PHILIPPINES

  • Why tho?

  • Ayy mi colombia❤️🇨🇴

  • That city is so colourful

  • Yes theory I suggest that you visit Vukovar

  • Let’s attack Detroit with Apache’s maybe they’ll change too kappa

  • Mi tierra querida 💛💙❤️

  • So, when r u coming to India?

  • I like these guys so imma subscribe its that simple this place changed so much i hope that Haiti can do the same

  • 6:15 The ball is flat

  • Matt speaking Spanish makes me feel things

  • I like seeing them show off my country and what it’s all really about.. everything they’re recording. I’ve legit been there.. I remember walking through everything.. it’s a fun country go visit it..

  • I love you Ammar, Thomas and Matt. You guys are amazing

  • My wife and friends from Canada did the Comuna 13 tour with Carlos last week. It was awesome and Carlos was a great tour guide who only takes 4 or 5 people out. He knows everyone in the neighborhood. Simply amazing....and an example of people power. Visit Medellin, Visit Colombia, Visit these amazing proud people. We will be back. Much love from Nova Scotia--Canada.

  • I love this city to pieces it is so beautiful colombia por vida!!!

  • they are doing everything that you dont suppost to do like walking with a expensive camera hang in your neck to a bad neighborhood with a bunch of gringos with backpacks

  • Why do you denigrate Medellin with that title? Liar hypocrite.

  • its better for the cocaine trade for there to be peace the cartels had to end the wars once and for all

    • in that region

  • Thomas looks like the guy on narcos

  • Derin Directions slogan "Normally map apps get you from point A to point B but out of nowhere point C exists"

  • Does anyone know what backpack does Math and Thomas use? The black backpack one

  • So 90% of the men died? Shows you how stupid they were. Kill each other off. I see Chicago taking the exact same route. They think their badd ass gang is best, eventually killing on another off.

  • "Murder Capital of the World" are you stupid? that was caracas, change that title trash.

  • spanish is on point n he’s cute n sweet wow 💕

  • Who’s more guilty? The one who makes it or the one who consumes it?

  • The kids is what gets me

  • San Salvador is the current murder capital of the world, so....

  • learn to be grateful of what you have.

  • Thank u yes crew for showing the side of Colombia that no one thinks exists the colorful streets the friendly people the soccer games that go on in the streets thank u for showing the side that a lot of people don’t believe exists in my home land of Colombia

  • Im from California and 2 months ago I visited Colombia. I’m 21, I went alone, not totally fluent in Spanish, and it was my first time out of the country (except once when I was 11 with my family to Juarez but that was the border, so...). It was a little scary because if your American, other countries can pick you out easily. I may be Mexican-American but they know a gringo when they see one lol. However, Colombia was beautiful and great. I was there meeting few of my friends. I went to a beach resort city called Santa Marta and you see tourists from Europe and the US. My first time coming to South America and so far I love it. I hope to visit Argentina next.

  • I thought it was about el Salvador

  • This is awsome guys! You do a great job and provide a lot of knowledge! Keep doing what your doing.

  • Wow this Chanel is sooooo underrated. U Guys deserve every single subscriber you have and wayyyy more. Keep doing what u r doing. It’s amazing


  • Why not risk your life for views

  • They said "love and peace" made this place better, but didn't it start with a helicopter and bunch of soldiers? So we can say military intervention made this place more peaceful? (sorry to those who suffered or have their loved ones killed)

  • The dogs just want to cuddle.

  • Wow they made Favela from rainbow a real thing

  • 6:20 that look extremely a lot like my school janitor

  • Loved this so much

  • Go to Venezuela and you'll see murder right in front of you

  • 6:55 that guy has air forces XD, Im getting mine is tommorow

  • Now I want to go there😂

  • my name is carlos wow Owo

  • Dogs are nice!!!

  • Beautiful guys!!! You should come to Mexico

  • so so sooooo amazing guys once again!

  • What was the outro song

  • Looks a lot like the favelas in Brazil

    • US-ARMY GuNNeR Mercenary fuck trump. He hasn’t done anything, but steal achievements.

  • thank you YES theory for showing us the real columbia and real friendly people of Columbia....This realy changed our surface and ignorant information about this great nation(: -sarah-kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • When i saw the thumbnail, I thought it was in Rio de Janeiro

  • Hier is Wie is de mol dus opgenomen

  • you guys should go to some of the "worst cities, villages" around they world and spread love. speak to people about there situations and do what you can to put a smile on each and every persons faces. make there year

  • Wish woah wish huj

  • I don't know how on Earth you guys walked around with cameras and didn't get robbed at gunpoint for them! WOW (I'm from Colombia btw so I know how desperate people can be).

  • Griselda Blanco was Before Pablo

  • Before I watch this I’m assuming it’s Brazil because of all the execution videos I’ve seen online

  • Love the places. Unique

  • miss derin. derbear

  • Now im binging narcos

  • 1:15 What the hell, Google that girls name. She died in the US. A little misleading huh?

  • Yes theory #insta_dm


  • RIP Pablo

  • Where's the low cost babes?

  • This is like the French movie B-13

  • When I saw the thumbnail, I thought u guys were in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. It is said that the streets r one of the most dangerou places. But I think Americans aren't allowed to go to Venezuela if I'm correct. Back in Puerto Rico I had a few Venezolano friends, and even for them, with residency and everything, it's hard for them to go back to visit, but not live there again, they don't wanna.

  • This was a good episode

  • that bitch in the thumb nails looks like she got downsyndrome

  • How do Matt and Tomas speak such good spanish?

  • has anyone made the app yet?

  • His spañish is very good

  • Holy crap

  • so surprised that they managed to walk in there without getting robbed with all those expensive things on them

  • This looks beautiful I would love to go here

  • I thought Rio de Janeiro was the murder capital of the world

  • *No*

  • *I thought this was another Nas Daily video, guess not :)*

  • Matt’s and Thomas’ spanish was actually pretty good

  • that baby girl at 6:28 is so cute!!

  • LMAO all I can think about is all of the locals thinking "what are these gringos doing here"

  • I really like YES theory, but please for the sake of humanity's online experience make the title "Entering the ONCE murder capitol of the world" I can't go to Auschwitz and say im entering the holocaust or say that im gonna roam with dinosaurs just because they walked the earth. My point is you where NOT entering the murder capitol of the world and therefore the title is a straight up lie to the viewer. This is not just YES theory. This clickbate shit is all over and its a bad trend. Sorry for my frustration i love what you guy's are doing! Keep it up and make the world more positive boys :)

  • Crime in columbia keep increasing not because the criminal getting powerful but because of corruption public sector like police and national security.

  • He looks like the white dude from narcos

  • wow. this is an amazing video.

  • if you’re wondering, Honduras is not the country with the highest murder rate. :// i know a little girl there her name is Genesis (pronounced Henesis) she only 6 and her dad was killed in front of her when she was little. she’s very sweet and she deserves the world. that’s all.

  • Go to Venezuela 🇻🇪


  • I am Colombian and I really appreciate you making this video. Thank you this is why I love your channel so much

  • Love dis videooo. You guys should go to Caracas next. Its really easy to find things if you have a good ammount of american money, you Just need a bachaquero. I think that would be very interesting too and it'd be a bit diferent than in Colombia bc caracas is the current most dangerous city. If you do, 1.DO NOT GO OUTSIDE AFTER 6PM 2.Don't trust anyone, the Police are all involved with the government they're horrible People and they will steal your stuff. 3. If you are walking its likely you will see police beating someone up, and leaving them on the floor for no reason. You might also encounter a protest, and the national gaurds will be standing there and they will throw these little gas bombs that leave White smoke, and that's a gas thats not good to inhale, and that is why most people will be wearing gasmasks or using their shirt to cover. (Use a gasmask) I would looove to see this video to raise awareness because the topic of Venezuela pretty much died down, but it hasn't gotten better at all. You could help so many people. SO MANY!! everyone is hungry, (the government gives you a bag of food for the whole month) and it has like 8 things that arent that useful,( like flour) I really want to see a little bit of happiness brought to the people, and the little kids. That would be amazing. I also think it would be an unforgetable travel expierence. You can branch out from caracas and go to Santa Elena De Uairén, where i'm from! It's the part thats like 30 minutes away from Brasil, and has the Gran Sabana, which is a huge savana, that holds the worlds tallest waterfall, El Salto Ángel, Angel Falls. You could go to the rainforest, or to the beaches, the dessert, or the Mountains, theres a town called Colonia Tovar, and its always foggy, its up in the Mountain region, and I think you guys would enjoy visiting it. Its a town formed by the germans super Long ago, and it still holds on to its german roots. People say its a piece of Germany in Venezuela, the architecture is beautiful, and remains the same as how the germans built it. They have some german foods there, and there's little ranches everywhere with cows, donkeys, goats, horses. It's so cool. If u go to santa elena, youll see animals like monkeys, parrots, and ocasionally snakes... but is all good bc you have the mango trees, banana trees, passion fruit trees, and all that. While your there, you can go to the Brasilian market, and expierence how the people in santa elena live. (Its a mixed culture town, and we have carnivals with samba, a brazilian dance) santa elena is one of the safest and most memerable areas, so u should goo!!

    • That’s like a death sentence you can’t trust anyone theirs little to no food and they could possibly not get out for months.There was a video of people killing a cow that was sick and ate it right then and there.That just shows how little food there is.But yes it is a beautiful place

    • wow! lots of info

  • deadend derin

  • Look closely at the thumb nail......Ladies and gentlemen me got em.

  • At 1:47 around there is where I got my hair done lmao I went to Colombia this summer to visit family and a lot live in Medellin

  • You guys are f***in CRAZZZZYYYYYY