EPIC CHEAT DAY - Man VS Food - POST COMPETITION (Cravings Edition)

Publicat pe 23 sep. 2018
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  • Porque no muestra to-do lo que se aplica para que no lo perjudique todas ESA's calorias que se comio

  • We are here to see yr gf's butt and thats a great honor for u pal

  • I cheat after 1 week fml

  • Steroids

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  • I loooove Boston tea party

  • its good. i like it bro

  • When do Brit’s pants come off? haha Thumbnail click bait

    • Dylan M it wasn’t Brit it was just his friend

  • In the thumbnail are you trying to make me beat my my meat I bet she can ride it though

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  • Was that thumbnail necessary...

  • More than sure I got sick watching this video

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  • This guy is such a bonner! Always clickbaiting with that same chick everytime! LAME.

  • We ended up placing 2nd, no you came 2nd mate....🙈

  • So has anyone realised that the ass in the thumb nail wasn’t his birds ass

  • Taste better when ur ripped. N u look better than most of those eating channels😂😂😂 God damn pigs they are

  • I know how hard you have work I can tell .I'm a fighter and I love my cheat day OK I have a couple no more than two because my body Start's to screen out to stop this shit . I don't get how some people eat like this all the time .Hope you enjoyed you're day .Well Done in placing 2nd that's Great mate keep up the hard work.!!!

  • Yeaaa launch those cookies across the room! Subconsciously as a child you knew you were being fed sugary poison 👍🏻😆

  • 1 paper cut and he dead

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  • Khihi


  • who needs a fucken coach bro you seroius sack him u got 2nd

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  • You Are The Champyon

  • Loving the videos! I am curious where you get your music from? I like all of it. and how do we join the squad?

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