Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst

Publicat pe 23 mar. 2019
Eugene reads the stars to filth in the most brutally honest ranking of the twelve zodiac signs on the Internet. How would you rank the astrological signs? #RankKing
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Allison Bagg
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  • Bum ass bitch

  • Everyone knows that Leo’s are the best zodiac sign ♌️

  • Fukk both of u lil ugly bitchies

  • Aries are better than you fucckin trash ass signs

  • Ur a little fuckkin bitch and btw we're excellent in bed

  • I'm Pisces all of that us truth

  • Aieee!! Where my ♏Scorpios♏ at??

  • ♎️ I’m a Libra.

  • I'm a Leo. And it's sad to realize everything Eugene is saying about you is true. 😂😂 I love being a Leo. ♌

  • As a cancer, all I can say is...I'll stab you in the back later.

  • Me: is Aquarius The only thing I relate to is being awkward

  • “Sagittarius is adventurous, like to have fun, a lot of life to the fullest” Me: not moving in front of the computer and deny every activity involve walking and talking to people.

  • This was hilarious😂 My sun is Pisces, buttttt my moon and ascendant are both Scorpio. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Aquarius is manipulative! Me: *No we're NOT, Let me go to the comments and convince people*

  • Ngl I would have put myself a Capricorn as last

  • V surprised Scorpio ranked so high they always get the eye roll lol 🙄

  • Just me or did any of y’all not mind being labeled the worst sign and admitted it because you’re bad asf 😂♈️

  • "we are right, you are wrong -shut up." Bahaha such a cap!

  • PISCES WHERE YOU AT?????♓️♓️♓️♓️♓️❤️❤️

  • Ok well this is a liE bc a lot of signs are actually misunderstood and you only rated them on there bad side with is not an astrologer thing to do

  • Eugene ranks cancer last- Me-.... :( eh it's ok

  • I’m a Virgo

  • Love this!!!!! I am a Pisces and it was pretty spot on.

  • To be honest, will tell you if I hate you or if your fun I'm always wanted to seek revenge on people who do terrible things to me but I will never harm anyone that hasn't done anything to me... Gemini ♊

  • as a leo i feel attacked


  • Video: "Taurus's are dumb" People who are a Taurus: are slightly offended but they are to calm to get mad about it

  • Proud sagittarius ayeee

  • hell ya first place

  • Finally somebody actually understands Gemini’s everybody is saying there rude and have anger problems but I don’t like that

  • 12:04 scorpios hate you or they love ain’t getting out that box. So true. And the part about scorpios being obsessed with revenge against those who’ve wronged us. I’m usually quite rational minded but these star sign traits are too accurate for comfort .

  • Ahhhh what a great day to be a Virgo ♍️🥰

  • Ok but iof you cross out Trump and Kanye the popular geminis highkey slap

  • Also Virgo’s are extremely smart and stubborn

  • Eugene: Libras are fake Me: But tbh I'm probably the most real out of my friend group ☹️😤😤🌚

  • Btw I just noticed jungkook ... So raise army's wohooo

  • How dare you put cancer ♋️ last I am cancer ♋️ and Amazing 😉

  • I'm a scorpii

  • I love looking like a penis

  • im a gemini

  • Me Cancer: these guys have probably never met a Cancer

  • Aaaeeeee jungkookie!!!

  • Scorpio, me: Worst enemy are Sag's Best friends are think...uhhhh, I'll get back with y'all

  • Allison is right, I’m a Virgo and this is most likely one of the very very very few times I won something

  • Capricorms are late bloomers ive dated 2 amd im 15😂😂

  • They nailed Libra on the head lmao

  • Wait wait but Leo’s are #1 they are literally the KING of the zodiac signs and I’m not a Leo I’m a Taurus ♉️

  • i like were Libra was put in the list

  • Where are my Pisces ♓️ at! 😋