Eugene Ranks Every Astrological Sign From Best To Worst

Publicat pe 23 mar. 2019
Eugene reads the stars to filth in the most brutally honest ranking of the twelve zodiac signs on the Internet. How would you rank the astrological signs? #RankKing
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  • Eon Arf zotan kal neon dar! Oh excuse me let me put my human mask back on! 👽🤽🏾‍♀️🤯🤣😉👌🏾😇💕

  • I love how they ranked their opposite signs as the lowest 😂

  • Anyone else just skip to their star sign

  • I wasn't surprised that Aries was last then Eugene comes in and gives me 7th place. Thank you, Eugene!

  • #Sag - Are we #2 in your ranking because we "shit all over the field" as you said? Loved this

  • He's a Capricorn so of course he chose a virgo as the best sign.. they are soulmates

  • Im a leo and I absolutely hate myself 😂

  • me: HELL YEAH, VIRGOS WON them: I think this is the first time virgos have ever won anything me: I WILL MAKE YOU BLEED OUT OF YOUR ANKLE

  • ah shit my rising is cancer. i probably suck lmao

  • I am barely a Taurus my birthday is literally may 20. I am also not a cow I’m smartest in my class

  • I'm Scorpio and really like the way they said everything. ♏💖

  • He should rank all the fucking Coke flavors

  • As an Aquarian, I love how they need to take time before they can talk about us.

  • I’m scared, the first part of when they described my star sign is completely accurate I’m shook. Though I agree, Libras can sometimes be rlly fake, most times we’re fake because we care, might not be you we care about but eh close enough ._. I don’t get myself into shit that don’t concern me 😂😂 I’m honestly shook, claps Edit: sKSKSKIMSIWMSIWKSKIKSKSKSKSK fourth?!?! And third?? hOW damn 😂😂 rank my own sign higher than me 😂

  • You just called the king of Sweden stupid. I like it xD

  • Y’all some hateful Gemini haters

  • Wow Eugenie placed me 5th. I’m sooo happy. Wow 😮

  • *im Pisces*

  • About Scorpio being black and white is so true. I have tons of amazing Virgo friends, I love their personalities and I respect them. And I tend to be friends with Virgos. But when Eugene put Virgo first place all I could think about was my one really close ex "best friend" who stab me from behind and in my mind I was like "YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR MIND. VİRGOS SUCK!!! Yeah, I need to work on this problem of mine.

  • Me before the video: I love my sign, we cancers are such lovely people Me after: oh...that escalated quickly

  • Lol it's fine i'm at the bottom! •crying inside•

  • I am a Leo but I am shy ☺️ most of the time

  • Lol imma Scorpio and I’ll admit that’s accurate... Edit: ok I just finished the video and I’m happy Scorpio is number 2 :3 imma bit stubborn a bit cold if I don’t know you, but once I know you I either HATE YOU or LOVE YOU i recently found someone in the middle that I’m neutral to and I’ve never experienced this before and it’s weird ;-;

  • I immediately disliked Allison just based on her horoscope views

  • Each person will rank a zodiac sign based on how compatible they are with said zodiac sign. * closes video *

  • Oh wow I'm a Capricorn too ♑

  • Lol this is the most bias list ever

  • I’m a satanist Scorpio 😍

  • Yay I am a Capricorn just like Eugene

  • They included Brendon oh my god😭❤

  • Okay bye then 👋 (I’m a Gemini)

  • My Sun sign is Taurus, very calm and lovable, but i have a Leo ascending so emotionally i dont ever want to be forgotten. I come across as a scorpio, very smart and knows whats up but really im an idiot

  • My dear aquarius peeps.. let's accept the fact that we're completely aliens BUT WHO CARES CUZ AT LEAST WE'RE EXPRESSIVE

  • Ok so you probably hate Geminis

  • Me(Scorpio): I bet Im last or somewhere at the bottom🤧😫 Me at the end of the video: Wow, maybe Im not as awful as I thought😁😌

  • Haha I’m a Capricorn this is just QUEEN lol

  • I love being scorpio

  • My bd is on 31 December so I am capricon

  • So glad Aries got moved up the rank😂 ♈️ #aries

  • I'm a butthurt cancer and I hate you. Also you look good in your outfit Eugene.🙃

  • im an aquarius and i KNOW im in for a ride we're the fuckin worst edit: WOW YGRUDDFUY. also im a virgo moon n a pisces rising

  • "There is a reason Tauruses are represented by the bull, you know?" Me: RUDE! Are you calling me dumb?!

  • im a virgo and its true about diversity, its almost like i have Dissociative identity disorder, but im always honest and people hate me for that and i have same birthday with armie hammer, only one thing i love in myself also virgo vs virgo fights (when u and your brother are both virgos), both of us will cry, but we will fight till the death, but i still think im lil bit stronger haha

  • Whoop! Whoop! Dances. Trips on a piece of lint and falls down.♐♐♐♐♐😜

  • As a Gemini I’m surprised we’re not last tbh ♊️

  • Im a pisces


  • I'm on the cusp of Aries and Taurus, and I am not feminine, nor masculine what so ever, and I also hide my feeling EXTREMELY well, but I do work very quickly and efficiently, so this vid has made me official confused

  • Wait stand the fuck away from me I'm a picses and the only reason I'm so low is cause Capricorn hate us bitch cmon

  • Oh god I’m an alien! 👽🤭

  • I'm a Virgo I'm right your wrong so you better shut up I'm the best ............................ I just realized I'm a Libra 🤦‍♀️

  • Capricorn’s are ruling the world tbh

  • Whatever they said about Taurus's are the complete opposite. If we were a drink, we'd be a steaming hot cup of Black Coffee.

  • Hahaha I’m Sagittarius 😂

  • When I don’t even follow astrology, but offended my sign isn’t higher? 😂

  • YOU GUYS REALLY HURT MY FUCKING FEELINGS, FUCK YOU - With love, the angry Cancerian

  • Me, a virgo: See according to eugene i'm better and all of you, but don't worry i still love y'all.

  • There’s no point lying or betray a scorpio. We read people as open books. But we also love, live, have hope and are caring. The most important is that we always remember and stabs in the front if we get hurt.

  • cancers are best fuck of bitch

  • I do not look like a pp BTW Eugene lol

  • Yay scorpion still stayed on the top #scorpio lol


  • Allison likes me (Gemini ♊)

  • I, a Sagittarius, knew I deserved better and Eugene delivered.

  • C: Aries ranked #7 Ish okay though. *screams in bilingualism*

  • Me: I’m a Libra *sees my zodiac was ranks decently* Oh, yay!!

  • Wait tf I was at the top once I’m a fucking pieces

  • "Tauruses are not very smart" Yeah say that to Mark Zuckerberg and many others. I wait.

  • I’m a Aries and my crush is a Pisces. But here is the thing lmao he (the crush) is like the “alpha” and I’m the “omega”😝😫

  • You guys fully described me as ♒️

  • Eugene: Taurus' are boring and dumb Everyone: Girl, you're so funny, witty and smart Me: sips tea (not chamomile cause not about that calm life)

  • I call bullshit

  • Me ♒️ I'm a alien

  • I’m an Aries....when they said they ranked it pretty low I was heart broken😭😭😭

  • Fuck you you ugly ass asian, go get your hair fixed. Triggered.

  • y'all fucking suck, cancers are the best (we value our friendships much more than other signs and you'll be met with tons of loyalty and love if you ain't actin up) - sorry we can manipulate you because we are emotionally intelligent, just don't be an asshole and there won't be a problem. I'm sick of all these people claiming to be experts on astrology constantly bringing up the same stereotypical bs in every video. Where my cancers at? I love each and everyone of you

  • *cries in alien*

  • This made me cry I’m too sensitive for this vid :,( -sincerely a Taurus working really hard to believe in her intelligence

  • I'm an angry cancer.

  • I’m a Virgo and I approve this message.

  • any other aries click off as soon as we got ranked lowest.... i dont got time for this shit anymore

  • YOOO 22:32 where my ARMYs at? they got jungkook in there

  • What you said about Aries has got me dead cause I am a Aries 😂

  • I appreciate you for putting Virgos at the top 🥰

  • me: just pls don't be on the bottom Virgo tops first me: holy whaaaaaaaaa-

  • Wait... I laughed at the Death knock-knock joke... and I'm Capricorn. 😶 Yelp cant argue with what they said. I'm extremely stubborn and single (sup people) but that's literally because I haven't even really focused on anything remotely romantic...

  • I am DISGUSTED that SCORPIO of ALL SIGNS ranked higher than LIBRAS. Libras are THE BEST sign. I asked #jesus himself I swear. I am also very angry that Gemini is so close to libras in that ranking I would’ve preferred to be as far from them as possible. Cancer also deserved better, but Libra getting anything other than 1st and Scorpio getting anything other than 11th or 12th is absolutely UNFORGIVABLE.

  • Hell fuckin yeah! Pisces is the best!

  • Fuck I need to sleep but I want to watch thissss

  • Woohoo Sag !!! Too much energy

  • I’m a Libra sun, Scorpio moon, Libra mercury, Scorpio rising. I’m a mercury, Pluto, and Jupiter dominant. I actually possess a lot of Plutonian energy even though I’m a Libra. To tell the truth about Scorpios they can be self destructive on the inside which is quite unhealthy. It’s true to me mostly. I love to confuse others a lot because still many don’t know much about astrology. I’ve been learning astrology for two years.

  • Sagittarians?

  • -libras want to be liked Me- starts to feel like my sign might not be liked and everything is crumbling around me am I a terrible person maybe my sign sucks ahhh -puts then at a nice place, not at the bottom. Me-ok, I’m ok for another day.

  • tbh the way people think about leos confuse me because im a leo and quite frankly i am and introverted gay out cast that feels no sense of belonging ;/

  • Capricorns I know: My grandpa, my step sister, my 5 year old cousin, and 2 of my best friends. I’m a gemini

  • Aries rising moon is cancer

  • These bitches just said Tauruses are dumb #offense

  • *Taurus is shook-*

  • He's right about Libra tho I'm never dating one again

  • Me: *ready to be ranked at the bottom* *i agree*